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Randy approached the person in the black robe slowly. The person in the black robe took a step back as Randy took a step forward. It was clear the person in the black robe feared Randy. No, he feared Randy current form. "Step back! Step back! Or I will kill this baby!!" The person in the black robe pointed his sword toward the baby who could not even open the eyes yet. The person in the black robe threatened Randy with the baby in his hand. Randy stopped for a moment, but it seemed like he did not care with the baby on the person in the black robe. Randy continued his step and the person in the black robe also stepped back. It was visible the person in the black robe's hands tremble as the sword was shaky. It showed that he was nervous. First, the black robe realized he was no match against Randy. Second, he did not know the one in front of him and it appeared his threat did not work at the person in the transformation skill. "Give the baby back and you can leave this place!" Randy once again asked the person in the black robe to give the baby back. The black robe did not respond and he kept stepping back away until his back touched the wall on his back. He was panic and once again he tightened his grip onto the sword. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Or I will really kill the baby!" The black robe had his sword gotten closer to the baby's forehead, showing the black robe was really serious that he would kill the baby if Randy got closer to him. The distance between Randy and the black robe shortened. The distance between them was only three meters. Meanwhile, the tip sword was only a finger away from the baby, the black robe slight move could kill the baby instantly. What a joke! The black robe would never trust Randy's words. He believed if he gave the baby back, it was him who would die under the man before him. The small chance for him to survive was to hold the baby and he must use the baby for his survival. "You should listen to my words and maybe there is a small chance for you to escape!" Randy spoke once against. This time, he spoke like his usual self and it was like everything was under control. He was not panic anymore; he was no longer anxious. "If you dare to…" The black robe once again wanted to threaten Randy. However, before the black robe could finish his words, there was a pitch black palm before his eyes. And then, his vision blackened out and fell unconscious. It was Randy palm and he immediately slammed the black robe down. Afterward, Randy caught the baby swiftly. It took only two seconds to take the black robe down. The baby only slept soundly on Randy's hand. The baby did not even cry when the black robe fought against Marlin, Kiddo, and Rougher. Randy smiled at the baby and just as he wanted to touch the baby's cheek, he realized he was in Dragon Transformation form. It was a sharp claw, not his usual finger. Randy canceled his intention to touch his own child and walked toward Zhen Yi who was still leaning weakly on the wall. Noticing the situation had been stabilizing, Zhen Yi also walked closer to the pitch black creature to retrieve the baby. However, Marlin, Kiddo, and Rougher prevented her to get closer to Randy as they did not know the pitch black creature which had a resemblance with a dragon was their master. Zhen Yi rolled her eyes, she spoke in an annoyed tone weakly, "He is my husband and also your master~" A smile emerged and with Randy here, she believed the situation was under control. Even though she was still weak, but it was not hard for her to walk approaching Randy. Zhen Yi pa.s.sed the stunned trio which still could not believe what they heard just now. She walked over and took the baby from Randy's hand. "This is our baby!" Zhen Yi said tenderly as she embraced the baby who was still sleeping soundly. "I know!" Randy responded instantly hoa.r.s.ely. Zhen Yi could discern from Randy's tone that her husband was excited and happy. "But I have to take care of the people outside first and we will name our child later!!" Randy pointed out the people outside who were still fighting. It seemed the Monikia Tribe and the skeleton soldier could not handle the twenty people on the outside. Actually, he wanted to give a kiss on his wife's forehead. But then, he realized he was in the Dragon Transformation form. "Go~, " Zhen Yi said gently. Randy nodded his head and dashed out to outside. The twenty black robes outside were still fighting evenly even there were many people besieged them. Even with the help of Monikia Tribe and Skeleton Soldier, the twenty black robes could still fight evenly. However, with Randy intervened directly, he took all twenty black robes down, but he did not kill all twenty black robes. Randy only made them unconscious as he had another plan for these black robes. … Three days pa.s.sed since Evergreen City's a.s.sault, the situation was under control. Currently, in one room. Randy was sitting on a single chair and in the front of him, there was a man stuck at the wall with his four limbs stretched out. The one made the man stuck was a big nail on his shoulder and thigh. The big snail embedded on his two shoulders and thighs which made the man stuck on the wall. The man's condition was miserable and it had been three days he was stuck on the wall. This man was the black robe who tried to threaten Randy with his baby, but Randy knocked him down in two seconds. Also, Randy recognized this man. This man was the golden armor guard who delivered the absurd obligatory mission to his guild. This man was from one faction that