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Chapter 23
Vol 1, Chapter 23: Another Divine Attribute  






TL: G.o.dspell     Ding Hao also did not say anything, giving the opposite party his nameplate for recording the results and after getting it back, he calmly left the test panel.   It doesn't make any sense to argue with such a villain.   …………………     At a Distance place.   There are two young men standing on the outskirts of a hundred-year-old ancient tree.   These two people clearly do not even bother to conceal their personal appearance, along with the rise and fall of the swaying branches, seeing below the flow of peoples coming out and going in the sect, including the outer sect elder Liu Wenkuang  unexpectedly is also unable to discover their existence, simply as if they don't exist, also it seems that n.o.body can sense the aura emitting from these two people.   The picture seriously is really strange to the extreme.   "Senior brother, what do you think?" Wearing a yellow tight-fitting attire, with scarlet-yellow thick long hair tied in the back of his head with a gold thread this youth name is s.h.i.+ Feizhou.   "A Divine level talent, only once six years ago, at the time of the test, had appeared after that this type of talent did not appear in the Sect."Snow white robe, on the surface a jade pendant is engraved on it, his whole demeanor is giving an icy cold feeling, his pitch black hair swaying over his shoulders, his voice sounded as if it contains some will which is typical seems to be free from the worlds rule.   Disciples in the Inquiring Sword Sect are divided into certain groups that are; registered, outer sect, inner sect. true inherited and core disciples these five ranks respectively.   These two people are the inner sect core disciples in the Inquiring Sword Sect, their strength is immeasurably deep, even far greater than those outer sect elders.   "Do you want to pull him over?"s.h.i.+ Feizhou said.   "Of course, we must win him over, even if we cannot win him over, we can not let him be picked up by that person." Leng Yixuan coldly smilingly said:"with his G.o.d-level talent, inevitably he is a perfect seedling to be trained by the sect, and moreover I see his bearing is really extraordinary, he had a very faint aura of his breath, I only feared that he had some kind of extremely powerful bloodline physique, as long as there is no accident, the rise of this boy in martial world is inevitable.”   "Accident? Does Senior Brother Leng is referring to?" s.h.i.+ Feizhou stares at his side senior brother.   Leng Yixuan keeps silent, did not speak.    s.h.i.+ Feizhou recovered his composure, suddenly revealed a slight smiled and asked him about: "Do not know that during the next test, what kind of behavior this little guy will display, I really have to see?" 
  "Forget it, let those people stare at this point." Leng Yixuan shook his head, and as he was about to say something.   Suddenly, in the distance, another explosion occurs.   Again seeing on the front of the No.1 attribute examination test bench, a very bright brilliance of a flame, shooting up in the sky up to several hundred meters, the rich and pure aura, it seems that the light produced is way more than the light produced when Ding Hao pa.s.sed the test.   The only difference lies in the color, unexpectedly it is emerald green, imitate as if a piece of verdant primitive forest suddenly from the sky directly appeared in the ground, it is filling the air with full of vitality.   Both of them were suddenly amazed to the point their mouth is hanging wide o

