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Chapter 19 Terrace Date (テラスデート) - Terasudeto


We came to the square and we entered the nearby café to get rest.
It is a cute shop that is small and familiar that I often come with Natta.

I ordered coffee while sitting on the terrace seat.
Tea with man, clearly it is two people.
It is such a spectacle that I can hardly believe it until yesterday.

I kept on talking to Just-kun one after another that I did not realize that I was very excited.
Even though it seems to be a talkative girl, it is better than being thought as being boring together?

"Is it seriously difficult to become a bright knight?" 

Just-kun put a cup of sugar, two cups of milk into the coffee and stirred it with a small spoon.  

Pocha. I also dropped a cube of sugar on my tea.

"Oh well. Even after graduating from school, I have to serve as a side job of active bright knight for a minimum of three years, but also depending on whether I work as a royal pensioner or a local worker, but study methods and academics disciplines are also required. Of course, I must be excellence in martial arts or I will not qualify." 

“Hmm, it is hard work, is not it?”

"I say so because I am not good at learning though"

While showing a bitter smile, Just-kun said “I am only good at swordsmans.h.i.+p”. Pocha.

"I was strong. I do not be terrified at all by ten people."

He say that while doing a gesture that swings around with a sword with both hands,
Pocha, Pocha.

"Although I say it now, actually I was pretty nervous at that time, because it was the first time I swing sword other than special training and practice. There was no guarantee that it can be used in actual war."

Pocha. Pocha. Pocha.

"It was amazing to get them down one by one. I would believe it even if you told me you are a real bright knight. I wanted to show it to my friends."

Pocha. PochaPocha.

"Oh, if you can, please do not tell the story so much…... By the way" 


“What is it?”

“Sugar, is not it too much?”

I stopped my right hand that was holding the mountain of cubes sugar.
Is it too much to put in?
Only thirteen pieces that I did not put it in yet ...

"Is, is it bad." 

"No, it's not bad, but. But I thought you were not being aware of it because I was crazy about the story."
“Me, I like the sweet one "

I guess Just-kun do not like it being sweet.
Natta and Tanya also in bitterness parties that put only about two or three cubes sugar in tea.
Jill-san like something black! Head is funny!

"I will return to the story, but since it may be possible to drop out if I strike a sword against a citizen opponent outside the campus, I would like to ask that matter to be confidentially, but ..."
"I’m understand. Of course.”

He took the risk to help.
Although it is unscrupulous, I'm getting pleased.

"I am sorry, I let you do dangerous things for me"
"Because it's in a place like that, please do not do it, okay. " 

Pu~tsu. This time I burst out.
Because he says the same thing as Natta.

"My friends said the same thing ... Look, yesterday, there is a girl using bright art technique"

Oh, it sounds like I could talk naturally.

"That surprised me." 

"Can Just-kun use bright art techniques?" 

I take care more the way I normally speak.

"I cannot do it. I cannot imagine a simple technique because I am not talented. I am not confident that I can pa.s.s the exam for baptism in the first place. Because my head is not good."                                                     

"Ah, me too, I am not good in the exam."        
"But Ruche ...... If you do your best at it, Ruche, someday I think that there is a possibility of you becoming a bright arts user ... Look, like a five-hero's saint girl Primavera-sama."  


Wa. Just-kun, he made me to hide!

"Well, that's not true, I am stupid. Because I cannot pa.s.s the exam so I cannot sign a contract to use the bright arts, if I say that I want to be the Holy Girl with the way I am in the church, they will get angry." 

No way. For me, I'm soared up. 

TL – Not quite sure about the sentences used here (私ったら、舞い上がっちゃってる)

"In the first place, I am not good at ancient languages and school are always tests about it." 

"What are you doing?" 

Suddenly, a cold voice flew from behind.
Voices with transparent feeling that you can hear.
But, like a voice desperately struggling with anger of inner feeling, voice without intonation.

I turned around, a beautiful blond girl jumped into my eyes.

It was Natta

A daughter of a blonde who jumped into my eye turned back.
It was Natta.

“A, Na……tta”

In an attempt to say h.e.l.lo that it is coincidence, I lose my voice

Because she stared at us with a scary face.

"What are you doing? Listen to me!" 

She yelled at a loud voice even now, I occasionally blocked my ears.
What? Why are you angry?
My head is confused by this unknown situation.

"You, did you not listen to me at all to what I said? It is too late if there was something wrong?"

Oh, I got it. Natta, she still misunderstanding.
In case of I think I'm being deceived, I look at Just-kun.

"It is, it is different, Natta. This is it."

Natta tries her eyes at Just.
A look that seems to bit at any moment.
That beautiful eyes are glittering burns with anger.

"I guess you are trying to hurt this girl, but I will not let you go."
"So, Natta, that's not it ..."
"No, I ... ...."
“If it is true, I’d like to divide you into eight, but I’m in the middle of the street and for this time only, so please disappear right now.

And never come closer to this girl again. I will protrude you to the guards if you do so."

Natta does not listen to anyone's story at all! 
Just-kun is also very troubled. I'm telling you something noisy!

"Go back to the isolated city quickly or do you want to live a prison life?"
"So, a little story -"
"Ru-chan, shut up."
"That, I am -"
"I do not have an ear to hear any excuses."

Natta does not have the ear to hear the words of Just.

"Because I am not so simple as to be easily deceived unlike this girl."


Sometimes I do not listen to the story, but indeed it came a bit frustrating.

Well, I am not good if I compare it with Natta.
But I'm gonna be glared at distinguis.h.i.+ng between good and bad people!
More than anything, I do not like bullying Just-kun as a bad man.

The voltage of anger is burning up high.

“Hey, let's get away quickly. What’s wrong? You should go. Perhaps you are thinking how to get out? I will not let it. Yes, time is running out. Then, call the guards –"

“Let’s do it!”

And at last it exploded.


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