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It's a short chapter. I got a little bit of time so I will release another chapter tomorrow.


A few days after that, Just-kun brought me home almost every day.

It seems that I have never hesitated to wonder whether was he truly remembered the way from the hotel to my house.

In the morning he does the a.s.signment at my father's laboratory and in the afternoon, he will come to see me for no special reason.

Both of us just walking around the city and talking about various things.

For me who speaks unilaterally, Just-kun me does show any nasty face and he will keep accompany me.

TL: For those who wonder, unilaterally means one-sidedly.

School ends in the morning because of summer vacation is near.

I am looking forward to seeing him every day.

I did not talk about the matter with Natta last week and I did not talk about Just-kun being careful though, but the story never ends as I can excavate conversation from nothing.

One day, as Just-kun came to the house, it started to rain.

"Wait, maybe you better not go outside"

"Well, if it’s okay, would you like to stay at home today?"

He gave me a promise that he wants to stay with my family.

While watching the back of Just-kun who take off his jacket and hang it on the wall, I carry the tea to the table.

I tried to get the cake out of the shelf, and I heard an interesting voice from Just-kun.

"Is it okay for me to see it?"

An old wooden acoustic guitar hanging on the wall.

He took it and grabbed the neck with his left hand.

"Is this Ruche?"

"No, it’s Dad. Just-kun, can you play the guitar?"

"A bit. It’s not good,"

"Wow! Can you play a little!"

With a hit from my hands, Just-kun stood on a chair and started playing with a smile.

Flowing arpeggio.

Every single sound resonates well compared to its old appearance.

From a calm melody reminiscent of spring breeze, it changes to a gentle up tempo.

……Ah, I know this.

"Letter of the Wind?"


Just-kun nodded.

There is no disturbance in the performance.

Fazebru’s singer, Greez’s [Letter of the Wind] is a famous song a long time ago, and there is also wind sound record in my house.


He’s good at hitting the guitar.

Something, like me too …… just a little, is it fine?


I squirrel with the performance.

When I turned to Just-kun, he looks surprised.

When I signalled "Continue" with my eyes, he hit the string again.

I sing according to the sound he plays.

♪ Io volo al luogo dove è Lei.

 I miei sentimenti non cambiano anche se non è possibile a ritorno.

 Io divengo un vento blu ed uno.

 La melodia di Suo le mie ricordi sono cantate.

 Io sarò anche capace incontrar La se fa così.

The vocal part is over and it’s time for solo guitar.

The feeling of the memory is conveyed to the wind as it will fly towards important person from faraway place.

Ja, Ja, Jan. Striking the chord three times, finish.

…..U, uwa~tsu. I sang while I was in tune but it’s embarra.s.sing.

"Wow, that is amazing, Just-kun, you are amazing."

To hide my embarra.s.sment, I applauded exaggeratedly and praised the performance of Just-kun.

But it was true that he was really good.

I have not lost to people from my cla.s.s either

After finis.h.i.+ng the performance Just-kun brought the guitar down on the bed.

My cheeks are flus.h.i.+ng for a while.

"Thank you, I was wondering what to do if I was told that I'm bad"

"No, that's not true, it’s very good"

"I was more surprised, far more that Ru….”

Just-kun killed himself.               [TL: The talk…]

"I'm sorry, I guess I'd be bothered to abandon a girl after all"

What? Even though I thought that I was getting familiar with him.

It is tough to return to the establishments again.

"How your friend called, do you have a nickname?"

Nicknamed? Even if I say, since my real name is short, my friends call me by my real name.

Natta calls me "Ru-chan", but it is just a call by childhood friend, conversely it might be embarra.s.sing.

"Well, friends are also called by name ...."

Oh no, there was.

When I was small, I only was by called Bella's sister, but the called named was shorter.

"There was something like Ru though”

Since I entered the primary school, I was ceased to be called by anyone.

I forgot the reason, but I certainly feel like I said I hated it.

Then everyone began to call by name.

"I like it, Ru. It's cute."

Eh, cute?

"I do not want it"

"U, un, I do not want it!"

"I wish it would be good, Ru. I think it's perfect for you."

Ru. I see.

U, un. Alright.

It sound pretty cute.

I was called with that nickname. By a boy, Just-kun.

What shall I do, I am very happy!

"I will return to the story, but Ru is a good singer,"

"Ah, haha ​​... I, I was still in a choral club during secondary school. When I listen to music, I want to sing a song"

No way. I, I want to fly.

"It was a very beautiful singing voice. The atmosphere changes when you are singing."

"I was often told that"

The voice at the time of singing will become a little lower if I was being conscious.

I do not think that I am so good at it, but I am delighted to be praised by him.

The cheek loosens naturally.

Just-kun was also smiling.

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