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[July 3, 2017 15:18:47]

"Commander sama, if you don’t buy anything, we wouldn’t able to get give out provisions!"

with such voice, Kalina broke though the door with full of vitality.

She once again, held the menu from Grifon headquarters, or not, it is strategic material application form, coming over to wait for me to spent money.

"I am well educated, you don’t have to lie to me, I don’t have to buy provisions"

"Even though it is true, but there are a lot of things that are worth buying, if you make purchase now, headquarters will send a four star T-doll to you, it is worth it isn’t it?"

"There is a four star doll that needs to be trained right now." I mumble softly
Kalina reluctantly put away the list of supplies and complains:"it can’t be helped, the higher up orders to have sales index and to consistently acting as an vice commander, if not for Mauser chan’s help……wait, where’s Mauser chan?”

“There is……” I want to say it but couldn’t.

"Is there a fight?"

"She is resting in the dormitory now." I said ambiguously.

Kalina put both her hands on the table and lean against it, said anxiously:
"AhAh, this is not good, Commander, you must have a good relations.h.i.+p at any given time. Although I think that your personality is considered not bad, but it seems that I overestimated you, Mauser chan is a girl that needed to be treated earnestly, hola, give this to her as a present."

I look at the colorful snacks on her hands and stunned.

"Candy and……ice cream?"

"What do you mean by frowning."

"No, won’t this kind of tick for child would only add fuel to the fire……"

"com, man, der, sa, ma!
Just looking at you looks so dense, Now I think I know why is Mauser chan so upset, common sense is something you need to have, commonsense."

"Examples?" I tried to ask.

"All the girls likes to eat sweets!"

She pushed me like this, leaving the command room.

I grabbed this all this few small gift and stood at the dormitory door, I couldn’t help but smile.

"What are you laughing about."

"Now that I think about it, Kar98k said that, it’s okay to go to her room once in a while……"

"Right?" Kalina said with a giggle.

"Then I go in now."

"Lift your chest up!"


"Be more confident!"


"Tonight lets have red bean rice!"

"That’s unnecessary, thank you." I couldn’t held back and laugh brightly.

"Today, again not a bit of sales have being sold, but also loss some gift," She shrugged, and staring into my eyes, Urging one word at a time: "well, anyway its cheap items. Commander san, don’t let me down okay."

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