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Chapter 273 – The Sudden Truth

“Not an… illusory realm?” Even though these were Jasmine’s words, Yun Che was still shaking his head: “Impossible! I’m very certain that can’t possibly be the real world. It’s only an illusory realm!”

Jasmine faintly said: “Although I’m not sure why you are so sure that was an illusory realm, I am even more sure that it was the real world. Also, in deciding whether or not a world is real or not, I’m much more qualified than you! With your current strength, you’re also absolutely unqualified to determine whether or not it’s an illusory realm.”

Yun Che: “…”

He was certainly incapable of determining whether or not that was an illusory realm… Even in realms of the Phoenix Trial and the Dragon G.o.d Trial, apart from them being incredibly dangerous, he felt that they were no different than the real world. If he hadn’t entered them during a trial, but had entered them under different circ.u.mstances, he wouldn’t have even believed that they were illusory realms.

But Jasmine wasn’t the same. The realm she was in was something that Yun Che had absolutely no way of comprehending. Her understanding of the elemental laws and her comprehension and understanding of spatial laws was something that Yun Che had completely no chance of reaching up to. When they entered the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, Jasmine could immediately tell the time that the Secret Realm was in and the fact that this was something that wasn’t created by the people of this plane… Finally, with the confirmation from the Evil G.o.d’s soul, he found that that it indeed wasn’t something created with human strength, but something that the Evil G.o.d had created.

“The place we were in before that you believed to be the Azure Cloud Continent, had complete and stable elemental laws, natural laws and order laws. These laws are the basic laws that are absolutely impossible to create instantly in an illusory realm! Also, from the completeness of the laws, that was a continent that had existed for several billion years!! It’s absolutely impossible for it to be some illusory realm… Even if the True G.o.ds still existed, it’s still impossible to create an illusory realm that has more stable and complete laws than a continent that had existed for several billion years!”

Yun Che: “!!!!”

“It’s absolutely impossible even for the Evil G.o.d… let alone a soul fragment of the Evil G.o.d. That piece of soul you conversed with was already extremely weak. Using its final strength to be able to complete a round trip teleportation is already its absolute absolute limit. It’s absolutely impossible to create an illusory realm! Even a most simplest of spirit realms is impossible!”

Jasmine’s words were like one strike of shocking lightning after another that exploded in Yun Che’s brain. It turned his entire brain into utter chaos, as if it was a huge wave that crashed into heaven…

That wasn’t an… illusory realm?

That was… the real world? A real world that actually exists? It was the Azure Cloud Continent that he was so familiar with?

Then Su Ling’er… and time…

No! Impossible! Ling’er had obviously already pa.s.sed away. She pa.s.sed away in my arms and I personally buried her. How could that have been the real her… and also the time. If they were actually in the Azure Cloud Continent, it shouldn’t be that time at all…

“There’s more…” Jasmine’s voice continued during this moment: “Not only is that Azure Cloud
Continent an actual existence, its distance from the Profound Sky Continent shouldn’t be too far, because its laws of elements, nature, and order have many similarities with the Profound Sky Continent. It and the Profound Sky Continent might actually be on the same planet. Only…”

Jasmine stopped for a bit. Her voice had a little doubt to it: “Azure Cloud Continent’s fundamental laws are the same as Profound Sky Continent’s laws, but the temporal law which should have the most similarities are actually a bit different… Hmph! Although interfering with the time law is fundamentally impossible, for these sort of lower planes, it’s absolutely impossible for my perception to be wrong! Perhaps, Azure Cloud Continent’s temporal law has been tampered with, or maybe Profound Sky Continent’s temporal law has been tampered with, or maybe both have been tampered with!”

Jasmine’s words have been filtered time and time again within Yun Che’s head, making his originally impatient and disorderly brain even more chaotic… Now, he suddenly raised his head as if lightning struck his brain…

He suddenly remembered that in the realm of the Phoenix Trial, the Phoenix spirit told him something very strange…

“…It seems that the girl whom you call Ling’er must have really been very important to you. And also because of her, your inner self holds heavy regret. However, you don’t have to suppress this regret in the depths of your soul. You have pa.s.sed through the reincarnation cycle due to the Heavenly Profound Treasure and it has tampered with this world’s karma. Under the b.u.t.terfly effect, time, dimension, and planes will also change as well. Your regret and debt, you may have not yet lost your chance to make up for them.”



Heavenly Profound Treasure…

Pa.s.sing through the reincarnation cycle…

b.u.t.terfly Effect…

Tampering with karma…

Interfering with time…

These words rampaged within Yun Che’s brain until they finally slowed down. With his unimaginable rebirth, with Jasmine’s words, with Su Ling’er in the Azure Cloud Continent within the “illusory realm”… Everything began to slowly make sense…

Pa.s.sing through the reincarnation cycle… after he died in the Azure Cloud Continent, he woke up in a dead body in the Profound Sky Continent…

Isn’t this precisely going through the reincarnation cycle… Since after a person’s death, all of their memories and life should have been washed away, since they reincarnate into a completely brand new next life. But for himself, he retained all of his memories from his previous reincarnation…

If the Azure Cloud Continent that he was in wasn’t an illusory realm, then the Su Ling’er he met wasn’t an illusion… Then, wasn’t it precisely… karma and time that had changed…

Him “pa.s.sing through the reincarnation cycle” was a fact, because it was his most genuine and strange experience, then… then… Azure Cloud Continent’s time interference, Ling’er’s existence… were real too!?

