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Lu Jinnian passed the keys over to Qiao Anhao, only turning to leave after she was out of sight.

He was completely unaware that, not far away, someone had witnessed the entire scene.

Qiao Anxia took a week off. She had wanted to take a vacation in Maldives, but her boyfriend Cheng Yang was busy filming. Frustrated, she had complained to him on the phone, and instead, he had suggested for her to visit him on set.

Having a vacation alone seemed too boring and staying in the city didn't seem like a holiday, hence she agreed.

Coincidentally, Cheng Yang had to sign a contract in Huan Ying Entertainment that afternoon. He picked Qiao Anxia up and brought her along with him. He drove into the underground parking underneath Huan Ying Entertainment and parked his car. The minute the car stopped, Qiao Anxia turned over to the driver seat and threw a hand around Cheng Yang's neck, giving him a deep kiss.

Cheng Yang circled her waist with one hand and stopped the engine with another. Right when Qiao Anxia was about to pull away, he reached over to haul her over into his embrace, deepening the kiss.

They kissed for about three minutes before finally separating. Cheng Yang smiled, panting slightly. "There there, any more and you won't be able to leave the car."

Qiao Anxia stuck out her tongue, trailing kisses a short path across his face before releasing him. She looked into the rear view mirror and started putting herself together. She arranged her slightly disheveled hair and touched up on her lipstick. Just then, she spotted a familiar red Porsche.

The car was a limited edition, there was only one in the entire world. Her father had specifically gotten it for Qiao Anhao for her twenty fourth birthday.

Qiao Anxia hurriedly turned, preparing for Qiao Anhao to come down. She was about to call out to her, but Lu Jinnian stepped out from the driver's seat.

Qiao Anxia swallowed the "Qiao Anhao" that was about to come out, suspicion clouding her vision. Just then, Qiao Anhao left from the other side, walking towards Lu Jinnian. The two of them seemed to be talking while she received the car keys from him. Afterwards, she returned to the car and left.

Lu Jinnian stayed in the same spot for a long while, staring in the direction that she had left. Curling his lips slightly, he seemed to be smiling when he took elegant strides towards the elevator.

Lu Jinnian had a car, so why would she send him here?

Qiao Anxia clearly remembered that the two of them weren't on best-friend terms... When did they get so close?

She frowned, sinking into deep thought.

"Xiaxia, Xiaxia?" Cheng Yang called out as she stared at the rear mirror in a daze. When she didn't react, he reached out and tapped her head lightly.

Qiao Anxia snapped out of her daze, turning to look at Cheng Yang. "Huh?".

Cheng Yang replied warmly, "Hey, stop dreaming, lets go."

Qiao Anxia nodded, hurriedly applying the lipstick before stepping out.

"Why were you in a daze?" Cheng Yang held onto Qiao Anxia's hand, pressing the button on the elevator.

Qiao Anxia was back to her original glamorous state. She shook her head and brushed him off, "Nothing much."

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