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Lee Jong-suk was looking at the experience book inside his room.


Lee Jong-suk was thinking about the moon-il-ji-il experience.

While the kun-gong, absolute taste and knife skill mastery experiences were displayed and

understood but, these were similar and could be compared to the pa.s.sive skills in the games.

Also the absolute taste and knife skill mastery definitely had results.

If you look at absolute taste, if you were to look into knife skill mastery they both had effects.

But in the case of moon-il-ji-il, the effects of it could not be seen at all.

'What effect does it have…..'

While thinking about this Lee Jong-suk looked at the experience book for a moment and then took out the mathematics book from his bag.

He spread open the mathematics book.

'Moon-il-ji-il….. when I listen to something I know that thing.'

Lee Jong-suk opened the part that he had learned in the cla.s.s today and took out the pencil, looked at the book.


Lee Jong-suk was once again wondering about it and then he looked over at the problem in the book.

And inside the mind of Lee Jong-suk the method to solve the problem was coming.

When the process of solving the problem came naturally to Lee Jong-suk he started to move the pencil.

Suk! Suk!

As he was writing down the solution in the book Lee Jong-suk suddenly looked at the book.

"Oh? I solved this?"

By looking it seemed like a complex problem. Rather than numbers, English is much more…. But the problem could be handled by me.

He looked at the math problem for a moment and Lee Jong-suk found a different problem to solve.

He solved that too.

Now it looked like Lee Jong-suk understood what moon-il-ji-il meant.

"Moon-il-ji-il…. Doesn't forget the things that are once learned."

It is not just simply not being able to forget something. But also about understanding the problem.

The complexity in math is the problem. Even though I remember the seminar syllabus taught by my teacher, it is not possible to solve a different problem.

So the moon-il-ji-il allows me to understand and remember things, it is such an experience skill.

Lee Jong-suk smiled realizing this and flipped over the book and solved math problems. And after solving a couple of problems Lee Jong-suk's pencil came to halt.

'I don’t know this.'

He knew the solutions just a while ago, but now his mind was blocked. For this Lee Jong-suk understood the reason and nodded his head,

"I didn't learn this"

The experience of moon-il-ji-il lets one remember and understand the things that they learn and it won’t be of use in case the thing is not learned.

Lee Jong-suk thought about this for a second and spread the math book in front of him. And he knew that the rate of progress changed.

So he thought of learning by reading the math book from the beginning. Anyway he wrote down the process that his teacher said into his book…. There would be no reason to learn if the teacher is not sincere enough.

'Will I get the first rank in the whole school?'

Lee Jong-suk smiled after imagining his parents reaction once he his declared as a first rank student in the whole school.

Smiling Lee Jong-suk was reading the math book when he looked over at the clock and took out the experience book.

'I should write the diary.'

Though this may not be a great experience, its at least give a little experience points. So as his father said about the diary, Lee Jong-suk was thinking about using the experience book as a diary.

If a little is written down daily the experience will acc.u.mulate and this wasn't something that could be ignored.

'Then today counts as the first day……'

Thinking for a moment Lee Jong-suk took out the pencil and started to write down his posts.

First he will write about what happened in the lunch break, and also about the moments in the judo cla.s.s…

'However it is very vivid to me.'

After writing down what happened today in the experience book Lee Jong-suk felt like he was going through it all over again.

'Is this how writing a diary feels?'

Thinking this Lee Jong-suk put down the pencil


The diary moments disappeared and a new set of post appeared.


[Common love experience has been written. Gained 25 experience points.]

[Common judo experience has been written. Gained 25 experience points.]

At the post in the experience book Lee Jong-suk's face turned slightly red.

'What love is it saying….. I would probably freak out before holding hands.'

Mumbling this to himself Lee Jong-suk went onto his bed

"I’m going to the bookstore."

"You said it so late."

At the loud voice of his mom, Lee Jong-suk answered her lightly and came out of the house.

In the weekends the elementary school has given break so there no need for me to stay back and help.

The main customers in the snack house were the elementary students.

Lee Jong-suk started to move on the road that lead to the subway so that he could go to the Ghosopang.


With the thought that the door sound will be accompanied by Lee Jong-suk the store owner looked


"Any new books?"

