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22 8 / 2018

Chapter 7 : My Apt.i.tude is Support Magic! 

A/N : Finally! Magic!

“Ah, I sleep really well.”

I woke up in my room. This is the room that Malik-san gave to me when I first came to his house.

Yesterday after we came back from the guild, I cooked dinner. Considering that was the first time for me to handle Alsar’s ingredient, I think I did quite a good job. I cooked about for 4 people of serving. I made nikujaga (T/N : A j.a.panese dish, basically meat and potatoes) with spinach and miso soup.

Malik-san chowed down everything, he liked it so much.

I was surprised when I saw j.a.panese seasoning, I guess there must be j.a.panese person who transported here and brought j.a.panese seasoning into Alsar. To think I can still eat miso soup with rice in other world,I’m so happy!

“Yosh, today I will go to the training ground! Today is also the last day of Malik-san holiday so I better use this opportunity well!”

I wear the new clothes I bought yesterday. It’s a black cargo pants with black s.h.i.+rt. Since there’s no adult clothing with my size, we had to shrink the size with [Small] magic.

After I finish dressing up, I leave the room in high spirit.

Today’s breakfast is bread, vegetable soup, smoked pork and salad. To complete it, I’ve already prepared hot coffee too. Yup! Perfect breakfast if I may say!

I look up at the clock. 8:03 AM. I’m going to Malik-san’s room to wake him up. I open the door and call out to him.

“Malik-san, breakfast is ready!~”

Malik-san said to me that usually he woke up at 8ish. Yesterday I overslept but usually I can get up early.

“’s morning already? Good morning.. I’m going to change my clothes then I will join you.”

Malik-san scratch his eyes as he wake up. The sight of handsome 47 years old in pajamas, scratching his eyes is too cute! Is this gap moe??

“Good morning. I will be waiting for you then.”

I return to the kitchen and prepares the meal for Malik-san on the table.

“Ah, I sleep really well. Wow, looks delicious! Yesterday’s dinner was delicious too, everything that Ren makes is so delicious!”

Malik-san already changed into his casual clothes and take the seat in front of me.

“I hope the food will suit your taste. Itadakimasu.”


Since Malik-san eats a lot, I prepared bigger portion for him but he chow down the food in an instant!

“I still have more bread and soup in the kitchen. Please tell me if you want another serving.”

“Yes. Somehow rather than conversation between son and father, we sound like wife and husband instead. Haha!”

W-wife?! But I’m a man! Though in Alsar that kind of thing doesn’t really matter huh.

“Geez Malik-san, I’m not your wife!”

“Hahaha! Of course one day Ren will be someone else’s husband. I will be looking forward to it!”

“W-what? Please stop talking about that!”

Malik-san seems really want me to get married soon..

We talk while having breakfast, as we talk Malik-san keeps having second helping and as time pa.s.s by Malik-san already emptied the whole pot.

I use [Clean] to clean all the utensils and [Wash] to clean the laundry. Malik-san taught me [Wash] yesterday night. Even though the laundry is already clean thanks to magic, I still hang the laundry. It feels wrong otherwise. I see some people still hang their laundry too so I guess I’m not the only one with sentiment like that.

After that, I clean the house with the occasional help from [Clean].

“Yup, you’re definitely going to be a good housewife.”


“Nothing! If you’re finished, let’s head to the training ground. Though using swords seems impossible for Ren, I want to see your apt.i.tude with magic.”

He says some rude things, I should be angry at him but it is the truth..

Anyway! Finally I can practice magic! I’m so excited!

“Let’s go, Ren!”

“Ah wait, put this in your magic bag. I made it for our lunch.”

“Ooooh, lunch! Thanks! Ah, right Ren didn’t have magic bag yet.”

I made sandwich for our lunch. It’s just a simple sandwich though so it’s nothing extravagant. I want magic bag too! Seems like the magic bag that Malik-san uses is about 50.000 elk. The price of the bag will get more expensive accordingly to the size.

It will take me forever to save up to 50.000 elk, I will strive for more affordable price instead. I’m going to do a lot of quests and save money! Fighting!

“The training ground is right behind the guild. Let’s go in now.”

“Okay. Excuse me.”

We enter through the yesterday’s guild entrance.

“Ah! Ren-san! Master! What brought you here today?”

“Hey. We’re going to the training ground.”

Tord-san greets happily. He’s such energetic guy. Malik-san beckon me to follow him, he’s heading to another door, I a.s.sume it’s the door to the training ground.

“Well, I’ll see you soon Tord-san, goodbye.”

“Bye bye Ren-san! Good luck!”

*creak* (T/N : sfx for door opening)

“Wow, so wide!”

“Yeah, because when people use magic they tend to need lots of s.p.a.ce for it. We don’t want people to get hurt because of stray bullet afterall. And this training ground is open for everyone to practice on.”

“I see.”

The training ground is huge. Probably around 100 meters wide? Since there’s no one here yet it feels like private training ground just for me.

“Okay first.. I want you to try hold a sword. Even though your body is too frail, you still need to be able to have the basic physical training. Hmm, I think this sword is good for you. It’s thin and not as heavy as the others.”

