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Conflicted Hearts

‘Ah~’ a repressed moan came from the bed.

In the darkness, Jiang Chuwei bit her finger. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was panting. Her legs were parted and a large body was between them. His head was up against her centre teasing her soft flesh petals with his lips and tongue.

She didn’t understand, wasn’t the man between her legs supposed to be staying in Qingling palace tonight? Why was he in her room? Climbing into her bed while she slept? (Zuben: No one will do but you?)

Xiahou Yin did not understand it himself. He clearly was intending to eat dinner and spend the night at Qingling Palace. Qing Fei waited on him while he bathed. Then she undressed and looked at him.

Everything was fine, but he was absent minded.

The beautiful body that had always evoked his desire suddenly did not attract him. Before the temptation of Qing Fei, he was unmoved.

In his mind’s eye, an ordinary face appeared. Not beautiful at all. A proud un-gentle gaze. The figure was not curvateous. But he could only think about her.

It was h.e.l.l. Xiahou Yin kissed Qing Fei, but he was soon bored. He could only compare Ong Fei’s kisses to the fierce kissing of that woman. Just an exquisite touch of her tongue to his, so very seductive, could inflame him easily.

d.a.m.n it!

He broke off the kiss hastily much to Qing Fei’s surprise and told her he had a matter to attend to for a short while and quickly left Qingling Palace.

His steps unconsciously brought him to Fengyi Palace. He saw the woman who made him feel uneasy sleeping peacefully without care.

She was unaffected, she ate well, she slept well; in contrast, he was like a fool.

He almost shouted at her in anger, he ripped her night clothes off waking her. Her first sentence was,

‘Xiahou, how come you’re here?’

Why was he there? He would also like to know. He felt crazy.

The guileless expression on her face made him angry. Why was she so calm when all he could think about was her?

He kissed her little mouth angrily, not wanting to hear what she had to say. He caressed her body - teasing her, wanting to prove something.

He parted her legs and buried his face her moist centre. His hot tongue lapped at the fine velvet and pa.s.sed down to the fleshy petals below.

As an Emperor, he had never done this to any of the Imperial concubines, they usually served him and cater to his desires. He had never needed to do such a thing.

But with Jiang Chuwei, it was not the same. He liked to explore her sensitive body, to tease her with his fingers and his tongue, to make her writhe and moan. Her pleasure gave him a sense of conquest. It was only in these moments, did he feel she belonged to him.

Only then did he feel like he could hold on to her.

He latched onto the tender flesh; the entrance of her flower was damp under his ministrations. He sucked hard, he could see her chest make in excited bounce. Her moan was broken.

Her reactions gratified him. He pushed his fingers into her v.a.g.i.n.a and the warm slick flesh tightened around him and his long fingers were drawn in deep.

He sucked on her engorged pearl, grazing it with his teeth as his fingers curled inside her tender hole constantly sensitising her.

‘Don’t…’ she cried was her body arched and tears fell from her eyes. She bit her finger weakly to keep from moaning, ‘Don’t touch me there…’

This sensitive body could not withstand a little teasing, but he continued to attack her most sensitive place.

‘But you’re swallowing my fingers here,’ he said as his fingers moved in and out of her tender meat feeling the provocative flesh. He licked her petals and drew more nectar from her, ‘you obviously like’re so excited.’

His long fingers pumped her and her sweet honey was stirred up.

He licked her core and sipped some of her dew. He drew his finger out of her and covered her with his body. He put his fingers in her mouth and fed her own dew to her.

This metamorphosis! (Zuben: I have never understood the use of this word)

She stared angrily at him but her mouth was filled with the provocative flavour of her juices. This pervert always played with her body just to see her lose control for fun.

His finger went back between her legs still teasing her, his thumb was pressed against her love pearl and the love juice was flowing out dampening the bedding beneath her.

Her lips were covered with his and his breath tickled her. His teeth grazed against her soft lips. His black eyes were filled with l.u.s.t as he said lewdly, ‘Wei, you can bite me with both your mouths.’ His finger stirred inside her love hole.

‘Ah~’ Chuwei moaned and her body arched. Her tender meat tightened clamping around his long fingers and she was instantly lost to the wave of climax.

He stared in admiration at her expression when she came, it was so charming. Her ordinary face became beautiful and attractive in this moment. She fascinated him.

He pulled out his finger now that she had relaxed around him. Her sweet dew flowed. The fleshy petals were slightly parted, revealing the beauty of her. He lifted her right leg onto his shoulder and put his hard manhood against her v.a.g.i.n.a. With his strong and narrow hips, he thrust into her.

The tender flesh that was still in the throes of a climax got excited by the sudden fulfilment. The walls clamped around him strongly. His strong body hummed with tension because of the pleasure. He pulled out and forcefully thrust into her.

She was moaning because of him. Her pet.i.te body trembled beneath him. Her tight flower hole deeply absorbed him. He stared into her eyes and he was reflected in them.

