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AST 1916 - They really Had Problems

The old man who was beaten up by Qing Shui pressed on his chest, looking pale. His lips trembled as he looked at Qing Shui. Then, fresh blood spurted out from his mouth. The final hit injured him terribly and with the acc.u.mulated damage from the previous. .h.i.ts, just as the saying went, ‘the last straw collapsed the camel’.

“Second brother, second brother!” Another plump old man came forward and supported him.

Everything happened in split seconds. n.o.body expected that Qing Shui would be able to beat the old man. After all, the old man seemed invulnerable to Qing Shui’s attacks. Qing Shui could only make him retreat but the current ending was unexpected.

“Elder brother, I had underestimated him. This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is very strange. He has extreme speed and mysterious techniques. He has mastered the Qi usage. Don't act recklessly.” The small-eyed looked at the three Masters of Great Confucian.

The old man spoke very loudly initially and it became as soft when he pa.s.sed the message to this old man. His sight was blocked by his eldest brother.

“I know, second brother. I will seek the justice for you.” Said the old man slowly.

The injured old man waved and two big guys came over to his support. Then, he turned around to look at Qing Shui, “Evil practices are no match for the Great Confucian. Today, I shall show you the power of the sacred Confucian.”

Qing Shui remained silent. Though this old man was very powerful, Qing Shui did not take him seriously. The old man was not made for this path, albeit being the Great Confucian. Despite his current powerful strengths, he was unable to maximize the potential of the Path of Great Confucian.

The old man was not enraged to see Qing Shui’s disdaining eyes. However, his tiny eyes became colder and condensed into a fine line.

“Narrow-minded, nasty character, evil mind, and treacherous. You are nothing compared to the sacred Confucian with such a manner. If I am not mistaken, you didn’t even advance a tiny bit in a hundred years. You can’t change who are you. As long as you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you can never break through. Besides, your manner would only worsen your cultivation. You are not made for the Path of Great Confucian.” Qing Shui provoked.

Qing Shui was not absolutely confident. He was merely guessing. Since they were brothers of similar manners, it was worth a try.

The old man s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably. He almost fainted out of extreme anger when he heard Qing Shui’s words. These two brothers held high positions and n.o.body would point out the truth despite knowing their true ident.i.ties. On the contrary, most people had only said flattering words to them.

In front of such a big crowd and the colleagues, this was a brutal and fierce attack which they had to take head-on.

Furthermore, the fact that his brother was injured also gave him a slap in the face. His own brother, a Grand State Master was defeated by a younger junior. If it were the three stern-looking old men, the mental shock wouldn’t be this great.

“Elder Brother Cheng Yuan, this young man is taking the Great Confucian Empire too lightly!” Said the plump eldest brother to the leading Master of Great Confucian.

The old man named ‘Cheng Yuan’ said calmly, “State Master Tai Zhai, this young man has indeed gone too far and hurt your brother. Your brother is the State Master of the Great Confucian Empire. Does he really think that our State Master is so easy to take on?”

Cheng Yuan sounded just and righteous but his hidden meaning was obvious enough. He was implying that the State Master of the Great Confucian Empire was far too weak for his position. His last statement also suggested that State Master Tai Zhai ought to lend a hand. As a brother and the State Master at the same time, he needed to get involved for both official and personal reasons.

Qing Shui figured out the hidden intent. This Master of Great Confucian looked old-fas.h.i.+oned and serious but he was not pedantic. Qing Shui’s instinct told him not to fight with this old man but it was not for his unpredictable strength.

“This is really infuriating. How dare he humiliate our Master of Great Confucian. Elder Brother Cheng Yuan, you are one of the best of the Great Confucian Empire. This young man has no idea of his limitations and he’s insulting you. We must not let him go.” Said Grand State Master Tai Zhai furiously.

It was clear that the Grand State Master Tai Zhai was an egocentric person who did not care about others as long as his goal was achieved. He knew that the old men would stand out to uphold their reputations despite knowing that it was reverse psychology.

The old man watched Grand State Master Tai Zhai with the same peaceful look before turning around slowly and talked to Qing Shui, “Young man, you have a unique physique. You are a rare genius of martial arts. There is the purest energy in your body. Are you perhaps interested in joining the Great Confucian Empire?”

The old man’s words were out of Qing Shui’s expectations. The old man must have yet to find out his true strength and the Nature Energy in his body. Or else, the old man would not have invited him.

Grand State Master Tai Zhai was stunned and replied hastily, “What do you mean, Elder Brother Cheng Yuan? He killed one of our Grand State Masters and injured another. Don’t you feel humiliated when you invite him?”

“I feel like you’re the one who is humiliating the Master of Great Confucian. It would be truly shaming the name of ‘Master of Great Confucian’ if everyone acted like you. What’s your say, Master Tai Zhai of Great Confucian?”

Qing Shui emphasized the last few words clearly and sharply. Anyone could sense his sarcasm.

“How imprudent. Let’s kill him together, Elder Brother Cheng Yuan. We can’t bring down the fame of the Master of Great Confucian.” Said Grand State Master Tai Zhai outrageously.

The old man frowned. He seemed to abhor the Grand State Master Tai Zhai’s att.i.tude who tried to win over a young junior with a majority. As the young man said previously, he really did not deserve the name of ‘Great Confucian’. In fact, they had known him long enough. However, this annoying fellow had a powerful backup. Only a few people could deal with him.

“There is no need to form an alliance. How about this? You can fight for your younger brother first. I know you won’t watch him get hurt and do nothing. I shall not take your duty as an elder brother. We would definitely get ridiculed for forming an alliance against a weaker junior,” Replied Cheng Yuan, relaxing his frowned brows.

Grand State Master Tai Zhai was startled and secretly cursed this old guy for acting differently today. At the current situation, he would be regarded as a loser if he continued further.

“It is as easy as a piece of cake to kill him. Elder Brother Cheng Yuan, watch as I make him regret his actions.” Grand State Master was not pleased, his smile appeared sinister and hypocritical. 

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