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Aveline Christian, it was Randy's child name and his first child was a girl. Randy did not mind the gender, whether it was a girl or a boy, he loved both. He did not have a particular dislike to a girl or the person who thought the men was above the women like Long Tianyu did. He did not have a conservative as he did. As for why Randy chose Aveline as his daughter name. He did not have any particular reason or there was a hidden meaning behind the name. He simply thought it was a good name and he named her daughter with Aveline. The one who came up with Christian was Zhen Yi herself. No one complained about it, except a particular busybody family, Zhen Family. The day after the a.s.sault incident, they came to see the baby and Zhen Yi. They proposed Aveline should have a Chinese name too and they had prepared the name. But Randy opposed that idea, he named his daughter Aveline and it would be the only she had. Even though Randy was Chinese. Yes, his father and mother were Chinese. Randy's grandfather and Randy's grandmother were also Chinese. They were Chinese, but they had stopped using the Chinese since his father. Somehow, his Grandfather decided to not name his father with a Chinese name as they were staying outside China, Singapore. There was no particular reason for that and Randy also did not know why as his grandpa had pa.s.sed a long time ago. However, Randy still refused Zhen Yi's grandfather idea to give his daughter a Chinese name. There was no particular reason for his refusal. It simply because he did not like Zhen Family and he would oppose everything they proposed. Moreover, since the day Zhen Family asked Zhen Yi's dowry. Randy did not acknowledge Zhen Family as his in-law. But he could not say anything when Zhen Yi allowed Zhen Family to see his daughter. After all, blood was thicker than water. No matter how bad Zhen Family treated her in the past, Zhen Yi still did not resent them. When did he ask why she did not hate Zhen Family? Her answer was simple. It because of the way Zhen Family treated was bad that she could come up with a bold idea, using him as a s.h.i.+eld to destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the Dragon Dynasty and Zhen Family. Randy had nothing to say about it and he just allowed Zhen Family to see her and the baby. Zhen Family also realized Randy did not like them much, but they could also do nothing. The a.s.sault incident three days ago and the guard incident at the Happy Guild's headquarter was still in the hot topic. And the fact the Ascension Guild did not act against the Happy Guild directly despite the Ascension Guild had their men died spread out. It really shocked the whole city. It was known that the Ascension Guild was kind like a government in East City. Usually, when there was a fight between East City's resident, the Ascension Guild acted fast and decisive. However, the Happy Guild killed the guard, but there was still no action from the Ascension Guild that day. Knowing this, Zhen Yi's grandfather said nothing even though Randy treated them coldly. ... Meanwhile, the Happy Guild was still the hot topic in the forum. The thing of the dead guard at the Happy Guild's headquarter, the ident.i.ty of the a.s.saulter of Evergreen City, and the unknown pitch black creature which showed in teleportation site, Jakarta City, and Evergreen Hospital. The forum was full with the Happy Guild. Regarding the unknown pitch black creature, the people said it was the Happy Guild's beast protector. There was a rumor said it was Randy's beast pet. There was also a rumor said that the creature itself was Randy. Randy's real form was a beast, but not a human. The rumor said Randy was a beast who disguised as a human and this was why Randy this strong. He was a beast, not a human. There was a long article and currently, Randy was reading this article. He found it was interesting as he waited for the food for lunch. Actually, he wanted to spend his time with his daughter, but his mom and Zhen Yi brought Aveline walking around the city and they had not returned. Almira was the one most excited when she came to know the child was a girl. Also, she was the most nervous when the a.s.sault incident and she suffered a small attack heart at that time. Knowing Randy was back and saved the child, the nervous Almira grew even more excited. It did not exaggerate to say Almira's excitement has not died down even until today. Yes, in the last three days, it was Almira who spent the most time with his daughter. Almira even brought Aveline slept with her in the night. The reason was simple, it was letting Zhen Yi rest, and she would take care of Aveline. It was known a newborn baby fussy and would awake, crying in the middle of the night. Almira said she would be the one taking care of the baby. It was known, Zhen Yi was just giving birth and also