However, even Jasmine had said interfering with time was fundamentally impossible… Also, he didn’t have the so called Heavenly Profound Treasure that was able to “pa.s.s through the reincarnation cycle” on his body. The only Heavenly Profound Treasure that he had was the Sky Poison Pearl, and its powers were concentrated in poison, medicine, refinement, containment and finding things; they had nothing to do with “reincarnation” at all. Apart from the Sky Poison Pearl, he had no other Heavenly Profound Treasures at all. If he really had one he didn’t know about, how could Jasmine not sense it?

“Jasmine…” Yun Che breathed a deep breath and quietly asked: “Within the Heavenly Profound Treasures, is there anything that allows… pa.s.sage through the reincarnation cycle, and tampering with karma?”

“…I just said, temporal laws are fundamentally impossible to be tampered with, but I never said that it’s absolutely impossible to tamper with them, precisely because among the seven Heavenly Profound Treasure, there exists a heaven opposing item that can cause time to flow in reverse. It’s precisely the seventh treasure of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, the “Mirror of Samsara”. The power of the Mirror of Samsara is precisely ‘tampering with cause and effect and transmigration’! After the complete destruction of the True G.o.ds, there hasn’t been another power that was sufficient enough to tamper with time and dimensions. Apart from the ‘Mirror of Samsara’ that is able to interfere with time, there’s also the sixth treasure of the Heavenly Profound Treasures that could interfere with dimension, the ‘World Needle’.”

“The abnormalities of the temporal laws within the Azure Cloud Continent made me precisely thinking about the possibility that someone used the ‘Mirror of Samsara’… this is an extremely interesting discovery since at least this shown that the ‘Mirror of Samsara’ once manifested on the Azure Cloud Continent! If ‘those people’ knew about this fact, then perhaps a terrifying wave of carnage would sweep through this plane!”

Mirror of Samsara… Mirror?

Yun Che’s heart suddenly throbbed, and he subconsciously held the pendant that he always wore.

Could it be…

“Jasmine,” Yun Che calmly said: “If the Mirror of Samsara actually manifested, then you can probably sense its existence with your power right?”

“No,” Jasmine denied: “Amongst the seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, the Mirror of Samsara’s abilities are the most heaven opposing, but the reason it’s ranked last is because every time it activates, it must hibernate for twenty years. Within these twenty years, it does not have a shred of power. It’ll become the same as most ordinary mirrors.”


Yun Che’s heart rate accelerated. He held his pendant tightly… In his memories of the Blue Wind Empire, he wore a pendant since young and never took it over. Similarly, in the Azure Cloud Continent, he had always worn it. In two different continents, two different lives, he had a pendant that he always wore with him.

After opening this pendant, there was a little mirror… A little mirror that could not possibly be more ordinary.

But according to Xiao Lie, the reason his birth parents were chased and killed was because of an item known as a… “Heavenly Profound Treasure”!

Could it be that it actually is… one of the seven Heavenly Profound Treasures, the Mirror of Samsara?

If it really was the Mirror of Samsara, it would explain why he went from the Profound Sky Continent to the Azure Cloud Continent and the period from the Azure Cloud Continent back to the Profound Sky Continent…his memories, his life’s transfer, without any breaks! All the questions could have a correspond explanation…

If it really was the interference from the Mirror of Samsara, then… then… the Azure Cloud Continent that he just went to… the Su Ling’er he had personally embraced…

Were also real!!!

His life in the Azure Cloud Continent, disruption in reincarnation, disruption in s.p.a.ce and time… everything was real!!

Su Ling’er… is still in this world! Still on the Azure Cloud Continent that he was familiar with and grew up in!

Then, his master… perhaps with the reverse flow of time, might still be alive! After all, when Su Ling’er was ten, he was only twelve. At the time, he was still traveling the world with his master!

“That was Ling’er… that was Ling’er… that was actually Ling’er… She didn’t die… she’s really Ling’er…”

The sudden facts exploded Yun Che’s brain. All the blood in his body practically began to boil. He looked at both his hands and violently trembled all over… He always thought the Ling’er that he had obviously seen and closely embraced was nothing but an illusion created by the Evil G.o.d. Jasmine’s words, combined with his experience with the voice of the Phoenix spirit made him hear the morning bell. His Ling’er had just been in front of his eyes, by his side. He treated her like an illusion and then left just like that…

Yun Che growled from the bottom of his throat, then fiercely reached out and pounded his head. He was occasionally mad with joy and then occasionally had a nervous breakdown… the Ling’er he was madly in love with was still alive. In his anger and regret, he treated her like an illusion, and didn’t bring her back at all…

All of Yun Che’s weird reactions had finally started to make Jasmine understand them. Looking at the pendant that he had been grabbing onto in his hand, she suddenly said: “So that’s how it was, no wonder you went to that continent and lost control when you saw that little girl… It’s also no wonder why Sky Poison Pearl fused together with your body…”

“Don’t tell me, the one who activated the Mirror of Samsara’s power… was you!?”

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