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"Excellent!" Marc Gavin nodded again and again. "I also heard you are a Level 9 Demon Fighter?"

"That was a million years ago!" Fabreidis patted the back of Marc Gavin. "He is now a Level 1 Demon Capturer."

The man was shocked with a funny twitching beard! He glared with cattle sized eyes and remained speechless for a long time. "Level 1 Demon Capturer? I must be in a dream! How old is this kid? When I was about that old, I had just become a Demon Fighter!"

"You can try it for sure if you do not believe me!" Fabreidis encouraged the bear man in an urging way!

Marc Gavin could not completely wake from the shock news that such a young man should become a Demon Capturer! It was shocking enough even if he was a genius! What was this young man made of? Was he a monster or a bloodline warrior?

"Try it?" The chunk body swayed a little and the Warrior Power had directly reached the realm of Level 1 Demon Capturer! Marc Gavin clenched his five fingers into a jar-sized fist. "Show me what you’ve got when we are on the same level!"

Qian Jin had been dealing with Demon Beasts these days in the Endless World and the freshness was already gone after the first few encounters. Now he was completely familiar with their attacking habits and weaknesses. He had grown bored already!

He was still unable to tackle a stronger Demon Beast though he wanted to fight against different powerful opponents! Since he found it uninteresting even fighting against his buddies together, the trainer these days had been Fabreidis only and now he could finally meet someone intriguing!

"Why not?"

Qian Jin took the challenge without any hesitation and in a second, he activated the 108 Energy Reservoirs into the realm of 10,000 cycles! The two legs were like flexible steel spears and the stone plate under his feet was trampled into a small piece of ruins by the backward thrust.

Speed! Qian Jin had become fully aware of the importance of speed after the continuous fights in the Western Mountains! The strength of Level 1 Demon Capturer suddenly burst out of the body to set the high-speed movement in motion! His clothes grated the air and a whining sound issued out of the friction like a ba.s.s horn blown on the battlefield! Rosella couldn't figure out how he moved up in to Marc Gavin that fast!

The lowered body was thrusting forward like a moving gra.s.s snake and a wolf running in dark! The hands were hidden in the waist suddenly poked out, causing a harsh piercing sound! And, there was a shadow!

So fast! Marc Gavin was shocked! How could just a Level 1 Demon Capturer be so fast? Qian Jin was using the [Dividing Metal Multi-Chops]! Yes! The unique Fighting Technique of Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline! How could this be? How could an ordinary warrior be capable of a Bloodline Fighting Technique?

There was nothing but shocking light in Marc Gavin’s eyes! The Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Technique was famous for the blending force and speed which could cut through metal!

Between the unthinkable seconds, the hulk had not the time to scold Qian Jin for attacking without a notice! He injected Warrior Power into the abnormally st.u.r.dy arms which again soared to rip off the clothes! At the same time, his muscle snapped into bursting sounds and in a moment, they looked like real steel pillars! Putting his hands in front of his chest, a huge steel gate blocked every attacking point for Qian Jin! Marc Gavin rotated his right elbow into the air and smashed aiming at Qian Jin’s head from the top down like a big hammer!

Taking a condescending position, the elbow moved in a shorter distance! In this way, Qian Jin would not be able to move faster than the opponent if he had to break through the defense and then initiated an attack. So he slightly tilted his body to the other side as he made a slant cut with his right arm!

A dull blow broke out as the arm and the elbow collided! The two bodies waggled at the same time but didn’t retreat a little! Both tried to grab the weather gauge as they used their bodies to resist the strength of the collision!

What the fu*k? How could such a young b.a.s.t.a.r.d know how to resolve the impact with his own body? Before Marc Gavin's contracting pupil could be dilated, Qian Jin had started another attack!

Neither had Qian Jin stepped back nor taken back his arms! Instead, he initiated a circular hacking using the elbow as the center! The Level 4 [Dividing Metal Multi-Chops] was played out without any reservation! A consecutive cut was formed in such a short distance!

A most destructive hacking should have always been a move set off by the whole arm! But this technique only needed the forearms to get twice the result with half the effort! Therefore the user could take the speed advantage of a quick attack without losing the slightest strength because of the particularly strong fighting technique and the arms of Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline Warriors!

The sullen sound had not stopped yet and a raging storm was set off again between the two! For Fanta Kunge, the two arms of Qian Jin’s had already become a s.h.a.g carpet! It was extremely difficult to distinguish which one was real and which was not!

Fifteen cuts in one second! Everyone was real but also fake!

