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Chapter 22
Vol 1, Chapter 22: What A Genius Is?  





TL: G.o.dspell  

  "What? It's you?" Suddenly a surprised and a crisp female voice came from beside the test panel; "You are also taking the test? So, you were not a disciple of Inquiring Sword Sect? Ha Ha, you brat, aren’t you very arrogant? Ha Ha, and you were originally a cripple? Not even a little bit sign of the five attributes? Now Get Lost!"   Ding Hao looks down.   The previous young genius girl which had also just partic.i.p.ated in the test Li Yiruo does not know when appeared at the stage, after looking at him, seeing his test results, starts taking pleasure in his misfortune, she cannot help but spoke these taunting ridiculed words to her enemy Ding Hao.   "Fairy Maiden do you know this cripple?"   "Ha Ha, did you not hear? Fairy Li asked you to get lost."   "Poor and Pathetic, really is a cripple, get lost."   Some youths that are following behind Li Yiruo are trying to add fuel, seeing that their fairy seems to have a grudge against this youth on the stage and in order to attract the attention of Li Yiruo, suddenly each, one after another starts contemplating Ding Hao immediately, using all kinds of verbal abuses to insult Ding Hao.   Ding Hao only smiles, do not know why, at this moment in his heart instead feeling loose but instead suddenly become incomparably firm, ignoring them and walked towards the last stone altar.   He takes one stepped forward and pressed both his hands on the sixth stone.   Bang   In an instance, there was a big explosion as if something seems to be broke out from a coc.o.o.n.   Seeing only a bright and translucent blue light, glistening pure white such as the silver-white brilliance from moonlight, rising more and more and directly soaring up a full hundreds of meters in the sky, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with brilliance it scattered around the entire test area more than three hundred or four hundred meters in the surrounding area, looks pure and holy especially looks really magnificent ,one cannot find any words to describe this.   The whole test area immediately fell silent.   The mocking smiling face of the short and melon disciple becomes solidified, in his hand, the disc that he was holding, he didn’t even know when it fell on the ground.
Beside the test panel.   Li Yiruo is shocked.   Her pair of beautiful eyes had completely become wide open.   She has not thought that such a scene would happen.   A towering silver-white brilliance shoots up high in the sky, reaching great alt.i.tude in the sky, far surpa.s.sing the previous [Water Attribute A rank ] dozens of times, although he does not know which attribute represents this pure and holly brilliance, but without a doubt, this is Ding Hao's talent, is very far from which she can even compare herself favourably.   Those boys who had taunted and ridiculed Ding Hao, like each and every one of them had their necks ducked like ducks, their chin nearly touching the ground, all of them were completely shocked.   Now they are constantly regretting it.
Completely shutting their mouths, if possible, the words they had spoken out a moment ago, they honestly wish that they can swallow it all back. 
In order to curry a favor with the fairy, they had incredibly offended a great gifted talent unexpectedly... Their eyes truly become blind by this angel, now they had really offended this young gentleman, the only hope is that after this, this grandpa doesn’t haggle over this with us.
"What kind of rank does this attribute have?" Ding Hao takes back both his hands from upon the stone altar and calmly asked.   "Ah, this ... This junior brother,

