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Back in Beijing, Qiao Anhao was sent back to to the Qiao house. Even though her fever was gone, her ordeal was too frightening, so her aunt and uncle insisted she stay with them for at least two days. 

Qiao Anhao wasn't able to resist, so she agreed. When the housekeeper saw her, she was unusually happy and prepared a large variety of food for every meal, preparing all the dishes that she liked. Even if her aunt and uncle were busy, they would be back for every meal, and every time, they would nag at her to leave the entertainment industry.

Even though their constant nagging may seem annoying, it warmed Qiao Anhaos' heart. The next day, Zhao Meng came over with her phone, so whenever she felt bored, she would text Lu Jinnian. 

On the third day, her aunt and uncle finally allowed her to return to Mian Xiu garden. Since they had no clue about her fake marriage, before they separated, she and Xu Jiamu were still a couple in their eyes, so on the day she left, Xu Jiamu had personally come to get her. 

Seated on the pa.s.senger seat, Qiao Anhao took out her phone to text Lu Jinnian out of habit: [What are you doing?]

Lu Jinnian seemed to be busy as he only replied after five minutes, [Meeting.] 

Qiao Anhao replied with a [Oh] before looking out the window, realizing that they were near Huan Ying Entertainment. Turning to Xu Jiamu, she said, "Brother Jiamu, you can stop at the turn in front, I need to drop by the office." 

Xu Jiamu nodded. "Do you need me to wait for you?" 

"It's okay, Zhao Meng is in the office, so she can bring me over tonight."

"Okay," Xu Jiamu replied, turning into the road ahead.

After the turn, they reached Huan Ying Entertainment in less than five minutes. Before leaving the car, Qiao Anhao seemed to have recalled something important, and she turned and looked at Xu Jiamu. "Brother Jiamu, do you still remember about ending the marriage?" 

"I remember." Xu Jiamu leaned back and laughed lightly while teasing, "Qiao Qiao, ever since we were young, when have i disappointed you? Your hurry seems like you really hate me."

Qiao Anhao laughed. "I was just reminding you!" Waving towards Xu Jiamu, she said, "I'll leave now, bye Brother Jiamu." 

"Goodbye," Xu Jiamu replied. After seeing her enter Huan Ying Entertainment, he turned to leave.

When Qiao Anhao went up, Lu Jinnian was still in a meeting. Through the clear gla.s.s, she could see him sitting elegantly, his features handsome, his expression cold. 

She couldn't help taking her phone out to snap a photo, sending it to Lu Jinnian. Through the gla.s.s, she saw him sweep a glance at his phone. His fingers swiped across the screen, and he frowned slightly, then looked out the window. His gaze fell on her. 

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