targeted his guild and his wife, but now he realized that what that faction aimed for. They neither have actual enmity nor their target was his wife, it was his child. Yes, his child was the one they aimed for. Randy did not know what made them interested in his child, but he would know from the man before him. As for they twenty black robes, they were also the same. They were from the same group and they also had been tortured for three days since Randy knocked them down. "Tell me! Tell me who ordered you to take my child!" Randy spoke leisurely. Hearing Randy's words, the man who stuck on the wall opened his eyes. His eyes were red and he stared Randy with a deep hatred. However, the man merely glared at Randy, he did not spoke any words since the Happy Guild brought him here. Randy stood and walked closer to the man, "Never mind, it won't be interesting if you give in this early, " Randy stopped right before the man and scanned the body. The man's finger hand and toes had been cut. The two ears also had gone missing and half of his hard had been peeled off. It was Randy's doing, he had been torturing the man since two days ago. Randy rubbed his chin as he appeared to be thinking about what he would do next. After some time, Randy touched the man's pointed nose. When Randy's hand touched the man's nose, the man's body shook. The man's body trembled and fear flashed on his eyes. However, the man insisted to stay silent as he gave no response. Randy moved his hand down to the man's lip and nodded his head. It seemed Randy had decided what he would cut now. The man's body trembled even fiercer. Whoos.h.!.+ Darkness appeared in his hand and he slashed upward. The Darkness moved fast and in the flash, Randy made three moves. AAAAHHHHHHH! Afterward, the man who stuck on the wall let out a pained scream. Half of his nose fell and his lip was getting sliced neatly, the man had no lip anymore AAAHHHHHHHH! The man did not stop screaming for over thirty seconds and his eyes became even redder. The man stopped screaming as he got choked with his own blood which flowed from his lip and nose. Cough cough cough cough The man's body kept trembling fiercely, but it only increased the pain on his both shoulders and thighs. "Kill me! Just kill me! Just kill me…!" The man immediately screamed at Randy who was already sitting on his chair. "Then tell me, the name of the person who ordered you and your faction name!" Randy smiled as he responded. He did not feel bothered with the b.l.o.o.d.y wound on the man's face. "You will regret it! You will regret it! You will…" Instead of telling what Randy asked him, the man kept saying the same words. Randy also did not stay long here. After cutting the man's nose and lip, Randy came out from the room. What greeted him was another dark corridor, Randy turned toward left. He walked toward the entrance of the prison and as he walked, he could hear a scream. Most of them were begging to kill them while another scream was cursing Randy. Randy got out from the prison and there were four people on the outside. These four were the one who took care of the prison and they had witnessed the result of Randy torturing. They immediately bowed their head and did not dare to look at Randy's eyes directly. Randy did not care what these people thought of him, but he would not let the people who wanted to harm his family lightly. Killing all of them was too light as a punishment. Also, he had not gotten any information about that faction. He would keep torturing this twenty-one people until they opened their mouth about that faction. Randy nodded his head and said, "Go! Go treat them and do not let them due, " "Yes, Boss!" The four said simultaneously and rushed into the prison. The Evergreen Prison located on the corner of the city and it was rare for a people to pa.s.s here. Randy built this prison a long time ago, but it could only be used now. "Oh, it's time to lunch, I have to get back! It took longer than the usual!" Randy exclaimed. Usually, he would end the torturing session before lunchtime, but today it took longer compared to the two days before torturing session. Just as Randy wanted to head, there was a person approaching from afar. It was a girl and she anxiously ran to him. Randy recognized this girl, she was his personal a.s.sistant, and it was Zhen Yi who chose this girl to be his a.s.sistant of guild leader two months ago. This girl's name was Risa. She had an average look and she was about 1.6 meters tall. But this girl was a cheerful and hardworking girl, she also capable of doing her work. "Boss! Boss! Boss!" Risa called Randy from afar. Randy stopped and Risa arrived before him, "Boss, the representative of the Ascension Guild has arrived and they want to meet you!" It was Ascension Guild and Risa did not dare treat this matter lightly. That was why she herself rushed here to inform Randy. However, what she got was a light flick on her forehead. "Ouch! It's hurt!" Risa complained. "You can send me a message instead of running all the way here from the headquarter!" Randy said lightly and Risa stunned. Yes, she could send a message to Randy instead of running anxiously like this. Risa was in a daze as she realized that she made a stupid action, Randy's voice echoed, "Tell them to wait, it's lunchtime and I can't meet them now. If they want to meet me, tell them to wait until I have finished my lunch!" Risa turned her head, but she could not find Randy's figure anymore. Once again, she stunned as she did not expect Randy would not put his respect for the Ascension Guild.

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