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Chapter 336 “G.o.dfather Chu Yi Feng (2)”

“Thank you for taking care of Bai Yan and Xiachen during this period.” Giving a nod to the girl, Chu Yi Feng immediately covers up his emotions again.

Is this man claiming owners.h.i.+p? Di Xiao Wan’s quickly narrowed in on that statement.

“But……” Knitting up her forehead, Di Xiao Wan was ready to refuse that request only to stop at the last moment. Towards that pitiful face made by her little nephew, this girl just didn’t have the heart to say no. “Okay, Auntie will bring you to get some Osmanthus cake.”

“Thank you Auntie!” Bursting into a gleeful smile, Bai Xiachen knew he’s succeeded now.

The boy’s plan was simple, deceive his sweet dumbaclutz auntie away so she doesn’t get into a fight with Chu Yi Yi again. Sure enough, it worked perfectly. Very soon, their figures were gone from the hall, thus leaving the eerily quiet hall in the background.

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“Yi Feng…” Facing this man that’s as calm as a cool spring breeze, Bai Yan finally worked up the nerve to what’s on her mind: “Did you come because Yi Yi told you about Di Cang?”

“Yes,” still indifferent and calm, the man answers smoothly, “She said you were being picked on really badly by him, and that you were being restricted in your freedom. Also… this letter fell in the hands of your three s.h.i.+fus. They flew into a huge rage right after reading it. By the time I started to come, they were already well on their way to the Liu Huo Kingdom.”

Deliberately hiding her own presence knowing full well how guilty she herself was, Chu Yi Yi finally crumbled under that pressuring gaze. Nervous in her tune: “I… I was just kidding.”

“Kidding?” Clicking her tongue at the dishonest answer, Bai Yan thrusts her friend into the open: “What kidding? You were obviously saying the truth when writing that letter.”

Isn’t that right? Di Cang that b.a.s.t.a.r.d only knows how to take advantage of me, constantly forcing his ways against my will when I’m not careful. Then there’s the matter of squatting around in my home and refusing to leave!


Did I take this wrong? Di Cang never covered a spot in her heart?

“You…” Unlike his sister though, Chu Yi Feng appears troubled after hearing that statement, “Have you always been like that in front of him?”

Bai Yan have always been either respectful or distant to those who she doesn’t like. Even for himself, Chi Yi Feng could only get a mild att.i.tude that’s neither overly warm nor overly cold when they are talking. But now, the woman’s gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth at the mention of Di Cang’s name?

“Uhumph!” Suddenly, Old Lord Lan interrupts the pair with that awkward cough, his eyes constantly eying the new man up and down, “Yan Yan, mind introducing us?”

“So that’s why,” pretending to be enlightened by the information, the old grandpa was beaming with approval in his eyes. “I like to thank you, Young man. If not your family’s kindness, I fear my dear granddaughter there wouldn’t have been so well off while away from home.”

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