suffered heavy injured to protect Aveline from the black robe. Randy and Zhen Yi could not refute Almira. They just let Almira taking care of Aveline. Also, Aveline was not fussy and surprisingly, Aveline was different from a normal baby. She never cried since she was born. Not only that, when she was thirsty, she would rub her grandmom or her mother chest. This was a sign Aveline thirsty or hungry and Zhen Yi would breast-feed Aveline. … Randy was reading an article about himself and there was a long theory behind "Randy is a beast" article. He felt the one who wrote this article was a professor based on how detailed description in the article. It was like a thesis written by a professor in his college in the past. It was not surprising if there were many people would believe he was a beast after reading the article. Even Randy suspected whether he was a beast or just a mere human after reading the article. The article was so convincing. He just could not believe there was someone could make this kind of article. Even though the article was wrong, but it was not completely wrong. He was not a beast, but he was a human. A human who could transform into a beast form with the help of a skill. Randy shook his head and took a sip of his coffee on the table. The coffee he drank was different from the normal coffee, the taste was like a cappuccino but there was a little sour flavor in it. He felt the taste was completely different from a coffee should be, but what he could say? The Happy Cooking Division said it was a coffee and then it was coffee. He also liked the taste and he would not make any fuss over a mere name. Just Randy put the coffee down, he heard a child and familiar's laughter. Randy immediately dashed toward the entrance and saw, his mom, his dad, his wife, his mamin-law, and his daughter in the embrace of his mamin-law. Randy walked toward his mamin-law to see his daughter, but when reached there, he saw his daughter was sleeping. He did not dare to make any noise and his hand stopped in the mid-air. He wanted to touch his daughter's chubby cheek, but he did not want to disturb his daughter sleep. However, soon, the thing on the top of his daughter attracted him. Randy saw a cute baby hat, but the hat was not the thing attracted him. It was the shape of the hat which attracted him, the shape of the hat was a koala. Randy stunned and he immediately looked toward his mamin-law. He believed this hat was his mamin-law work. Sun Xiu knew what Randy wanted to know. She smiled and explained, "Yes, I got the idea from you!" "Also, this hat is popular now!" Sun Xiu pointed toward on the top of Randy's head. The plump was still resting on the top of Randy's head. This was also another hot topic in the forum and it became a trend because it was the koala on the top of Randy's head. The others could not have a real koala as they did not know how to find it. So the koala hat was also good. Randy also helpless regarding the plump baby. The plump baby did not want to get down no matter what he did. They were chatting as walked to the villa. Just as they entered the villa, Zhen Yi remembered something and said, "The Ascension Guild's representative come and they are in Evergreen Hall, " Zhen Yi was talking to Randy. She thought maybe it could be something important and she felt Randy had to find the representative soon. After all, it was Ascension Guild, not just a mere normal guild. "The Evergreen Hall is crowded and it seems, the other guilds' informant also there, " Wisen also had a worried look when Zhen Yi mentioned Ascension Guild. He also knew Randy killed the guards in the Happy Guild's headquarter. Randy also told him that the one who sent the black robe was a faction from Ascension Guild. If it was just a guild like Dragon Dynasty or even other guilds came here. Wisen did not worried. However, this was the Ascension Guild, not just any guild. He could not help but worried as the trouble they were in related to the Ascension Guild. Randy only responded with a light wave of his hand at his wife, "Just ignore them, our lunch is more important than them! I will meet them after lunch, " Sun Xiu and Almira did not understand much what they were talking about. But they did not have a good impression of the Ascension Guild after Randy told them, the a.s.sault related to a faction from the Ascension Guild. The same as before and never changed, they always had lunch together. Randy's family, Widi's family, and Michael's family. Usually, Long Xinya would also have lunch together with them, but she had not come back yet from Australia. She also had her own task in Australia, forming a branch guild there. The merry and happy lunch lasted almost for an hour. After he finished lunch, he immediately headed toward the Happy Guild quarter. It was to meet the Ascension Guild's representative.

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