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Having transmigrated from Earth to this alternate world only for a few months, Shi Xiaobai, whose scalp would tingle from reading books, had never really read any books related to the history of the new world he was in. As such, his understanding of the alternate world was only limited to psionites, superpowers, heroes, calamity fiends, Astral Calamity Beasts, land of trials, etc, things that he had personal experience with.

As for the red-haired girl's mention of the Postnatal realm, Pixie race, or twelve-race alliance, all of them were unfamiliar terms Shi Xiaobai was hearing for the first time.

Shi Xiaobai was momentarily unable to determine if he was just lacking in knowledge or if something bizarre had happened, one that would only turn more intriguing with further thought.

But from the various signs that he had encountered, it appeared as though the latter was more likely.

"This is your final warning!"

The red-haired girl pulled her bowstring to its limit as she said coldly, "Make your choice, Human. Either leave immediately or enter eternal slumber in the Pixie Forest's land!"

The red-haired girl's cold but determined gaze was convincing. If the youth still had no intention to leave, she would not hesitate to unleash her most intense attack.

Shi Xiaobai turned silent. He had no intention to worsen the conflict or misunderstanding. However, he knew that his explanations would be worthless against the person who had a rooted prejudice against humans.

Yet, he could not simply leave. If he wanted an answer to his puzzlement or to make a bizarre guess, everything was definitely related to the girl that resembled a child-like Kali.

When Shi Xiaobai thought of this, his eyes could not help but land on the young girl that was hiding behind the teenage girl.

When her uncertain gaze met the youth's seemingly harmless eyes, she immediately buried her face into the red-haired girl's waist like a frightened bunny. The youth appeared like a fierce man-eating beast that lurked in treacherous waters.

That gaze once confirmed, a baddie to nab Kali.

The girl trembled.


The red-haired girl was finally fully enraged. With a cold bellow, she straightened the arrow with a swallow-feathered tail and suddenly released the taut bowstring made of tiger tendons.

They formed almost a perfect circle like the scorching sun and with a twang, the arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning, aiming straight for the youth's chest that stayed stationary like a target board.

"At such a close distance, it's impossible for him to dodge my Scorched Sky Arrow with his Postnatal realm strength."

Just as the red-haired girl had such a thought, she was appalled to see the blazing Scorching Sky Arrow penetrate the youth's body unhindered.

She did not hear the horrifying sound of flesh separating from skin, nor was there the bloody scene of blood splattering like she imagined. The Scorched Sky Arrow seemed to pass through the youth's body like it had passed through thin air. It headed straight for a tree behind!

The red-haired girl's eyes constricted. She suddenly recalled the sneak arrow she launched from a distance. It too had missed after brushing the youth. She originally thought that she had missed due to the great distance but now, from the looks of it, it was not a mistake. Similarly, the scene that had just happened was definitely no coincidence.

The youth had dodged her Scorching Sky Arrow with his own strength!

But how did the human who was at a mere Postnatal realm do it?

Regardless of the shock she felt, the red-haired girl did not relent on her assault. She deftly slung the bow and arrow that had failed twice behind her back. She quickly muttered and with her chant, a resplendent purple halo lit up in front of her.

"Wind gather to take form, striking forward as a blade. At the instant the cross beam flashes, the miracle of Wind will be praised! Danced! Or fly freely! Wind Illumination Cross Slash!"

The red-haired girl suddenly interlocked her fingers as her arms formed an 'X'-shape in front of her chest. After a rapid incantation, she threw open her arms. Like a bow filled with energy, the thin fan that flew out causing two vehement wind blades to be thrown out!

"The Wind Illumination Cross Slash's speed is many times faster than the Scorching Sky Arrow. The destructive radius is extremely wide as well. It will definitely not be easy to dodge it."

The red-haired girl had such a thought on her mind as she stared intently at the motionless youth. She believed that there was no trick that could dodge her arrows in the world without even moving. She had failed to notice the details of what had happened. This time, she was extremely focused on the youth's dodging.


The Wind Illumination Cross Slash was like a sharp grenade. Its trajectory tore the air around it and finally, struck a tree and exploded.

Blade winds surged wantonly like blade fragments that scattered across the sky. Instantly, there were unending tearing sounds as the ancient trees ahead seemed to be destroyed by dozens of sabers. Countless remnant leaves began descending. The few branches that had been sliced apart creaked and fell to the ground. The thicker trunks lasted only half a second before the entire tree toppled!

The Wind Illumination Cross Slash's destructive power was definitely remarkable!

However, the red-haired girl's eyes glazed over as her face was filled with disbelief.

Remnant leaves flew in the sky as the youth continued standing motionless in his spot completely unscathed!

The Wind Illumination Cross Slash that attacked the youth straight on fell several ancient trees but not a single hair of the youth's was cut!

The red-haired girl that had been staring intently at Shi Xiaobai seemed to momentarily discern how Shi Xiaobai had dodged the Wind Illumination Cross Slash.

But she was certain that the youth moved.

Although her naked eyes had failed to capture the exact motion, she saw the youth's figure flash like a night light. He had vanished for an instant and moments later, appeared where he originally was.

"Just his Wind Illumination Cross Slash that was about to strike him, he instantly switched lines to a spot twenty meters, and returned in an instant to the same spot. How is this possible? What sort of speed is required?"

The red-haired girl found it unbelievable but this was the only reasonable explanation she could think of.

"But his body clearly lacks a Connate aura! Could he rely on the Postnatal Psionic powers to accomplish a horrifying speed is something not capable of geniuses.

As one of the most outstanding geniuses among the younger pixies, Cherryblossoms felt panic for the first time in her life.

Her meeting of a dangerous human in a forest that was impossible for other races to infiltrate was already a perilous encounter that caught her by surprise. Yet, the human's strength was incomprehensible. Cherryblossoms, who had never left the Pixie Forest, could not help but panic.

However, she did not retreat, nor did she have any thoughts of fleeing.

The reason was that a girl was standing behind her, a younger sister whose life was more important than hers. She was the cutest angel in the world that she had to protect no matter what.

"I will absolutely not let Princess Kali be harmed!"

Cherryblossoms steeled her mind as infinite courage arose in her. Her eyes focused as she charged straight for the youth!

Even a rabbit would bite when pressed. Cherryblossoms, who was good at both archery and magic, had an inkling that long-ranged attacks were useless against the youth. Therefore, she chose to engage in melee combat!

An archer that could not engage in melee combat was a bad mage!

Cherryblossoms drew a silver dagger from her waist. Like a rabid rabbit, she charged at Shi Xiaobai ferociously.

Shi Xiaobai remained motionless in his spot.

Cherryblossoms was extremely nervous. She knew that with her speed, the youth definitely could dodge her strike and counterattack. But in the situation in which the Wind Illumination Cross Slash had failed, engaging in melee combat was her final chance!


Cherryblossoms was caught by surprise that the youth did not dodge at all. This time, he had truly remained immobile. The dagger stabbed at the youth's body without any dilemma. Just a little deeper and it would pierce through the youth's heart!

But Cherryblossoms never expected to feel the youth's chest to be as hard as a bronze wall!

The metallic collision sounds hummed as the teenage girl's dagger-wielding hand turned numb from the impact.

Cherryblossoms slowly widened her somewhat dull and lifeless eyes.

She looked at the dagger that had broken into two and the lack of a mar on her chest made her watch in a daze. Her expression immediately turned pale.

Have you experienced despair?

At that moment, Cherryblossoms faced despair.

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