Malik-san pulls a small sword from the weapon rack and swing it lightly.

Finally, my first time wielding a weapon!

“Oof! So heavy! Forget swinging it, even holding it is hard for me..”

“Is that so? Sorry, that is the lightest sword here. I guess I need to put an order for smaller sword for you. Let’s give up on sword.”

When Malik-san holds the sword in one hand, it looks really small and light but when I try to hold it, it was really heavy! And to think it was the lightest one here..

“Yeah, it’s too heavy for me.”

“If it gets any lighter than this, the sword won’t be able to do much damage you know. So it’s kind of useless if it gets any lighter than this.”


I guess this is the moment I’m officially disqualified from using sword in Alsar.

“Don’t feel down! Come on, let’s practice magic instead!”


That’s right! Malik-san said that my magic power is high, right?! At least I have it going for me which is good. Let’s not feel discouraged!

“It’s better if you have a staff to help you concentrate your magic better but even without a staff you can still cast magic though. First, let’s try basic fire magic [Fire Arrow].”

Malik-san clenches his fist and suddenly 3 fire arrows materializes in front of him. He shoots it and hit the target mark precisely, leaving a trail of burn behind.


“Hahaha, thanks! Okay now you try it. Remember, the basic of magic is imagination. First, try to imagine one fire arrow and after it materialize, shoot it.”

I wonder if I’m able to do it..

I hold my hand forward and try to imagine it just like Malik-san said.

“[Fire Arrow].. Eh?”

A fire arrow the size of 2b pencil fly out for about 1 meter before it dies out by itself.

“O-oh.. Ren you’re not suited for fire attribute, let’s move on to water now!”

“I-Is that so! Let’s move on then!”

Malik-san, he tried to hide his shocked face but it was no use. He was clearly surprised. He tried to cheer me by saying I’m not suited for fire attribute instead. Thank you Malik-san.

I tried water magic and a light shower water came.

Wind magic, a fluttering wind like a fan on low level came.

Earth magic, I made some kind of small

Tree magic? I made one branch. Just one branch.

Lightning magic, I made small static.

I tried other magic too but none of them is powerful enough.

“… I don’t have any talent in magic too..”

“Hmm, from what I see your magic power is high but the output is somehow really low. Maybe it’s because you’re too exhausted.”

Malik-san, are you trying to comfort me? Even though you said my magic power is high, it’s no use if I can’t use it properly.

“Ren-san, it’s almost time for lunch. Do you guys want to eat together ?”

Tord-san suddenly come and asks us to join with him for lunch. Now that I think about it, I did hear the bell ringing. Had I been firing magic for that long? I didn’t realize.

“Tord-san..It seems like I’m useless both in swordsmans.h.i.+p and magic.”

“Eh? For real? Even though you have such high amount of magic power? Oh that’s right, have you tried support magic?”

“Ah, right! Support magic! I totally forgot about since I’m bad at it. Tord, after lunch please show Ren some support magic, I’m starving.”

Is..there’s still hope for me? Am I not useless afterall?

Malik-san slung his magic bag and walk toward the dining hall with Tord-san following from behind. I wash my hand first at the washroom near the entrance of the training hall before I follow suit.

“So what do you think?”

“Like what I said to Ren earlier, his magic power is high but he doesn’t have apt.i.tude for any elemental we’ve tried so far. Maybe just like what Tord said, support magic would suit Ren better.”

When I approached Malik-san and Tord-san, they were sitting on the round table while talking about me. I heard them talking about my training. Ah, I feel useless. I don’t have any talent in both magic and physical strength. Does Malik-san regret making me his son? I really don’t want to disappoint Malik-san..

“Ah Ren is here, let’s have lunch now!”

Malik-san notices me approaching them, he opens his magic bag and takes out the sandwiches that I’ve prepared beforehand. Since I didn’t find any lunch boxes in Malik-san house, I wrapped the sandwiches in paper wrap.

“The h.e.l.l is that? Looks super delicious!”

“Ren made it. Are you jealous? I bet you are.”

Tord-san seems to get agitated thanks to Malik-san teasing him.

“Do you want one? I’ve prepared a lot so it’s fine. This one is chicken teriyaki, this one is smoked pig with tomato, this one is smoked pig with ritas and the last one is chicken with egg. Which one do you want?”

“Ah Ren-san you’re so kind! Everything sounds delicious! Aah, I’m going to choose this one then.”

Tord-san take the teriyaki chicken one. I actually wanted to make more but I didn’t have enough time so I only able to prepare 4 types.

“ *Chomps* Uwaaah! So delis.h.!.+~ *chomps chomps*”

“Right?? Ren’s cooking is so delicious!~”

“I’m glad you like it. If you want you can have another one, Tord-san.”

I’m happy that they eat my cooking with such delightful face. Malik-san finishes one sandwich with only 2 bites, just how big is his mouth is?

I share my portion to Tord-san, although it seems like he’s still not full yet.

“Ahh, so delicious! I’m glad I decided to make Ren my son! Oi, Tord stop eating too much! You want Ren to go hungry?!”

