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"The success rate is only 20 percent? Or even less than that?"

Back on the Hope, everyone was looking at a perfectly fine cow. Obviously, this cow had gotten immune to human presence because she merely stood there, quietly eating her feed, and did not get spooked by the proximity of humans.

Several hours ago, the third experiment on the green light had started. They sent in five animals, one of them disappeared in the green light, three changed into unknown meat blobs and were shuttled away by the Academy as important experimental data, while the last remaining cow returned to the Hope in her original form unharmed.

One out of five animals survived. A 20 percent rate of survival, or it could be even lower when taking into account the variable of low sample size. In any case, this was unacceptable. Just think about it, only 20 percent of the Hope surviving after entering the green light, that was unacceptable!

Humanity had not reached a dead end yet, as there were multiple star paths in the solar system. The worst case scenario was they would have to find another star path to leave this system. Even though it might cause more wastage of time and might lead to other dangers, it was still better than a 20 percent success rate.

However, Yao Yuan still hoped there would be some breakthroughs at this point, not only because understanding the fourth dimension would rejuvenate humanity's science, since this might be the catalyst they needed to go from a level 2 space civilization to level 3, but also because the data on the four dimensional space would be valuable in the future.

Other than the four dimensional space, this ruin… Yao Yuan had some idea about it as well.

For some reasons, when they came closer and closer to the green light, Yao Yuan felt pulled by something inside the ruin. It was an instinct, something different from the power of the Diviner. If one really had to describe it, it was the instinct of selecting the winning lottery ticket. It was very unscientific.

In fact, as an experienced soldier and leader, Yao Yuan was not one to believe in instinct, because this instinct was something completely different from the Diviner's power; it couldn't be verified. However… this instinct felt real, and he had asked many other people. It seemed like other than himself, there was no one else that felt similarly. Could it be that this was another one of the Immortal's powers?

Therefore, if possible, he wanted to discover the mystery of this ruin. If this was truly the Immortal's power, combined with the Diviner's danger sense, perhaps… humanity could really get something from this ruin! Even if the four dimensional space technology would make the Hope invincible among all space civilizations lower than the middle tier, they wouldn't live in constant fear of other civilizations…

Due to Yao Yuan's insistence and the Academy's passion for knowledge, the Hope began another test. Of course, before the new test could begin, a review of the earlier results was necessary.

"…I believe the basis of the earlier hypothesis is still correct."

This was in a large meeting room. The scientists each held their own views, but hopefully a truth could be found through discussions.

At this moment, a scientist standing on stage pointed at the 4D simulation behind him. "This 4D simulation is constructed from the data collected from the animals that were twisted and turned. Even though we couldn't really understand the phenomena inside the fourth dimension, it is quantifiable. However, we have lost sight of one important thing: we have been using three dimensional knowledge and world view to analyse the acquired data. If we use three dimensional knowledge to analyse the data, there will be much less room for variation…"

The scientist whispered to the AI and the simulation behind him changed. The objects inside it transformed. He continued, "As everyone can see, the transformation within a four dimensional space is more varied and random than three dimensional space. Therefore, in comparison, the force in a four dimensional space should have more variables than just direction. However, we have only been counterbalancing the variables that are known to us in three dimensional space. So, basically… the fact that we have an animal that survived the test is already a miracle in itself."

After this scientist made his observation, there was a string of other scientists who took the podium. There was a common thread among all of them, which was the way humanity perceived four dimensional space was not unlike how an ant looks at the sky; it was greatly inaccurate. The Hope's technology had to improve until level 5, 6, or even higher before they could truly understand the fourth dimension.

Similarly, when they thought the AI could calculate the data of the fourth dimension, that too was also wishful thinking. After all, no matter how powerful the calculative power the AI had, its knowledge framework was similar to the technological prowess of humanity. To put it simply, even its materials were from a level 2 space civilization, so how could a low level AI unveil the mystery of the fourth dimension?

Therefore, after this review was over, almost everyone thought that this exploratory effort would end. Yao Yuan announced three days of break on the Hope, and in these three days, he and Xiao Niao were seated in front of a computer. Along for the ride was Guang Zhen and Ren Tao, who were dragged along.

"…Tell me, why did you look for me?"

Just as the three days were going to draw to a close and everyone's faces were drawn with disappointment, the computer opened on its own and the screen wrote these few words.

Before Xiao Niao could react, Yao Yuan typed on the keyboard, "ZERO, this is Yao Yuan, the leader of this ship… I believe you know me and I'm sure you know why we have come to you this time."

"…Of course, it's about the layer of fourth dimension shield, isn't it?" ZERO replied.

Yao Yuan felt happiness surge through his heart and he immediately replied, "Fourth dimension shield, that's the name of this green light? As you know, we humans have tried every method to explore and test this shield, but the results were unsatisfactory. We are unable to cross the shield safely."

ZERO answered after a short silence, "Actually, you all have done more than enough. The fact that you can tell that this is a layer of fourth dimension shield and even came up with a solution that was doable if not limited by your scientific knowledge, that was indeed praiseworthy… However, what do you think this is? This is a newly acquired technology for a level 7 space civilization, and only a level 8 space civilization can really master it. It is a shield that can block all physical and energy attacks; not even black holes can harm it. Human beings with their level 2 space civilization technology wish to enter it? Such a wonderful dream indeed…"

Yao Yuan replied, "So in other words, we have found the correct direction, but due to the lack of a certain special technique, like super computers etcetera, we are unable to enter it?"

"Such innocence…" ZERO was sounding more and more like a human each day as she replied, "The complete fourth dimension shield is not something that can be understood by a level 2 space civilization. Even though theoretically you're correct, like the idea of using gravity and acceleration to counteract the balance of power, have you thought about… what if the direction of the force was suddenly changed in the fourth dimension? Or the owner suddenly decided to change the structure of the dimension? The Hope and everything on it would be disintegrated in the blink of an eye!"

Disappointment weighed on Yao Yuan's heart, but he still glanced at Xiao Niao, which the latter understood. He accepted the keyboard and asked, "ZERO, this is Xiao Niao. I wish to ask if this means that this is a dead end for humanity. Do we have to leave this place and search for another star path entrance?"

ZERO answered after a while, "No, there are still other methods… This fourth dimension is what we call a static dimension. There is no AI or other space civilization behind it, it was indeed a shield for a ruin. As long as you can find the exact data and with great computing power, you could still traverse through this shield…"

The group was psyched. Xiao Niao instantly asked, "ZERO, I'm sure you have super computing power, so can you please help us? Help me enter this green light. The ruin aside, we have to get to the star path entrance beyond this green light. After all, moving to another star path is going to take too long and we might stumble across other dangers. It's best if we can enter this star path here… Can you please help us? I will forever be in your debt!"

ZERO went into a long silence again. It lasted for around 20 plus minutes, to the point where they thought she had left. Then she wrote, "Fine, I understand, I will help you… But on the condition that your great leader here promises that I will be in full control of every electrical system, including the anti-gravity systems and propelling systems, when we are inside the fourth dimension. Ask him first whether he trusts me that much or not.

"Furthermore, even though the level of this ruin is not high, there is something inside that I can sense…

"It is something that is scarier that you can possibly imagine!"

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