"A few are there. Don’t forget to line them up."


At the words of the shop owner Lee Jong-suk went between the book shelves to look at the books.

Usually the books inside the Ghosapang were usually neat because Lee Jong-suk occasionally clean it.

I looked like the shop owner hasn't cleaned this section of the books yet, so it was Lee Jong-suk who came to clean it.

Lee Jong-suk used to come here exactly in the weekends, and occasionally on the week days.

The shop owner used to do the cleaning along with one employee who is regularly paid.

However Lee Jong-suk who went near the book shelves and untied the sack and took out the contents of the sack.

But between the books he was taking out a few old books were there. But one age old book from the Chosun university made with Hanji.

And books that were way old, no one knows how old they were, they were giving out gaudy smell…

"Books like these are coming. The Royal Family, Chinese New Year….."

When reading the names written on the books suddenly curiosity arose on the face of Lee Jong-suk.

Lee Jong-suk who has never seen a paper like this on anywhere but a TV, was looking at the book back and forth with awe.

'Since I have a lot of time today. Let's start with cleaning this stuff.'

With the thought to do it from the beginning, Lee Jong-suk quickly started to arrange the books.

Reference books in the reference book shelves, novels in the novels section, by cla.s.sifying the books Lee Jong-suk was arranging them in their respective sections.

And all these books will stay in these places until someone who needs the book will come and pick it up.

After being done with the cleaning and arranging Lee Jong-suk went over to the counter where uncle sits.

"I arranged everything."

"Any books that could be used?"

"A few reference books were there and few old books were there."

Lee Jong-suk brought out a book and placed it in front of the shop owner on the counter, and the owner looked at it and nodded his head.

"That book will make money."

"Books like this will make money?"

In this generation who will want a book like this.

"Sometimes books like this are usually bought for interior."


"In a Chinese medicine house or a tea shop books like this in a volume oe two will bring out the atmosphere."

At these words Lee Jong-suk looked at the book and nodded his head.

"That is what this is."

"Let's take it apart then."

The owner picked up the book and Lee Jong-suk said.

"Don’t look at me like that."

"Books like these are interesting. First time seeing a book like this?"

"Saw it on TV."

The owner gave the permission to Lee Jong-suk, and Lee Jong-suk nodded his head once again.

Looking at that thing Lee Jong-suk sat down on the pile of covered books below the counter.

[The Royal Family]

Lee Jong-suk was slowly reading the content of book The Royal Family that he opened.

'It looks like a nice house.'

In the book The Royal Family the home of the king was book marked.

[This is the work of a person who is the sub ordinate for a high position. Though a low position I was not given any one to do work below me.]

[This is not something that a person has fabricated. This is something that has happened. Any person who changes according to his position is called a child. No matter where it is they say a person doesn't change.]

[It is not enough to look at one thing ten times to do one thing.]

Lee Jong-suk was nodding his head by reading the contents of the old book, looking at the posture of Lee Jong-suk the owner laughed.

"Do you know what it contains?"


"It could be a black paper or a white paper."

Lee Jong-suk nodded at the owners words.


While talking Lee Jong-suk suddenly felt eerie and looked at the book.

'I’m able to read the hanja.'

That too in a fluent manner.

With surprised eyes Lee Jong-suk looked at the Hanja.

"Experience book"

"Experience book? What are you saying?"

"N….. nothing"

And Lee Jong-suk read The Royal Family very quickly. And read the hanja and the content very


'Bachelor's experience'

Different nations bachelor is the writer. And the bachelor seems to know to read hanja but wasn't his job.

Because of that skill of the bachelor allows one to read hanja in a natural manner.

He looked at the book The Royal Family, no idea what Lee Jong-suk was thinking when he got up and took a paper and pen from the counter.

"Can I write this down?."


At the words of approval form the owner Lee Jong-suk thought over for a second and placed the paper on top of the book and started writing down.

Smile found its way onto Lee Jong-suk's face as he was writing down the matter from The Royal Family.

He never saw these outside nor did he see these contents before, but they were very clear.

Besides….. writing Chinese characters does not seem like an easy thing, but he was really good at it. If someone sees this they might call me as honorable.


Looking at himself writing the Chinese characters he laughed a little.

'The scores for the Chinese test are here.'

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