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"Ayyy, the young were bound to surpa.s.s us eventually. I get the feeling that my position as the best screen actress isn't safe. Looks like there's no way to..." Saying this, Song Xiangsi shook her head. With a pitiful expression, she said "That evil person who took the photo, posted it up on weibo, and spent all that energy to fan the rumors to the hot topics chart had worked so hard to put others down. Ayyy. How pitiful..."

Before Song Xiangsi could finish, Lu Jinnian interrupted her with a cold look. Then, without hesitation, she immediately changed her way of speech, speaking in a righteous manner, "I hate that type of people the most. If you're going to act, just act. Is it really that fun to create stupid drama because you're bored? They're the worst. For every one found, they should be ruthlessly tortured..."

Before she could finish though, Lu Jinnian interrupted in a quiet voice, "What I just said to you, you'd better hold your tongue. Don't tell anyone, or else..."

Lu Jinnian hadn't finished his threats when Song Xiangsi copied his previous action and cut him off. "What did you just say? Do you want to repeat that one more time..."

Lu Jinnian didn't utter a word. Deep down inside, he'd always trusted Song Xiangsi, or else he would have never asked her for help.

He said "I'm off", but just as he was going to open the car door to leave, Song Xiangsi's phone suddenly rang. Then she let slip, "Qiao Anhao's calling!"

Lu Jinnian furrowed his brows and sat back down.

Song Xiangsi's fans were as powerful as Lu Jinnian's fans. The post she had just posted on weibo instantly shot up to the hot topics.

Zhao Meng was first to notice Song Xiangsi's weibo and then called Qiao Anhao to take a look.

Song Xiangsi maintained good relations.h.i.+ps in the entertainment industry. With her post, the director for "Alluring Times" quickly chimed in to clear things up and back up the story that they were only discussing the script yesterday. Many cast members immediately took advantage of the situation to share and comment on the post to get on the director's good side. In the end, even Lin s.h.i.+yi acted sincerely by sharing it on her weibo to clear up the matter.

In an instant, what would have been pages of hate messages about Qiao Anhao became a hot conversation about Song Xiangsi and Lu Jinnian. It worked so well that people started to hate on those who fueled the rumors.

The situation was inexplicably resolved. Qiao Anhao looked strangely at Zhao Meng, who was even more confused. They couldn't understand why Song Xiangsi would chime in to help when she wasn't close with Qiao Anhao at all.

But for whatever reason, the situation ended up well all because of Song Xiangsi. Out of courtesy, Qiao Anhao had to call her.

The phone call was picked up very quickly. Qiao Anhao soon heard Song Xiangsi's clear voice.

"Miss Qiao? What's up?"

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