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The one who was shouting was one of the members Garuda and there were three people were barging in.

The one who was shouting was in the front. Looking from his expression, he was in a panic, crying, nasal mucus was flowing.

Zhen Yi jolted up from the chair as the three Garuda's members were shouting. She shocked and clung into Randy which in the front of her who wanted to wake her up. She was even more shocked after looking at the three panicked Garuda's members.

"Get to my back!" Randy whispered to Zhen Yi. Unconsciously, she clung Randy's back without hesitation as she had not fully awakened yet.

The three was kneeling down and crying as they were begging to Randy to help Udin and Gusti. Looking at the three, Randy knew Udin and Gusti were in a serious danger without a doubt.

Randy rushed to the man in the front between the three and picked him up in his right and ordered to the two, "You two, buy healing potions in East City before go after me later after buying the potion!"

The two lifted their head, but Randy's figure disappeared. But there was a gold paper floating in the air and fell to the front of them slowly. But soon, they heard two high pitch screams and the sound of something was cras.h.i.+ng on the ground.



After hearing that, the two immediately rose to the terrace rail, looking at the bottom of the restaurant. They looked at the big boss, landed unscathed on the ground, and the big lady boss on the big boss' back while their friend on big boss' right arm.

'The Big Boss was jumping from the fifth floor of the Happy Restaurant?' The two inwardly thought as they swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This restaurant had five floors, about forty meters high, and the Big Boss jumped and landed unscathed.

Not only the two were shocked, Zhen Yi who was in Randy's back also shocked. She didn't think Randy was so daring and jumped from the fifth floor. At first, her eyes which still half awake half sleep was fully awakened and screamed after in the air after Randy jump.

As for the Garuda's member in Randy's hand was scared almost p.i.s.sed off in the pant. After landed on the ground, safe and sound. He grew fearful toward the Big Boss, Randy.

"What else now?" The three supervisors also came out from the Supervisor Pavilion after the "boom" sound and let out an annoyed voice. After coming out, they saw the owner, again, the one who was making the commotion.

The Supervisor Pavilion was near the Happy Restaurant, only a few meters from the restaurant.

The people around the restaurant also shocked and scared. It was five floors building. They were looking at the ground where Randy landed and found three people there. One people was bringing two people on the back and in the hand.

Randy didn't care within his surrounding, immediately he rushed toward the east gate. As he pa.s.sed the three supervisors, Randy was apologizing toward them, "Sir, I am sorry for disturbing you,"

"Sure, lively today," The supervisor in the middle shook his head before returning to the pavilion. The two supervisors also shook their head before following, returning to the pavilion.

The onlookers looked at Randy which was running so fast while bringing two people with him. Soon, Randy's figure was disappearing from the onlookers' sight in the around of the restaurant.

"So, where are Udin and Gusti?" Randy looked at the man on his right hand.

"Hey, if you wanted to jump you should tell me first before jumping! You scared me!" Before the man answered, Randy heard Zhen Yi was complaining and pouted.

Instead of answered Randy's inquiry, the man in Randy's right hand nodded his head, agreeing with Zhen Yi's complain.

Randy annoyed with this man reaction, he hit the man's head with his left hand with a light knock, "Why are you nodding your head? I am asking where about Udin and Gusti!"

In the restaurant, this man was the one crying until tears and nasal mucus covered his face, begging to him to save Udin and Gusti, but now the man had time to complain about him instead of telling where about Udin and Gusti.

Zhen Yi giggled as she looked at this. Her resentment thrown away. The man also dumbfounded after Randy knocked his head and realized that he came back to Evergreen City was to seek Randy's help.

It was because of the thrill he experienced just now made him forget Udin and Gusti were in the grave situation.

"Big Boss, Boss Udin and Gusti are in Bogor Territory!" The man immediately told Randy where about Udin and Gusti.

In no time, Randy already reached the east gate and rushed to Bogor Territory direction.

"So what happened? What the situation there?" Randy asked the man in his hand while accelerated his speed which made Zhen Yi held on Randy's neck tighter while the man hugged Randy's waist tightly.

"It started... from... the early morning... after…" The man's voice was unclear as his mouth blown by the wind.