“But it’s too delicious! I can’t stop eating! Ah Ren-san if you’re still hungry feel free to order something, it’s on my tab!”

Seems like Malik-san already finished eating. Tord-san guiltily pointing at the counter.

“It’s okay, I made a lot afterall.”

“You sure? Well if we’ve finished eating here, let’s head back to the training ground. I will show you some support magic!”

Support magic! My only hope left! If I fail at it, I guess I will give up on becoming adventurer. It’s too dangerous if I don’t have any talent in anything. I will search for another peaceful job. But..I still hope I can continue on being adventurer.

“Yes, please. Ah but what about your job, Tord-san?”

“Yes! It’s okay, providing help for adventurer is also part of my job so it’s okay. Let’s go~”

If this is also part of his job then I’m glad. I don’t want him to slack off because of me. We clean up after our meal quickly and go back to the training ground to continue my training.

“You see, I’m a beastman but I also good at support magic which is rare for a beastman. Since usually a beastman is like strike first, talk later kinda thing. They always dive first into the battle without thinking. Truly a muscle head!”

Tord-san explains to me the usual characteristic of a beastman. I see, it suits their stereotype huh to be hot headed.

“The basic of support magic is healing magic like [Heal], detoxification magic like [Cure], buff magic like [Might] and [s.h.i.+eld]. There’s also offensive one like [Sleep] to put our enemy into sleep, [Roots] to entangle our enemy. The main purpose of support magic is to support the party to make sure the party able to show their true potential.”

Actually back in j.a.pan, my most favorite profession in MMO is support. I really like supporting the hitter or tank from behind. If I can become a support in Alsar, I would be happy since it suits my preference.

“Okay then let’s try it ! Focus on Master and chant [Might], go!”

“Yes! [Might]!”

I extended my hand toward Malik-san and shouted the chant. Suddenly a bright spots of light surrounded Malik-san and fade away.

“Ah..It disappeared.. Did I fail?”

“No, not at all! This is amazing! I can feel power surging inside me. Ren, I think you might have an apt.i.tude with support magic!”

“Ooh! Good for you, Ren-san!”

Eeeh? For real?? I did it??

“Let’s try another buff magic.”

“Ren-san, once more focus on Master and chant [s.h.i.+eld].”


Once again, another fluttering light came and fade away just as quick. From the name, I think [s.h.i.+eld] will increase Malik-san defensive power but I don’t know in what way?

“Okay, Tord try to hit me with all you got!”

“Here I come!”

Tord-san strike at Malik-san arm with his fist without any hesitation.

“O-ouch! It hurts! Master’s arm feels like an iron!”

“Ah, are you alright?!”

Tord-san is holding his hand half crying, I think he bruised his hand.

“Ren-san support magic is amazing! That hit just know feels like a feather touch. Since Tord already hurt, try [Heal] on him.”

“O-Okay, [Heal]!”

That hit just now felt like a feather? Unbelievable. I reach out to Tord-san and cast the healing magic. Another light surrounds Tord-san’s hand and fade away.

“For healing magic, the closer the distance is, the less magic power you will need and the greater the effect too. You can cast the healing magic even if you’re not close with the target but it will require more concentration.”

“I see!”

Malik-san explains to me the basic of healing magic, as he explains it to me I see the red mark on Tord-san’s hand disappear.

‘Ren-san this is amazing! In the blink of an eye, I don’t feel any pain anymore! The bruise also disappear completely without a scratch!”

“Really? Ah, I’m glad there’s a magic that I’m good at..”

I’m so relieved! When I failed at swords and battle magic, I thought I was done for! Ah to think there’s still hope for me!

But since it’s support magic that means I need to have someone to support to. I need to find a party then. Even back when I play mmo, going solo while using support cla.s.s is basically suicide.

“Umm, since this is support magic..That’s mean I can’t go on my own then?”

“Yeah, you will need to join a party to utilize it. Since there’s not much people who is able to use support magic, the demand for support is really high! So it’s going to be alright! Though for Ren right now, you can’t take the quest which support cla.s.s is needed yet so I guess the only quest for you right now is ingredient gathering.”

“I knew it..”

I knew it! Back when I play mmo, it was hard for me too since I can’t go solo! Well, as long there’s quest I can do, I don’t mind.

“Then I would like to take the ingredient gathering quest tomorrow then. Please tell me how.”

“Okay, then let’s return to the guild.”

“But it’s good you’re suitable for support magic! The truth is, if you don’t even have talent for support magic, it would’ve been impossible for you to become an adventurer.”

Yes, it’s truly a relief for me. The three of us then return to the guild. I feel the weight on my shoulder has been lifted. I’m so glad!


Usually in an MMO there,s more specification regarding support cla.s.s like :

Healer = focuses on healing the party.

Buffer = focuses on improving the status of the party.

But in this novel I decided to just generalize it into single profession.

I’ve played several MMO and I always use support to. I tried to use dps but I’m not suited for it.

T/N : Ah as for me if I play MMO, I like to become dps instead. Like wizard or Anyway I’m glad Ren able to find his calling! Truly a wife material! His apt.i.tude is support magic and he’s really good at cooking and housework!

Chapter 8 (wait for it)


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