Qian Jin almost scared the s.h.i.+t out of Marc Gavin! It was the first time he had seen such advanced [Dividing Metal Multi-Chops] for real! Rumor had it that even some of Iron-Arm Mantis Bloodline warrior who had gone through the first bloodline awakening might not be capable of this!

Just at the surprising moment, the fifteen cuts were suddenly blended into one! Withdrawing his right arm, Qian Jin drew a circle in front of the chest with the palm and then flicked it! The fifteen cuts in an instant converged there and the momentum reached the peak! The body slightly moved up and down while the two arms went together as one aimed at the heart of Marc Gavin like a ferocious dragon out of the water!

Suddenly, the murderous sense on the battlefield arrived at the culminating point! After spending so many days on the West Mountain, Qian Jin still had not worked out the way of merge [Dividing Metal Multi-Chops] and Land Tearing Chop together! So he decided to connect and link up the two skills as fast as possible!

This blow, [Fifteen in One Land Tearing Chop], was actually another variant technique transformed from the two blended together. Qian Jin had figured it out with the unorthodox learning method he was using to since time immemorial!

The hand was like a sword and the arm was the handle! Anywhere he went on the Human-Demon Battlefront, there would only be corpses under the five feet long blade! How great was that?

Besides, Qian Jin had also added some dominating essence of Zhanmadao, which helped with the successful integration!

Suddenly, the clouds of war returned as if the yard had become a Human-Demon Battlefront! Qian Jin moved forward with a strong blow, of which the potential bloomed to its greatest!

"So dominating?" Marc Gavin finally understood why there were only praise words when Torrent Ten Warriors and Zachery talked about this young man! And they had never got the measure of this kid! He was much stronger than in their descriptions!

Marc Gavin did not have the time to condemn the folks who had provided false information at this critical moment! He directly raised his Warrior Power to 4,500 cycles and the muscles of the two arms immediately bulged and span like a huge s.h.i.+eld to block the coming a.s.sault!

Without hesitation or concession, Land Tearing Chop hit the target right on the arms as the 10,000 cycles Warrior Power broke out, followed by a collision roar of muscles and bones! The two violent forces. .h.i.t together like two heavy cavalries crashed with a high-speed impact! Everyone felt a slight vibration under their feet as the tile floor had long been shaken into ashes!

Another shock came along with a burst of pain in the arm! The Level 1 Demon Capturer Warrior Power of Marc Gavin was completely broken up as Land Tearing Chop rushed in like a wild torrent!

Fu*k! Marc Gavin could not stay where he was and started to activate the rest of his Warrior Power! Level 2 Demon Capturer Warrior...Level 3 Demon Capturer Warrior..Level 4...Level 5...Level 6!

Bang! Qian Jin’s Warrior Power was finally blocked out of the surface of Marc Gavin's arm. The Level 6 Demon Capturer Warrior Power was so violent that Qian Jin had to step back eight steps before coming to a stop!

"Fabreidis, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You lied to me!" Marc Gavin relaxed his arms which were in great pain caused by Land Tearing Chop and shouted, "This kid, he is not a Level 1 Demon Capturer at all! The impact? The quality of his warrior power? He is at least a Level 5! And I say, his warrior power speed is at least 10,000 cycles, right?

"You son of a b.i.t.c.h! I didn’t lie to you!" Fabreidis laughed with a bending back and hands clutching his stomach! He kept patting the thighs and shouted: "Don’t you dare to say that he is not a Level 1 Demon Capturer!"

Marc Gavin stared at the young man dumb-founded! In terms of the volume, Qian Jin was indeed a Level 1! But the problem lied in the speed and the quality! The two problematic attributes mixed together, forming into an absolutely Level 5 Demon Capturer impact and lethality!

But, to Marc Gavin, the most horrible thing about the kid was the calmness he got! He quietly stared at the young man who looked even a little excited out from the fight! How intimidating his combat capability was!

How intimidating his effectiveness was! The time and position of his very shot were simple, direct and accurate like a fighting machine, which served his strength and lethality perfectly!

A powerful opponent was not as fearful as a smart one who was able to exert his power to its best! Marc Gavin secretly recalled the situation when he had entered Level 5 Demon Capturer! And he doubted the possibility of beating this young man, who was to be regarded with respect!

One could practice his Warrior Power but not the real fighting ability! Marc Gavin could not understand how the young man could be equipped with such efficiency like he had grown up on Human-Demon Battlefront! But such an eventuality was impossible!

And the momentum! The young warrior had not even made half a step back during the whole fight except in the last minute Marc Gavin was forced to use Warrior Power of a level higher! Qian Jin had been doing one thing and one thing only, moving forward!

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