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Chapter 569 - Secret Theft Plans

"f.u.c.k, who else? It's all because of the kidnapping!" Pinliang spat out, "But it wasn't Chu Pengzhan who did this to me, it was someone else. You know about the Four Young Masters of Songshan?"

"Yeah, but wasn't that a long time ago? I thought the four yong masters separated," Xiaofu said.

"It was one of those young masters who did this to me, An Jianwen! Chu Mengyao's apparently his childhood friend! I wasn't expecting this, but he messed me up," Pinliang said helplessly. "I'm not getting my revenge anytime soon, that's for sure."

"Seriously? He's that dangerous?" Xiaofu blinked. "What do we do then?"

"What can we do? I'll just have to accept this and endure for now," Pinliang said evenly. "Don't you worry, this whole thing's already been handled. Nothing's gonna happen to you."

"That's not what I meant, Liang bro! I'm not scared, but he went too far! He cut your kidney out!" Xiaofu was actually quite fearful despite what he was saying.

"It's fine. We'll lay low for a bit and wait for Naipao to come back. n.o.body's gonna f.u.c.k with us when he finishes his training," Pinliang said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah, there won't be a problem when Naipao comes back! We'll be the new Young Masters of Songshan, wiping out anyone who crosses us!" Xiaofu himself was quite enthusiastic about Xiaofu's return.

"Alright, Xiaofu, you go back to cla.s.s and don't worry about a thing. We'll have to stop causing trouble for now," Pinliang said, not mentioning how he was about to get at Lin Yi through Master Bing. He was a lot more composed compared to his old self. He didn't want to risk the information slipping from Xiaofu's lips.


Donghai, Miracle Doctor Kang's villa.

Miracle Doctor Kang looked displeased. The auction this time around provided the family no benefits at all! Not only did they spend nearly all their liquid a.s.sets on one Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, they'd lost all hope for upgrading their family's status into one of the n.o.ble houses!

The once coveted Skin Beautifying Golden Creation lost almost all its value and scarcity when the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company unveiled their Special Edition Injury Medicine, they might not even cover the costs they used on the Millennium Snow Lotus!

"Grandpa, I think our relatives on Eldest Grandfather's side gave Kang Xiaobo the recipe. How else do we explain the Miracle Doctor Guan Company holding the recipe for the Injury Medicine and the special edition version?" Zhaolong said carefully as he watched his grandfather pace around the room.

"I asked, and my brother says he'd never even seen the recipe, and Kang Xiaobo doesn't have that recipe either!" Miracle Doctor Kang shook his head. "I understand the kind of person he is. He wouldn't have cut me off like this in the first place if he was after money."

"Grandpa, things change!" Zhaoming spoke up. "Eldest Grandfather didn't have any grandchildren. He didn't think that far except for himself! Now he has his grandson's future to think about. Just see how bad Xiaobo has it! Even his women are girls I've finished playing with! Eldest Grandfather wouldn't want to see his grandson live a poor life, so he handed over the recipe to him! He's only lying to you so he won't lose face."

"Zhaoming, that's actually plausible." Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. "Then what do you think our next step should be?"

"I…" Zhaoming liked to play dirty, and while thinking up tricks like that wasn't a problem for him, discussing strategy was.

"Grandpa, I think we need to start understanding just what cards Guan Xuemin has to play. First off, we need to know where they got their recipe. Second, if possible, it'd be best that we find a way to obtain the recipe for the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing," Zhaolong said. "Obviously, we'll continue with our current research on the pill we bought from the auction. If we manage to replicate it there's still hope of us becoming a n.o.ble house."

"Certainly, but how will we investigate them when we don't have our own men on their side?" Miracle Doctor Kang asked after a nod.

"Grandpa, I told you, right? We've got a huge a.s.set in our family!" Zhaolong said as he turned to Zhaoming.

Miracle Doctor Kang paused, remembering what Zhaolong told him in Yanjing. "Zhaolong, tell us what you have in mind."

"Zhaoming, I have an important mission for you," Zhaolong said seriously.

"Ah? Me? What mission?" Zhaoming wasn't feeling very comfortable under Zhaolong's stare. What was the guy talking about?

"Hit on Guan Xuemin's granddaughter, Guan Xin! How about it? You think you can get it done?" Zhaolong said, his eyes still on Zhaoming.

"Ah? Hit on her?" Zhaoming blinked and started laughing. "I can't promise anything else, but if it's. .h.i.tting on girls… leave it to me! It's what I'm best at!"

Miracle Doctor Kang wasn't sure if he should be glad or sad at this grandson of his. At the very least, he wasn't useless! The could leave unconventional things in his hands!

"Guan Xuemin's granddaughter's got status too. You'll need more effort than the usual girls you mess around with," Zhaolong said. "According to my research, Guan Xin became a nurse after graduating, but she's still quite pure. Chances are, she hasn't had a boyfriend yet. While these innocent types aren't that easy to get your hands on, once you do, they'll be head over heels for you! She'll gladly help you out even if you ask her to get you some secrets!"

"d.a.m.n, bro! I didn't think you were good at this. You seem to know a lot about girls!" Zhaoming was quite surprised. He didn't expect Zhaolong to have this much knowledge on women when he hadn't even gotten a girlfriend.

"It's just theory and knowledge. You're the one putting it into practice. In other words, it's all on you! If you manage to get the recipe, you'll be heavily rewarded!" Zhaolong said.

"Alright, brother, I don't have any skills in management or anything, but leave stuff like this to me from now on! I'm quite confident in that field, don't you worry!" Zhaoming always felt troubled that he didn't have a role to play. That wasn't the case anymore.

After confirming the basic plan, the Kangs started discussing about the research on the Pill of LIfe Extension and Toxin Cleansing.

"Zhaolong, according to what we've found, this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is different from the last one in both color and taste," Miracle Doctor Kang said. "Perhaps we got it wrong last time and brought home a pill of dog p.o.o.p instead?"

"It's possible! Maybe it got mixed up with some dog p.o.o.p in the trash, and the half that Zhaoming ate happened to be the half with the pill in it- the rest might just be pure dog p.o.o.p!" Zhaolong guessed.

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