But before the man finished Randy already cut his off, "Don't beat around the bush. Just tell me what happened there before you were rus.h.i.+ng to me?"

"But… Big Boss… Can yo… uu, please… slow down… a little…" The man was bitter inwardly. He even hard to breathe let alone to talk.

Randy slowed down a little, a little. After slowed down a little, the man took a deep breath and told Randy what happened.

"We were hunting at Bogor Territory in a group from the morning and the Boss is the one lead us there. But when we reached the deeper of Bogor Territory, we met a Territory King," When the man said they met a Territory King, Randy could clearly detect the man was nervous, also fear.

Taking a deep breath again, the man continued, "The Territory King is a wolf, a big black wolf. After we met the Territory King, it immediately attacked us but it's far stronger than most of us. Despite we have hundreds the wolf still crushed us without getting injured. Even the Boss cannot handle it and later asked us to seek for your help. At the last, the boss was holding the Territory King and let us ran away,"

Randy's heart tightened. It was likely a mutated Territory King if Udin and Gusti helpless. But he could not help but cursed the stupidity of Udin and Gusti inwardly. They could ask him through the Guild Messenger but… Instead of asked him through Guild Messenger, they asked Garuda's members to call him.

"Then why you guys were hunting in Bogor Territory? Do you know the beast in Bogor Territory is a high-level beast? Far higher than yours," Randy also annoyed why they were hunting in Bogor Territory. The level beasts in Bogor Territory ranged between level fifty-five to ninety.

Hearing Randy's inquiry, the man fell silent for a while before answering Randy, "It was because we heard from Udin that the Big Boss currently looking for a wolf and a Territory King in Bogor Territory. As we felt guilty from the morning incident, so we decided to make up thing for the Big Boss by looking the wolf and the Territory King," As the man spoke, his voice became smaller and smaller.

Not only they made-up thing for their Big Boss, but they also made a trouble for him. The man ashamed.

But of course Randy didn't felt trouble at all instead he could not help but felt guilty inwardly as the Garuda fell into this situation was because of him. But he also delighted, they were trying to make up their mistake.

Randy tightened his grip on the man and hastened his speed. Finally, after a few minutes ran, Randy reached Bogor Territory. Within the man's guide, in two minutes Randy arrived where Garuda battled against the Territory King.

Randy loosened his grip, dropping the man in his hand on the ground. The situation was grave as the Garuda's members didn't listen to Udin and Gusti's order to retreat and surrounded the Territory King.

Randy could see there a few of Garuda members' bodies lied down on the ground. He didn't know if they were still alive or not. Randy dropped Zhen Yi on his back and ordered, "Check them! Treat them with the healing potion you have," Zhen Yi had many healing potions in her System Storage, Randy knew about this that was why he was bringing her here with him.

After giving the order, Randy rushed to the Garuda members which still besieged the Territory King.

The Garuda's members noticed the Big Boss arrived, they relieved as their savior was here. They made a path for Randy to enter the encirclement.

Randy rushed to inside the encirclement and saw there was a big black wolf also there were two people on its left and right that people were Udin and Gusti.

Udin and Gusti's body was full injuries, from the head to the toe. Their armor was incomplete and broken as there was a hole there and here in their armor. They also panted heavily but compared to Udin and Gusti condition, the wolf condition was much better.

No, not only much better but completer unharmed. There was even no tiny injury on its body.

Just Randy entered the encirclement, the wolf took a step forward before finally it blurred became a shadow. With a swift movement, the shadow attacked at Udin direction which was still panting heavily.

The shadow stopped in the front of Udin and the shadow form backed to a wolf again with its mouth opened wide, intending to bite Udin's head.

Udin stunned by the sudden move of the wolf and could not react anymore as he was already exhausted. In the front of the death door, Udin sighed as he thought this was the end of his life but also satisfied too. As long as his family was safe it was not a problem for him to die here as he believed in Randy would not treat his family badly.

But as he already accepted his death, there was a force pushed him and the wolf's bite missed the target.

In the front of the wolf now was different people, not Udin but Randy. Randy grinned in the front of the wolf and said with a cold tone, "Found you!"

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