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Chen Shaoye returned, but he didn't know that he missed a monster. He said foolishly, "My name is Chen Shaoye. My boss is Chu Han. My boss-"

"Age? Gender?"

The mechanical voice interrupted Chen Shaoye, and he said unwillingly, "22. Gender? Of course, I'm a man! I'm only attracted to women!"


The round fatty was kicked off, currently, only a few people remained inside. The ranking list refreshed once again, and one more name appeared, but it was different than the others; they were written in another font, and they were silver-colored.

Name: Chen Shaoye

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Ability: Enhanced

Overall Assessment: A

Ranking: No.1

"You sh*tty piece of cr*p! You dare kick me!? Even my boss has never kicked me so heavily!" Chen Shaoye shouted loudly and even wanted to destroy the monolith that was more splendid than every modern building.

Everyone looking at the rankings was shocked after the monolith refreshed the rankings!


"What is that?"

Chen Shaoye took the first place arrogantly when he came out. The Overall Assessment was level A! Every leader, and commoner, in Shangjing's base was slack-jawed.

"Quickly! Check what the enhanced means?!"

"And who is the Chen Shaoye? Which department does he belong to?"

"Reporting! He is not in the military!"

"Not in the military? How could it be possible?!"

Chen Shaoye? They had never heard of him before.

If Chu Han was present, he'd nonchalantly say that it was no big deal, everyone would know his name in the future.

In the Chu Han's previous life, Chen Shaoye's name had spread a few years after the apocalypse, but now thanks to Chu Han, his name had spread in only two months!

He wouldn't follow the military or another power's orders, only Chu Han!

Wen Qisheng, and others, waiting outside the monolith was shocked. In their opinion, he couldn't surpass Shang Jiuti who had been specially trained but still reached third place. Chen Shaoye just took the first place domineeringly so Shang Jiuti's rank fell to No.4.

"Sh*t! Fatty Chen, you are so cool!" Luo Xiaoxiao's eyes were shining staring at Chen Shaoye for a long time.

"Bullsh*t," Chen Shaoye's arrogant nature was hard to suppress but he still did so, "That rank is thanks to my boss' benevolence and the only way I can show my respect to him. In this life, I can accept Bai Yun'er being better than me. As for others, they'd better forget it."

"Yes, you are right. Although my relationship with Bai Yun'er is not that good, I prefer her toppling over anyone else." Luo Xiaoxiao nodded and said reasonably, "My Chu Han brother is the most powerful."

Wen Qisheng and others were shocked listening to their conversation. The ranks were the one deciding who's stronger, but she still believed Chu Han was the strongest!? Was he so powerful?

"Look!" Shang Jiuti screamed, "Bai Yun'er is coming out!"

"No.?" Everyone cast their eyes on the monolith.

"No. 1?!"


The ranking list for phase-1 changed once again. Bai Yuner's name was larger than Chen Shaoye's in gold letters.

Name: Bai Yun'er

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Overall Assessment: S

Rank: No.1!

Soon Chen Shaoye fell to the second place and Shang Jiuti was in the fifth.

All leaders in Shangjing base were shocked and remained silent.

Everyone in the world engraved Bai Yun'er and Chen Shaoye's names in their mind. It was really glorious! Everyone, like Cheng Xianguo, looked at the young girl walking out from the monolith. She ignored them, and she just went to take the phase-2 test.

She entered!

Everyone was shocked!

"Sh*t!" Luo Xiaoxiao cursed, "What happened?! Did she evolve!?'

"What? When did that happen?" Chen Shaoye was shocked.

"Obviously, it happened as she was undertaking the test." Shang Jiuti was shocked as she looked at several names on the phase-2 ranking list. There was an implicit expectation in her eyes, "No matter what, these names will fall under Chu Han's name in the future."

"I agree!" Luo Xiaoxiao and Chen Shaoye said at the same time.

Cheng Xianguo and He Peiyuan's faces were red. Although they did expect Chu Han reaching top 5, it was difficult to exceed Bai Yuner's S level!

"I suggest you snap out of your delusions!" Wen Qisheng said and continued, "Bai Yun'er in an S level challenger, and she belongs to a secret organization! No matter how powerful Chu Han is, he can't surpass Bai Yun'er." Some bystanders nodded.

"Sh*t!" Chen Shaoye rolled his eyes, "My boss is absent but if he was here, he'd make you regret it."

Luo Xiaoxiao also rolled her eyes and decided not to fall in the commoners' level. Her Chu Han brother must be the most powerful in the world!

During that period, Chu Han who had entered into the alternate dimension did not know about the uproar the rankings had brought. He had never entered been there in his previous life since he was an average phase-1.

There was a dark path in front of him and two dark sides surrounding it. The monolith before him seemed really old and it was out of a human's current understanding.

The alternate dimension was different than an ordinary monolith's test; there were no illusions, only real monsters that could bleed and rot after death.

Chu Han was proceeding with caution. He selectively killed monsters, like in the ordinary monolith, but a path of blood was behind him.

Compared with fighting against ten thousands of zombies, the dozens of real monsters could not arouse Chu Han's emotions. What confused and shocked him was that the monster was extraordinary. It could not be described as a zombie. It was a variant species coming from somewhere.

He walked through a dangerous bridge. There were two reasons for its danger. Firstly, lava was flowing under it, and the high temperature weakened a phase-1's strength. Secondly, the bridge was tremulous and unstable, so he might fall down.

Besides having many advantages in the alternate dimension point, the most important thing was that everything was real. If one 'died' in the ordinary test, they'd just feel a jolt. However, dying meant 'eternal sleep' in the alternate dimension.

He had to be cautious!

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