my eyes were blind before, I failed to see ... "The Humpty Dumpty disciple seems to be as if awakening from a dream, completely starts flattering Ding Hao, directly open his mouth and starts calling him his younger brother.   At this time, this short dumpty is really regretting so much, wis.h.i.+ng that he could just bury himself in a pit and cry anxiously.   Why did he offend such a monster?   Such talent, Ding Hao is entering Inquiring Sword Sect without a doubt.   Moreover now he can obtain various resources and cultivation techniques from the sect, later he can obtain the inheritance to become a True Disciple seedling in the entire sect, how can a mere outer disciple like him can compare to him, if Ding Hao was to bore a grudge against him, then later after Ding Hao had become enough strong, inevitably he only feared that his upcoming days in the Inquiring Sword Sect will come to an end.
A strong wind caresses his face and a person’s shadow appeared out of nowhere.   All the people only see that at present, suddenly several Elders wearing silver robe who were all previously that were dozing off neatly all appeared at the NO. 1 test panel, their eyes are completely filled with brazing fire, they are looking at Ding Hao like as if a 30-year-old beggar is looking at some meat dumplings to be exact.   "Good, good, too good, ha ha ha!"   At the middle of the all the white haired old man, an old man with a very long beard with full of white hair, his beard is straight like some steel needles generally he seems to be highest in status wise, he looks very similar to an old lion with one of his eye looks same as that an eye of a leopard, gently had patted the shoulder of Ding Hao, after having a good laugh he said:” Good Boy, you really have it, cannot think that my Inquiring Sword Sect this time can actually receive a disciple with a Divine Rank Attribute, this is really a miracle in our sect, oh little guy, what’s your name?”
“Ding Hao.”
"Ding Hao? Good name, neither arrogant not righteous!” The mighty overwhelming Elder laughed madly.
Nearby about more than a 50-year-old elder in a silver robe eye's suddenly one bright, hurriedly opened his mouth to say: "Ding Hao, are you willing to acknowledge me as your Master?" I am one of the Sect Elders, as long as you agree, as for the rest of the test, you do not need to partic.i.p.ate, you can directly become an inner court disciple.”   "Hiss!"All the other boys had gasped their breath, and start looking at Ding Hao with great envy.   Several other elders in silver robe are also very eager to get their hands on Ding Hao.   "Bu’er knock it off, with Ding Hao talent, can he acknowledge you this a mere outer Sect Elder for the master, that simply amounts to waste, and you are honestly even letting him go through the next test, directly arranging him to become an inner court disciple."   The overwhelming leopard eye elder had fiercely reprimanded the silver robe elders who had just spoked.   Finis.h.i.+ng, then he turn his head to Ding Hao and remined him with a big smile: "This Old man is the Outer Sect first law enforcement Liu Wenkuang, young man, I have to remind you, do not acknowledge anybody your master, wait until the test is finished, by your talent you have enough qualification to  obtained best cultivation techniques and also later the sect will anturally choose the best master for you, if you mistakenly select the wrong person as your master, then your future may even be ruined or destroy.   In Inquiring Sword Sect, a master plays a very important role for an Apprentice, if  Ding Hao hastily acknowledges someone as his teacher, then later if he wishes to change his master, the latter can be extremely difficult.   Filled with rage Elder Bu’er is starring at the Elder.   However, Elder Liu Wenkuang status is very high in the Inquiring Sword Sect, so he does not dare to refute him in any possible way.   Ding Hao can't help heart but feel grateful in his heart, clasping both his hands and giving the elder a deep bow, earnestly saying: "Many thanks, Elder Liu for his guidance."
"Well, without a doubt talent is very important, but the more important is the heart for Martial Dao, little guy, if you want to become strong, you need to put up a lot of efforts, because of these small things, do not let yourself get over your head."   Liu Wenkuang purposely gives some more few words before himself and all the other elders to return to their respectful positions originally.   Does this does not mean that Elder Liu Wenkuang does not himself want to receive Ding Hao for a disciple?
Only he himself knew, to prevent a talent like Ding Hao to get s.n.a.t.c.hed into the Inner Court by these old fools monsters, therefore he can only mention some friendly words, to make up a first good impression with him, so later he himself can s.n.a.t.c.h him easily.
Likely Ding Hao is a genius, it is easy to become friends with him when he had not risen up to top, until the day when this young Dragon had ascended to heaven, snort these Elders of the outer court wants to s.n.a.t.c.h Ding Hao in front of him such wishful thinking, I am afraid that there is no chance for them.   The onlookers around them had already dispersed, leaving only a few small numbers to see Ding Hao life turning pointing point, their faces are full of envy.   Li Yiruo had also left early.
Obviously Ding Hao's talent had stimulated the little hot chili's self-esteem, obviously, she does not want to stay here even for a moment.   "Junior Brother ... You ... I ... That ... "   Beside the Test panel, the short and stout disciple full face is smiling obsequiously, flattering Ding Hao very much and is pointing at the nameplate in Ding Hao hands, obviously he needs the nameplate in his hand to record the results but just a moment ago he had smacked the same nameplate right at the face of  Ding Hao, now he wants it back, he is incomparably embarra.s.sed to ask it back.

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