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In his actualised dream world, a golden fruit was floating in mid-air, and it was covered in the glow from the countless runes on it.

"This... doesn't seem like a spiritual fruit!"

Fang Yuan thought to himself.

The white flower could only be considered as 'half spiritual'. Leveraging on the way plants grow, it mimicked it to enter the world.

The most direct way to prove this theory was the fact that his own botany skill did not improve.

"Based on common sense, a spiritual plant which was able to attract the heaven's attention should be enough for me to achieve a breakthrough in my Botany, right? But now, it seems like there are no changes..."

Fang Yuan looked at his own stats window. "The only explanation is that the stats window does not consider it to be a spiritual plant?"

Fang Yuan examined the golden fruit closely.

It was concentrated with runes on its surface like stars in the night sky. The runes were arranged in a specific manner, but it was unknown as to what message it was trying to convey.

Furthermore, just by looking at it would make his eyes dazzle.

"It's alright. I'll look up on information on it when I return to Da Qian. From there, I might get some information..."

Fang Yuan looked up to the skies which were clearing up and turned around to leave. "Our three months are up. Since he had asked me for help here, I will have to return to meet up with Feng Xinzi to hear about his plan..."

After living in seclusion for two months before returning to civilization, Fang Yuan realised that Lie Country had ended up in a turmoil.

Fires were burning everywhere and there were fights among the soldiers. Even the peaceful lake was pushed into unrest as the dwellers made preparations to leave anytime.

"What happened?"

As he arrived at a city, he took out his knife-shaped coins and randomly asked a person on the streets who appeared educated.


The scholar was around his 40s and had a goatee. He was wearing a pale green robe and it seemed like he was drinking to drown his sorrows. With a long sigh, he replied. "The country is unfortunate with a series of disasters... Two months ago, the Golden Dragon G.o.d was killed and there was unrest at the Golden Dragon Lake. The Lie Country continued to pressure and the two brothers of the king of Lie Country, Lord Chunhe and Lord Huixing gathered their troops to rebel. There were rumours that they had obtained the dragon's realm energy and took over ten cities, killing the imperial soldiers and are now starting to take over the capital!"

"Such a thing could happen?"

With The Qin Yi's memories, Fang Yuan was rather familiar with the happenings in Lie Country.

The lords here had their own pieces of land and their own private army. However, if they were not of the royal family, they would not be approved of power and status.

Lord Chunhe and Lord Huixing were strong contenders with influence and troops under them. With a sense of justice, they could cause trouble for the country if they led the rebellion.

"This feels weird..."

Fang Yuan took out a string of coins and chased the scholar away. There was a look of suspicion on his face. "Although both of them will benefit in the short term, the people under them would lose their homes and would hate them. Could they be frenzied? Wait a moment..."

There was a glow in his eyes. "Could it be that... Feng Xinzi and Yu Tianlao were behind all these? That's right. With this explanation, everything would make sense! His big plan would be to..."

At this point in time, Fang Yuan's eyes glittered. He quickly rushed towards Lie Country's capital.

The capital of Lie Country laid on a piece of flatland. The city walls were tall and surrounding the city was endless plots of farms.

But now, there were fires everywhere and smoke filled the air. There was a campsite set up just outside the city walls and the soldiers were sleeping with their weapons. War could happen anytime.

Not just that, in the daytime, soldiers would go out and harvest from the farms. It was evident that they wanted to cut off their food supply and had the intention to trap them for a long period of time.

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