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Chapter 567 - How Should We Deal with Him

Fabai was out of cards to play! He couldn't make Jianwen his enemy. More like he wasn't even worthy to be Jianwen's enemy. He was as powerful as Master Bing and the Fire Wolves were backing him. Who'd have a chance against him? Although Fabai called himself one of the Songshan underworld bosses, he was still child's play compared to the Firewolf gang.

"Lin Yi is Mengyao's bodyguard. He's the one who drove a wedge between us." Jianwen sold Cihua a favour by pus.h.i.+ng all the blame onto Lin Yi, so Fabai could divert his anger to Lin Yi.

Fabai finally found himself a way out. He couldn't do anything to Jianwen, but things were a lot easier when his target was a mere bodyguard. "Master An, my son's a big jerk for offending you. Butcan you please return my son's kidney for Master Bing's and Cihua bro's sake?"

Return? Jianwen smirked. How was that possible? I've exported out the kidney. Did you really think that I'd keep the kidney with me for another second?

"I'm sorry Mr. Zhong. I've fed your son's kidney to the dogs in frustration. Truly sorry!" Jianwen wouldn't expose his kidney trafficking organization, so he gave a curt answer.

"Erm…" Fabai was startled, but he didn't suspect Jianwen's answer, because he knew if this happened to him, he would gladly do the same thing! What was the point of keeping the kidney anyway?

Fabai acknowledged that his luck had run out, but it was okay to lose a kidney, the only thing he should be focusing on was Lin Yi! He wanted to kill Jianwen, but he knew that he wasn't his match yet!

After he hung up, he told his son. He was the victim, so he had the right to know the truth. Fabai did his job as a dad. He warned his son not to do something reckless and to think of the consequences before acting, because he only had one kidney to spare now!

"It's more or less like that. It was An Jianwen who did it, but it was Lin Yi who initiated things!" Fabai said, gloomy.

"Who's An Jianwen? Oh d.a.m.n, I think I heard them calling him Master Wen!" Pinliang was awake. Losing a kidney was a serious concern, but he wouldn't die just yet.

"An Jianwen is one of the Songshan Four Young Masters; and Chen Yushu's brother, Chen Yutian, is the leader of the Four Young Masters!" Fabai sighed. "They're all very powerful and have strong backers supporting them. Your old man is not weak,but they're way too overpowered! Luckily, Yushu's brother didn't look for trouble from you, or else you'd have lost both your kidneys!"

He had to frighten his son as a lesson, or else things would definitely be repeated with his son's behavior.

"Ahhh!" Pinliang blanched. He recalled Wu Xiaocan's tragedy. Yutian broke both his legs last time!

"Son, you have to swallow the humiliation!" Fabai said, "We don't stand a chance against An Jianwen. He has the Fire Wolves behind him, and even Master Bing has to give him face. We can only stay silent for now!"

"Dad, I understand! I won't do anything now, but I'll never forget this grudge!" Pinliang clenched his teeth, and a look of malice s.h.i.+ned in his eyes. "Naipao will avenge me when he returns! An Jianwen, you better be prepared!"

"Yeah, that's my boy!" Fabai nodded.

"By the way, Dad, I heard you mention Lin Yi just now. How does he know An Jianwen? What did he tell An Jianwen?" Pinliang recalled.

"That kid is Mengyao's bodyguard!" Fabai said, "He was the one who reported everything to An Jianwen!"

"What! He's Mengyao's bodyguard?" Pinliang was completely stunned. When did Lin Yi became her bodyguard? They weren't even friends at school! What was happening?

"Yes! He was hired by Chu Pengzhan, watching over Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu secretly!" Fabai nodded. "We're really unlucky this time, but it's OK! We can push all the blame onto Pengzhan and Lin Yi! Although we can't touch Pengzhan, Lin Yi… is a piece of cake!"

"G.o.dd.a.m.n!" Pinliang instantly understood and almost fell out of bed. "No wonder I saw Lin Yi in Yushu's pictures! d.a.m.n, I didn't realize; that kid's always sabotaging my confession plans! I thought those were just coincidences! So the kid is her bodyguard, huh? He's pretty good at his job!"

"Son, Chu Mengyao is definitely not your type! Just give up on her!" Fabai sighed. "An Jianwen is just too powerful! Let's divert our target to Lin Yi first and get stronger before deciding on our next target!"

"Alright, Dad!" Pinliang understood that Mengyao was an unreachable desire, at least until Zhang Naipao returned! He was unwilling to let it go and clenched his teeth. "As a man, I'll endure the suffering! I'll stay low profile until House Zhong becomes extremely powerful!"   

"Yes, that's right! We'll definitely get our revenge! But for now, we can only stay under Master Bing's protection to survive!" Fabai nodded sadly.

"That's right, Dad, Lin Yi isn't weak, y'know. How should we deal with him?" Pinliang felt inferior. Heibao bro got messed up by Lin Yi, after all.

"Don't you worry, we'll get Master Bing to help us. We're not going to initiate the fight ourselves!" Fabai said, "We have to be patient. I'll have to get Master Bing's trust before asking for his help! First, I have to handle the slums and become his left and right-hand man. Things will go smoothly after that!"

"The slums?" Pinliang's eyes widened. "I have an idea! I know how to deal with Lin Yi!"

"Oh? Do tell." Fabai wasn't expecting this, but he was a little worried about his son coming up with stupid ideas. Luckily, he had lectured him earlier, or else things wouldn't go well. "Son, don't be hasty! Think before acting!"

"You don't say, Dad! I know that I wasn't cautious last time, even behaving like a kid!" Pinliang shook his head and said sincerely, "But I've really grown up after this lesson! I'm not who I was. I've gotten my comeuppance for my behavior!"

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