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November 25, 2017

Vol 1, Chapter 21: Genius & Mediocare

TL: G.o.dspell

After a long, long while the disciple responsible for announcing the results excitedly shouted out: "No. 89 Xiao Chengxuan, Metal Attribute A-rank."

Even the elders, who had been sitting in the distance had their eyes narrowed down, with great alarmed hurriedly walked over.

Like a lion, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with golden radiant brilliance this old man first looked at the stone altar that is blooming out a golden Bright Flame, satisfied nodded and with a smile on his face said: "Good, today a first A rank Attribute is finally produced, Ha Ha, with this my Inquiring Sword Sect had again gained a new genius!"

Another elder came and whispered a few words in the ears of some disciples.

These group of disciples hurriedly record everything whatever that was on the altar.

Azure Sun City Xiao Chengxuan, apparently had become the focus of the

All the guards from Azure Sun City were pleasantly loudly cheering and were getting way excited by the talent of their Lord.

Ding Hao also felt a surprised in his heart.

With Xiao Chenguan's talent, it is indeed very strong, solely with this, he had obtained enough guarantee to entered Inquiring Sword Sect easily, after all, a genius with an A Rank Attribute is enough to explain everything.

Azure Sun Town Young Lord Xiao Chengxuan this name had been engraved in the hearts of many young men who have also partic.i.p.ated in the test.

The commotion caused by this stunning performance soon began to subside down and the a.s.sessment began to continue on.

Suddenly, at the front, there is another loud sound of exclamation.

A bright blue brilliance suddenly shoots out in the sky, dyed in color like water at the next adjacent test panel, a bright and radiant brilliance, no more comparable than the former Xiao Chengxuan Metal Attribute.  

"No. 90 Li Yiruo, Water Attribute A rank."

Again the Inquiring Sword Sect disciple excitedly shouted out, has noted down the result but this time from a different panel test.

Once again Ding Hao's Heart stirs a bit, lifting his eyes toward the person.

On an adjacent neighboring attribute examination test panel, the overbearing but incomparable beautiful arrogant girl Li Yiruo, wearing a pure white skirt court palace dress, her skirt swaying in the wind, similarly as if dusting off the dust from the skirt of this beautiful fairy maiden.

Her exquisite slim pair of jade-like hands are placed on the stone altar, according to the third Stone altar, a blue light is shot in the sky because of placing her hands on the altar, look more and more beautiful and moving, imitation as if a G.o.ddess is descending from the sky.

This beautiful and peerless scene suddenly attracted the attention of countless people's eyes.

Especially those who are all pretentious Young Master from all the big major influences, their eyes are deadlock staring at the girl in white dress on the stage, as if they were afraid that at this moment their heart will be conquered by this peerless beauty, even they themselves will not know when will their souls will fly there.

"Another A rank Attribute!"

"Way Too beautiful, as if she is a fairy."

"If she could smile like that at me, I'd be worth it all for my life."

Beside the test site, whether it is an Inquiring Sword Sect disciple or anyone that is partic.i.p.ating in the test, all are crazily looking at the girl on the stage, anxiously wis.h.i.+ng that they could immediately surrender under this girl's skirt.

"Didn’t think that this little girl whose mind is full of viciousness and cruelness, unexpectedly will have such high talent, same as that of Xiao Chengxuan, right, where is his cousin Li Canyang? and what about the test of the young girl Xie Jieyu?"

Ding Hao did not think that the three people he met on the mountain, unexpectedly will have two geniuses in them.

After the commotion had settled down the test went down smoothly, and soon it was Ding Hao turn.

At the test panel, first giving his nameplate to the Inquiring Sword Sect disciple to note down the number of his nameplate, then Ding Hao arrived at the first blue azure stone table, placing both his hands on the stone egg, which is used for determining metal attribute.

According to the information in his mind, before Ding Hao had partic.i.p.ated in several tests, but always he is unable to activate any one of the stone eggs, he himself does not know what attribute does he actually posses, therefore now he can only one by one take each test one after another. 

The first Metal Attribute stone altar does not have the slightest reaction, even a glimmer of glow did not appear from it.

This means that Ding Hao does not have the slightest Metal Attribute physique.

Shooking his head slightly Ding Hao, walked a few steps, came at the second nearby Wood Attribute stone altar, stretching out his both hands tightly pressed to the stone.

After more than 10 seconds, still there was no reaction.

Failed again.

Ding Hao shook his head slightly, before arriving at the third stone altar which is a Water Attribute type, again pressed his both hands on the stone.

10 seconds later, there was still no reaction.

Still fail like before.

At this time, the youths waiting in the line at the back had started to create disturbances and ridiculing Ding Hao meanly, even a few disciples organizing the test also had started to show impatient looks on their faces, their expression looking at Dinghao become ing full of sympathy.

Ding Hao did not take note of any of this, without batting them an eye, pressed both his hands on the fourth stone representing the Fire attribute.

Still, the result is the same.

The fire attributes stone dis not show any reaction.

Now there is only two remaining stone altar: first is the Earth attribute and second is the unknown stone altar.

Generally speaking, in the human body, there are many elements present like metal, wood, water, fire and earth but in these five attributes, there is one attribute that will always remain in the dominant position.

For example Xiao Chengxuan Metal Attribute represents A Rank, it clarifies within his body Metal Attribute is the most abundant, if he cultivates Metal Attribute type Cultivation Technique the result will be twice the half of the effort, but this does not mean that he only possess Metal Attribute physique, but it represents that the remaining other four attribute are suppressed by his strong metal attribute. If he practiced any other Attribute Cultivation Technique, possibly he had to spend more time on cultivating to get the same results as before or all his efforts can go to waste.

When Ding Hao who had continuously tried the metal, wood, water and fire these four tests on the stone altars, but still there is not a slight reaction to the people, this has always been very rare.

This basically means that Ding Hao does not have any Martial Dao Talent or any attribute, in other words, he is a cripple.

Ding Hao knit his brows, thinking about what should he do now.

"Hurry up, you smelly boy, do not dawdle on the time, behind  there are still so many people waiting, if you are not taking the test then hurry up and get the h.e.l.l out, you are basically a cripple with no Material Dao talent, really wasted everyone's time!"

The disciples, who are responsible for recording Ding Hao performance results, have started to scold Ding Hao with great impatience.

Ding Hao looked up at this short grumpy disciple, making a sneering sound, but did not speak, finally arrived at the front of the second last Earth Attribute Stone altar and placed both his hands up on the stone.

More than 10 seconds later and still there is no reaction.

It seems that Ding Hao also does not have the slightest earth attribute physique.

"Really unlucky, unexpectedly is a cripple without any signs of a five-element attribute, here take your nameplate and go away." 

The previous short grumpy disciple which was before stared by Ding Hao, in his heart already was angry, now looking at the results he sneers more and more, taking the handplate directly thrown it right at the face of Ding Hao.

Grasping the nameplate with his hands Ding Hao smiled and said: "And the last stone egg I had not try, how do you know that I must be a cripple?"

"Look at your this poor and ragged appearance, can you have this uncommon attributes?, I say you should just go away obediently and do not further embarra.s.s yourself with the last test, so as to avoid being disgraceful."

These Inquiring Sword Sect disciples clearly are mocking him.

Short stature, appearance wise ugly, seeing Ding Hao personal appearance which is handsome and delicate, uncommon in his heart there is a kind of envy and hate and founding out that Ding Hao is dressed in ragged clothes and had come alone, so he should not be someone from a big influence, therefore he intentionally mocks Ding Hao. 

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