Yes, her body was his and there was only him in her eyes.

Xiahou was satisfied. He pulled her up and turned so she was riding him. This position made him go deeper and her v.a.g.i.n.a tightened around him.

‘Oh~ Xiahou~...’ she cried and she bit her lip to stop herself. She grabbed his shoulder. His hand held her waist as he continued to slam up into her.

She was almost blown away by him. His burning manhood went deep. His black eyes stared at her as though he wanted to master her soul.

Her heart leapt in her chest. (Zuben: It isn’t leaping already?) She could not understand why he wanted her like this.

Xiahou pulled her in for a kiss, ‘Wei…’ whispered gently, like the heat in her body wanting to consume her.

She panicked, she wanted to retreat, but his hand held her fast. His tongue plundering her mouth deeply.

This woman made him lose his cool. It shouldn’t be like this; she was just a novelty toy. He should not care so much.

But...he couldn’t seem to control himself.

Was this a man’s self esteem? The more she was dismissive, the more he cared. The more she saw him as nothing, the more she delved into his heart.

Her presence was out of his default and she occupied his mind. But only he was affected, she was still free. Her freedom was hateful. Her need for freedom made him want to tear her down and bind her tightly.

Whether it was the need to possess her or something else, Xiahou only knew he could not lose her.

‘Wei…’He called again before kissing her deeply watching her gradually sink under his kiss and her love hole around him got even wetter. He smiled.

He turned her over again, so her legs were up against her shoulders. He filled her fiercely, making her moan and sob in pleasure beneath him.

Since he could not enter her heart, he would not let her go!

Whether she wanted to or not, he will not let her go. He would make her stay with him forever - never want to leave. (Zuben: Yandere in the making?)

‘Wei Wei...’

‘Ah…’ she moaned as he was getting deeper and deeper like he wanted to absorb her into himself. Chuwei trembled from too much pleasure. Her flower hole was twitching, she could hardly bear the pleasure, she cried out, ‘Don’t…’

Her mewl of mercy was swallowed by him. His fiery tongue enveloped hers. As he kissed her he f.u.c.ked her more violently than before.

‘Wei Wei…’

She was his!

Chuwei felt like her waist was broken.

Not only her waist but her muscles and bones were sore like she had been split into several pieces and put back together. She could not get out of bed.

Xiahou that metamorphosis went crazy last night. His actions were rude and arrogant, taking her like a s.e.x doll, so savage in his possession.

Her body was full of evidence of his enthusiasm; bite marks, hickeys. Although with her skin tone you really couldn’t see the hickeys, but the bites were obvious. Staring at the bruises on her wrist, Chuwei wanted to kill him.

She could not understand it. She hadn’t provoked him, so why was he venting his anger on her? Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be staying at Qingling Palace? Why was he climbing into her bed in the middle of the night?

Did Qing Fei not satisfy him? Or had he developed a special taste for Su Xiurong’s dry body? (Zuben: But, it is no longer Su Xiurong’s body, it is now yours. The magical s.e.xy body isn’t coming back) But how could that be? If she was a man she would certainly choose Qing Fei.  She had everything; full bust, narrow waist and pert high b.u.t.tocks. She was also a beautiful woman. If anyone had eyes in their head, they would choose Qing Fei.

As for Su! With her face and dry flat green bean body, Chuwei had completely “cut heart”!

Was it that Qing Fei her was angry with? This is strange; when there is a debt, there is a loaner. If Qing Fei provoked him, why didn’t he go and find her to settle accounts. Why did he come to her? Did she feel good to bully and pressurise? (Zuben: Yes…)

Thinking of Xiahou’s pressure, it was very good. Chuwei was very uncomfortable.

Mental case! He was the one that wanted to go to Qingling Palace. Although, when he said he was going to be spending the night at Qingling, Chuwei had to admit to herself that she hadn’t been happy. But she was only a Mimi - she did not stop him.

If he wanted to go to other palaces to die, it was his business. It was best that that pervert did not entangle with her; because of him her days were not calm. When the concubines came to do the due diligence and greet her, they just came to attack her. This group of women taking advantage of Su Xiurong’s timid personality did not take her position seriously. On the surface they were respectful, but their words were full of gunshots and stones. So sour!

But to Chuwei, these women were like clowns. She listened to their sour words with a smile on her face, she wasn’t hurt. As a person who was protected, what would she be upset about? Chuwei was used to jealous people since she was young.

It was just that these women and their monkey show were getting tiresome, they could only think of many insults so they were always repeating themselves. Zero creativity! It had begun to annoy her.

Was it because they were envious of Xiahou coming to her? If they want him, they could have him. Keep that coloured embryo from coming to drive her crazy.

She ma.s.saged her arm. She was so sore she didn’t want to move. If that Xiahou Yin comes over tonight and dares to touch her again, she will kick him out. (Zuben: Hmmhm?)

