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"Rubbis.h.!.+ Rubbis.h.!.+ RUBBIs.h.!.+" Venerable Flameless roared his eyes turning red. " You are also a spy from the Demon G.o.d's Sect as well, just like Nie Li! That's how you obtained such cultivation, and why you are protecting that boy!"

Shen Tian's face turned cold. He was getting p.i.s.sed off by how Venerable Flameless was acting, way too shameless. That was the type he hated the most in his life.

"Do you think I do not dare to kill you?"

"You dare to kill me?! My master, Hierarch Skycloud would smack you away if you dare to kill me! Spies of the Demon G.o.d's sect have no place in our Divine Feathers Sect!" Venerable Flameless was running out of breath as he spoke.

The Divine Blade of Fire appeared on Shen Tian's hand. He was running out of patience, he did not care if the Martial Ancestors of the Divine Feathers Sect wanted to kill him after this.

"Please stop Junior Brother Tian…" A voice boomed out inside Shen Tian's mind who was just about to swing the Divine Blade of Fire on his hand.

"What do you want Hierarch Skycloud?" Shen Tian snorted, not offering any kind of respect to Hierarch Skycloud. To have such a disciple meant that this man's heart was not as clear as he had previously thought.

"Please spare his life." Hierarch Skycloud sent yet another message to him, however, he was ignored."If you spare his life I will complete a single wish you have, no matter how difficult it is as long as it is possible!" Hierarch Skycloud frowned.

Shen Tian couldn't care less about Nie Li, although he was doing this under the pretext of wanting the information of the Draconic Ruins Realm which only Nie Li had. This would help him on his journey to create a Multiverse.

"Just what could you do that would make me interested on Hierarch Skycloud? My apologies, but I take no orders from anyone." Shen Tian used his Heavenly Energy to disable messages from others and thrust the Divine Blade of Fire.

Venerable Flameless started to think deeply about what he had done in this life of his. He was going to killed because he had been arrogant. Wis.h.i.+ng to grab the techniques of Hierarch Skycloud.

If he had another chance… He wouldn't act like that. Screw power, screw his master!

His life was the most important thing, if he gets power only to die a moment later, what was the point of it… At this moment he started to regret it even deeper…

The flames of the Divine Blade of Fire were nearing him, Flameless, yet he was going to be burned by the very flames which he claimed could not burn him!

At that moment… Everything stopped moving! Shen Tian sheathed the Divine Blade of Fire, the flames produced by it disappeared and extinguished. " Forget it… Why am I even getting angry at a fool? You are not worthy of dying under the flames of this weapon."

"Originally I wanted to save Nie Li out of boredom, but now… You have managed to make me lose that sense of boredom too. I no longer want to deal with this s.h.i.+t…"

Nie Li proceeded to fight Guo Hai, even breaking through to the next fate of the Heavenly Fate Realm successfully, thus Guo Hai had no way to defeat Nie Li, thus Nie Li won.

At the same month, Shen Tian noticed a silhouette which did not belong to any of Nie Li's friend pa.s.s through the s.p.a.ce above his compound inside the Divine Feathers Sect, it did not take long for him to understand who that person was and why was she here.

Days pa.s.sed… Nie Li left the Divine Feathers Sect. Shen Tian was very bored, he considered returning to his sect.

Finally, Long Tianming came to visit Shen Tian. Although he hated Shen Tian a lot, he couldn't deny that he would be a ma.s.sive help for exploring the Void Illusionary Divine Palace

" I see… You want to acquire my help so you can gain benefits in that Divine Palace?" Shen Tian stared at Long Tianming and chuckled. "What do I have to gain from this weird deal of yours, Long Tianming?"

Long Tianming had already broken through to the Heavenly Axis Realm, with his current cultivation he was not scared of the many Demon Beasts which were also trying to acquire treasures inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

But if he were able to acquire the help of Shen Tian, he wouldn't be scared of even the most senior Demon Beasts there. Shen Tian, after all, was a pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm expert, a terrifying existence.

"After I become the Patriarch of the Divine Feathers Sect I Will name you an Honorary Elder, if you want benefits right now I will give you dozens of Low-Grade Deity's Lakes." Long Tianming said with a resolved tone.

The men next to him gasped. Although Long Tianming was one of the main contenders for the role of the Patriarch of the Divine Feathers Sect, dozens of Low-Grade Deity's Lakes were quite a lot even for him.

Shen Tian laughed loudly. Xian Long and Feng Hao next to him could barely hold their tears. Trying to bribe Shen Tian with Spiritual Stones was just dumb. Most likely even Xian Long and Feng Hao had more Spiritual Stones than the rest of the Divine Feathers disciples put together.

Long Tianming's face turned red from being embarra.s.sed so much. He didn't know whenever Shen Tian thought that the reward was too low or that a Low-Grade Deity's Lakes did not interest him.

Shen Tian raised his finger.

"A hundred Low-Grade Deity's Lakes?!" Long Tianming guessed while his lips quivered.

"No, a single Medium-Grade Deity's Lake that's all I want." Shen Tian smirked. Long Tianming nodded, although he didn't have many such Deity's Lakes, he could afford to give one for such an occasion.

That's how Shen Tian ended up traveling together with Long Tianming's group. Of course, he also brought Xian Long and Feng Hao together with him. It was going to be a very long day for all of them.

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