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After the directors call, Lu Jinnian didn't hesitate to pull himself away from Qiao Anhao. From head to toe, he didn't reveal a hint of tenderness and warmth that he'd just displayed on camera. There was only his cold and distant self. As usual, after filming, he left straight away.

When Lu Jinnian pa.s.sed Song Xiangsi, her head tilted and she laughed out loud without holding back.

"Our Mr. Lu's acting can sure turn pretend into reality!" she stated with a hidden meaning, purposefully emphasizing the last four words.

Lu Jinnian walked away as if he didn't hear a word she said and, not sparing her even look, left immediately. On his way, he said to his a.s.sistant in a dull voice "Off to remove the make up" and went to the make up room.

Long after Lu Jinnian had left, Qiao Anhao still lay dumbfounded on the sofa. It was not until Zhao Meng ran up calling for her that she slightly came back to reality. Even then she stood up completely out of it. Zhao Meng followed her as they rushed for the changing room.

The scene just now was indeed spectacular. Zhao Meng couldn't help but start complementing them both, but Qiao Anhao didn't hear a word. Her mind was filled with the way Lu Jinnian looked at her during the shoot, his kiss and his words...

Remnants of his kiss, his breath, and warmth lingered between her teeth and lips.

Qiao Anhao couldn't resist reaching out to touch her lips. Her face had become a little red.

When Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng entered the make up room, Lu Jinnian was already on his way out, having already finished removing his make up and changing into his own clothes.

Not yet recovered from the scene just now, Qiao Anhao heard Zhao Meng call "Mr. Lu". Only then, did she raise her head to see Lu Jinnian walking out. In an instant, her slightly red face grew even redder. She also called, "Mr. Lu."

Lu Jinnian's face carried no emotions, and his footsteps had no intention of slowing down. When he brushed past Qiao Anhao, she glanced at him. He felt her eyes rise up to him, and he looked back without any emotion at all. It was as though they were strangers. With his unwavering look, he walked away.

Qiao Anhao subconsciously turned around and stared at Lu Jinnian's back. She saw that he was back to his usual cold and distant self. He didn't reveal a hint of the same tenderness and affection he had during the shoot. It had all been just an illusion.

In that instant, Qiao Anhao's heart turned cold. She instantly woke up. Back there, it was had been all just a dream. Awake, she should come back to reality. That tenderness and affection was only for the scene.

Never for her.

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