pen.   "Unexpectedly ... Another disciple with a divine attribute.?"     …….     ……………..       "Wow ha ha ha, what a surprise, man I really cannot think that unexpectedly I am one in a thousand born genius who actually possess a divine attribute, just this silver brilliance, what exactly does the attribute represent?"   After leaving the Attribute test panel, for the stuffy Ding Hao, it is very difficult to hide the excitement in his heart.   According to his memory, Ding Hao before had partic.i.p.ated in a lot of tests but he does not have even a slight bit revealed his extraordinary talent.   So today's change, it is very likely the experience he had experienced at that night in the back of the mountain garbage cliff in that cave very much, that submerged illusory shadow of Blade and sword in his body and also the pale black mysterious fluid in the stone pool, these are very likely responsible for the changes in his attributes within this body.   "In this way, entering into the Inquiring Sword sword should not have any problem, phew I can finally feel relieved."   The stone in his heart finally calm down, now Ding Hao does not need to worry.   Leisurely Strolling in the field before the mountain field, for the first time he is feeling a sense of belonging to this beautiful and pleasant like a fairyland gate because after this, he can get out of the slums and here he can own a place for his home.   "But I don't know how those two sisters are doing right now?"   Do not know why, in Ding Hao’s mind, the image of mysterious young girl Xie Jieyu reappeared, that pair of gloomy eyes that are enough to make the world scenery beautiful, as well as that mischievous little girl with sheep’s horn braid.   She is also partic.i.p.ating in the Inquiring Sword Sect Entering Sect Examination, actually he does not why but he knows, with her weak and light body and without any foundation in the Martial Dao, I am afraid that it is very difficult to pa.s.s the test?   "I hope that their luck is good.”   Ding Hao sighs a big way.
    …………..     In an instant, Ding Hao arrived at the third location for the next test.
Ding Hao sighed a big way.   Martial Dao in this world is established on the basis of the Profound Qi, the meridians and the amount of opened acupoints.   The number of people in the first two test sites is relatively small, with thousands of people in total. Moreover testing one’s Meridians is relatively simple, also there are no special tools for testing the meridians but are personally tested by one of the elders in silver robes of the outer court, they are tested by inputting the Profound Qi in one's body, wandering the profound qi around the whole body in a circle, basically the elders can determine the width and flexibility of the meridians in a youth's body.   "No. 756, Yao Jing, Rank 3 meridians!"   "No. 876 Ke Bilun, Rank 6 meridians!"   "No. 2243, w.a.n.g Jun, Rank 4 meridians!"   "No.178, Lao Denuo, Rank 2 meridians!"   "No. 88th, Li Canyang, Rank 1 meridians, good, very good!"   The people attending the test among them Ding Hao saw the sunset town Young Lord Li Canyang.   His conduct is extremely rational, elegant bearing and looks like a handsome young Master from a city, his meridians rank is very perfect, the silver robes elders nods with a smile, again and again, he seems to be full of praise.   The rank of Meridian are divided into total six ranks and so on.   Rank 1 is on the top, one must absolutely possess a rank 1 meridians for a better future in practicing martial arts while a Rank 6 meridians are totally mediocre, even if one were to give a divine level profound art, still it is very difficult for him to achieve success.   "Although I do not know the attribute that this Li Canyang possesses, but the quality of his meridians is very perfect, it seems that he also has some talent despite his character."   While thinking this Ding Hao, he is also filled with antic.i.p.ation of the rank of his own meridians.   Arriving at the side of the nearby Elders in silver robe, giving them his nameplate, Ding Hao is patiently waiting for the testing.   "Eh? You're Ding Hao?"The Elder in silver robe gave him an unusual look, his looked straight up at Ding Hao once.   Any news in Inquiring Sword Sect spreads very quickly.   Obviously before the news that Ding Hao body is actually possessing a Divine Rank Attribute, has reached the next test location, looking at Ding Hao the silver robe Elder att.i.tude become very warm, stretching out his finger on the wrist of Ding Hao, a very soft and gentle profound qi slowly inputs into the body of Ding Hao.   "Em?" the elder in silver robe suddenly seem to be aware of something, his complexion soon changes, straight looked up at Ding Hao then frowned slightly, then once again start testing hin once more."   Gradually, Ding Hao also thought that something is not right.   As other people test is taking only one minute for the results.   But on his turn, the silver robe elders forehead started to seeped beads of sweat, even after repeatedly injecting the Profound Qi, again and again, his facial expression keeps on changing, actually, he himself does not know what to perceive.   In the end, the elder sighed and said, "your physique ... It's really ... really strange, this old man is unable to judge... Well, this, even if this you're meridians still are Rank 2."   Saying this, he had carved Rank 2 these two characters on Ding Hao's nameplate and calmly had returned back to him.

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