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Chapter 1561: Where Hope Lies

Jian Chen frowned. He would never have thought that the people from the World of Forsaken Saints would possess such a great background, originating from the Saints' World.

"Fairy Hao Yue, are the Spiritsages in the Saints' World very powerful? Since the World of Forsaken Saints has origins in the Saints' World, why are they invading our Tian Yuan Continent? With my understanding, the people from the World of Forsaken Saints have been there for an extremely long time. If they are from the Saints' World, then their Origin realm experts would have ventured to the other world already. Why do they remain there?" Jian Chen asked.

After a while of silence, fairy Hao Yue replied, "The Spiritsages are a great race in the Saints' World and possess great strength, but due to some reasons, many large sects and clans in the Saints' World attacked them, so they suffered heavy losses. Both of their Grand Prime ancestors fell, but the Spiritsages are still a force to be reckoned with. They're definitely not people our Moon G.o.d Hall can offend.

"At the same time, the people from the World of Forsaken Saints are only extremely similar to the Spiritsages. I'm not certain they're actually part of the Spiritsages from the Saints' World. It's just that the Spiritsages are far too powerful. As long as there's the slight chance that they are, I'm not willing to take part in the battle.

Fairy Hao Yue spoke sternly. She really feared the Spiritsages. The Moon G.o.d Hall could not afford to provoke such a powerful foe.

Moreover, even if her Moon G.o.d Hall did not fear the Spiritsages, there was no reason for her to turn on them. She was not from the Tian Yuan Continent. Even though she had remained there for quite some time, she held no feelings for the continent. There was no difference if humans occupied the Tian Yuan Continent or the Spiritsages did.

"Fairy Hao Yue, if the people from the World of Forsaken Saints really are a part of the Spiritsages, will it become a hidden problem due to my enmity with them?" Jian Chen asked.

"Your enmity with the World of Forsaken Saints is like a child making some noise before the Spiritsages. After all, they're a great race, so why would they go as far as to fuss over someone who hasn't even reached G.o.dhood over some small matters in a lower world? That is unless a descendent of some important figure dies in your hands, but that basically never happens, and even if it did, the Spiritsages can't do anything to you because the war G.o.d of the G.o.d clan is among you. The G.o.d clan is a peak clan in the Saints' World. When they were founded by the War G.o.d, they were known as the greatest organization in the Saints' World. Even if the great war G.o.d of the past has fallen, forcing the G.o.d clan to lose their t.i.tle as the greatest, they're still not an existence that any large sect or clan can afford to offend."

Jian Chen knew that persuading fairy Hao Yue to partake in the battle against the foreign world was no longer possible, so he ended his conversation with her and left.

"Jian Chen, the seal in this world will vanish soon. At that time, the seal leading to the Saints' World will disappear as well. In my current state, it's extremely difficult for me to go to the Saints' World. I'll need your help then. You'll need to take my divine hall to the Saints' World. As long as there is origin energy, I can use a secret technique to rebuild my body in the shortest amount of time possible." Fairy Hao Yue's voice rang out once more.

Jian Chen paused. He knew that his relations.h.i.+p with fairy Hao Yue was not full of friends.h.i.+p. They were just partners in a deal at most. Fairy Hao Yue had taken You Yue as her disciple because she saw potential in Jian Chen. To return the favor, he would have to take fairy Hao Yue to the Saints' World.

Jian Chen was obviously willing to agree to such a deal. It was just that the threat of the foreign world still lingered. Even if the seal to the Saints' World vanished, he could not leave at ease because he had too many friends and family here. They had the power to protect themselves on the Tian Yuan Continent, but they would not be able to preserve their lives once they ventured to the Saints' World.

As a result, it was impossible for him to take all his friends and family to the Saints' World. They would remain on the Tian Yuan Continent, so before he left, he needed to create a safe and lovely environment for them to live in.

"Fairy Hao Yue, we have known each over for many years, so you should understand me a little. Do you think I can easily leave without completely dealing with the matter of the foreign world?" Jian Chen inquired.

"You can take all your friends and family with you to the Saints' World. Once we're there, I'll recover very quickly. At that time, I'll obviously be able to protect your friends and family. And to pay you back, I can open the gate to the G.o.ds' Necropolis so that you can enter the G.o.ds' Necropolis Microcosm. If you cultivate in there, you'll quickly reach G.o.dhood with your talent," added fairy Hao Yue.

Jian Chen gently shook his head. He did not agree to fairy Hao Yue's suggestion. Jian Chen had considered taking all his friends and family with him, but he did not believe they would be safe. After all, the experts in the Saints' World were as common as clouds and held all the power. Even if he reached G.o.dhood, he would find it difficult to protect the people around him.

Moreover, he was born on the Tian Yuan Continent, was a member of the humans, and was revered as their greatest expert. He carried the hopes of all of the humans on his shoulder, so how could he just leave by himself and abandon them, leaving them to face danger all by themselves?

At the same time, Jian Chen did not believe that he did not have the power to deal with the foreign world. His strength could skyrocket in a short amount of time by absorbing the Yinyang Saint Rock. The sword spirits had told him that if he absorbed all of the rock's power, he could even reach the ninth layer of his Chaotic Body.

According to the strength he gained each time his Chaotic Body progressed to a new layer, just his personal strength would reach G.o.dhood if he reached the ninth layer, even before factoring in his other powers.

The only problem that troubled Jian Chen was that he could not absorb the powers of the Yinyang Saint Rock by himself. He required Shangguan Mu'er's support, or he would just be seeking death.

After leaving the Bright Moon Divine Hall, Jian Chen remained in the city lord's estate, keeping You Yue and Bi Lian company. Jian Chen had not allowed them to take part in the battle. They were very important to him, so he would be remain pain for the rest of his life if they died in battle.

In reality, even if they took part in battle, they would not be any great help. They severely lacked battle experience and were not as experienced as the Saint Rulers and Saint Kings who had lived for thousands of years.

"Brother, the foreign world is so powerful and the divine hall from Mercenary City cannot always remain there. If the Spiritking from the foreign world smashes through the divine hall, what'll happen?" Bi Lian asked, full of worry. Since her status was special as Jian Chen's sister, she knew many secrets.

"Don't worry. The supreme divine hall from Mercenary City can block the tunnel for a few decades at the very least. At that time, we might not need to fear the foreign world anymore," Jian Chen smiled. There was no worry on his face. However, he was mulling over the fact that he probably should talk to Shangguan Mu'er.

"Sister Bi Lian, you have to be confident in your brother. Your brother's experienced countless storms of blood and been through an innumerable amount of problems. In the end, weren't they all resolved by him? I believe the threat from the foreign world won't be able to trouble Jian Chen for long." You Yue sat beside Jian Chen and hung onto his arm. Her face was filled with happiness.

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