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Qiao Anhao asked Lu Jinnian for the variety show deal on purpose. As of late, the variety show had been Lin s.h.i.+yi's best form of publicity. If the show was to be taken by the person she hated the most, thinking about it... wouldn't that just be extremely devastating?

Qiao Anhao looked for a chance to reveal this news to Lin s.h.i.+yi. Before she could even find one, opportunities came knocking at her door.

In the TV series, Song Xiangsi and Lin s.h.i.+yi were love rivals, and Qiao Anhao was an old friend of Song Xiangsi's. Today's scene happened to be with all three women.

The scene, more or less, described the moment when Song Xiangsi and Qiao Anhao met up for coffee, and as though enemies were destined to meet, they b.u.mped into Lin s.h.i.+yi. A dispute happened between Song Xiangsi and Lin s.h.i.+yi. For Qiao Anhao, she was only in the background, now having much to act.

The scene was shot from three in the afternoon in a charming cafe that the crew set up last minute.

Song Xiangsi was the first to enter the scene. She sat in the cafe, waiting for Qiao Anhao.

When the cameraman filmed Song Xiangsi's scene, Qiao Anhao and Lin s.h.i.+yi stood to one side, waiting for the director's signal.

Zhao Meng couldn't hold down her temper. Even though she knew Lin s.h.i.+yi was the one who had spread the scandal, she couldn't brazenly expose her without evidence. So, when she saw Lin s.h.i.+yi standing nearby with her head up high, she couldn't help but say to Qiao Anhao, "Qiao Qiao, who do you think spread those nasty rumors about you? How vile!"

Qiao Anhao instinctively looked over at Lin s.h.i.+yi, who stood nearby. She smiled and said, "It could be anyone you want it to be... Nevertheless, we should really thank her. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I'm now, among the top ten most searched on Weibo."

Even though Zhao Meng was riled up, she wasn't stupid. Upon hearing Qiao Anhao's words, she immediately nodded and chimed in, "That's right... Nowadays, even if you try really hard to boost someone's popularity, you won't necessarily be successful. Whereas, Qiao Qiao, you only had a few thousand Weibo followers, but the whole thing blew up and you coincidentally managed to reach millions..."

Zhao Meng pulled out her phone, opened Weibo, and pointed at Qiao Anhao's profile pic. She said, "Look! You're about to reach ten million!"

Qiao Anhao didn't reply. She only turned her head and shot a smile at Lin s.h.i.+yi, who stood nearby. Qiao Anhao's smile was very beautiful, but it clearly revealed a slither of taunting and mockery.

These days, Lin s.h.i.+yi's mood was particularly bad. She thought that after taking those kind of photos, it would be the end of Qiao Anhao, but it didn't turn out as she had imagined. Suddenly, Song Xiangsi came bustling in.

It ended up that she, Lin s.h.i.+yi, had actually worked so stupidly hard to help Qiao Anhao. Not only did she not crush her, she helped to boost her popularity.

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