Just you wait, she would bite him first out of spite! (Zuben: Sure sure)

Because of him, she was lying in bed like a loser. She was holding a new pillow - very soft. Chuwei liked to hold soft things while she slept and at night, she usually held Xiahou. But when he leaves her bed early in the morning, he would force this soft pillow into her arms, so she could continue to rest.

This pillow was made especially for her by Xiahou. It was stuffed with sun dried tea, so she could smell a faint fragrance of tea when she held it. Chuwei liked it very much.

She buried her face into the soft pillow. She wasn’t conscious of the fact that she was being pampered by him, she just wanted to retaliate and toss over that stupid guy.

‘Niangniang!’ ChunXi called, rus.h.i.+ng in nervously.

‘What?’ she replied drowsily. With her soft pillow, she was beginning to feel sleepy.

‘That...Qing Fei is coming.’

‘Qing Fei?’ Chuwei was instantly awake. She turned to look up at Chun Xi.

‘Yes, Qing Fei said she had make some cakes and wanted to invite Niangniang to taste them.’ Chun Xi was very nervous. Xia Xi had gone to get lunch and she had been left alone to look after their master. Who would have predicted that Qing Fei would suddenly want to visit? She was shocked. All the times when the other concubines have visited, the most favoured Qing Fei would not attend.

‘Cakes?’ Was she really that polite? She thought of that high nosed, self aggrandising woman who never even spared her a glance; yeah right! This time she had made the cakes herself. How hard was it to put poison in cake in this era? (Zuben: Very easy, if Chinese web historicals are to be believed.)


Chuwei felt like this would be fun. She really wanted to know that Qing Fei wanted to do, ‘Chun Xi, help me get dressed.’ She said as she tried to get out of bed, but her aching body protested, ‘Oh s.h.i.+t!’ she swore. Her body hurt so much. Xiahou, you are a dead man!

Chuwei grit her teeth and got dressed with Chun Xi’s help. She casually tied her hair up into a half bow. She lay casually on the divan and covered herself with snow white fox fur. She took some warm tea from Chun Xi and lifted her chin indicating she was ready for her visitor.

In a short while, graceful and n.o.ble Qing Fei entered. She was wearing a flamboyant purble dress that made her looked very beautiful and refined. In contrast to her, the Empress looked bleak.

Chuwei drank her tea and did not rise - she was the Empress, why should she welcome her? It was merely Qing Fei, she lifted her eyes slowly.

Qing Fei smiled; it was gentle and graceful. Chuwei also smiled and then continued to drink her tea,

Qing Fei had not expected Su Xiurong to take this kind of att.i.tude. Rather than rising to meet her, she had a look of annoyance but she did not move.

‘Qing Fei pays respect to the Empress.’ she greeted want to be seen understanding her place. She bowed gracefully to Su Xiurong, but her manner was still arrogant.

‘Rise!’ Chuwei said as she put aside her tea bowl. She rested her cheek on her hand and glared at Qing Fei.

Compared to the arrogance of Qing Fei her att.i.tude was sloppier, like she did not take Qing Fei seriously.

‘I heard you made the cakes yourself.’ Chuwei said.

Before the other concubines, she usually was a lot more polite, but with Qing Fei - she wanted to destabilise her. She truly had nothing to do with a certain someone leaving Qingling Palace last night. It was just that this Qing Fei was not pleasing to the eye.

Qing Fei on her part could not help but be surprised, was this the weak Su Xiurong? She was not afraid of her at all. Because she now had the Emperor’s favour so her att.i.tude has changed?

She was puzzled but it didn’t show in her expression. She took the porcelain platter from her palace maid’s hands and handed it to Su Xiurong,

‘This almond cake was made by Qing Er, I want to invite the Empress to try it.’

Chuwei let Chun Xi take the platter. She glanced at the pastry; it looked like a delicious almond crisp. She wondered if there was dirt or spit or something more sinister in it. She didn’t dare eat something so fishy. With this thought in her mind she smiled and said, ‘We have troubled Qing Fei, Bengong and the Emperor will taste your craftsmans.h.i.+p later.’

Hou! At that remark, she saw Qing Fei’s expression change slightly.

‘The Emperor has been staying in Fengyi Palace recently. The Empress must be happy to receive the favour of the Emperor.’ Resisting the bitterness in her heart, Qing Fei’s tone was still gentle.

‘Yes.’ Chuwei replied putting on a shy smile. She threw back her hair to reveal the love bite on her neck, ‘But sister must be very lonely recently?’

Chuwei stared at the other woman eagerly; she couldn’t believe she would still be smiling after that remark.

Qing Fei gaze was drawn to the mark on the right side of Xiurong’s neck as she listened to implication in her words. The graceful smile on her face could no longer hold up.

Since she entered the palace, she had received the love of the Emperor, and everyone around sucked up and flattered her. So what if Su Xiurong was Empress? The Emperor loved her the most.

She had thought that even though the Emperor was being good to Xiurong lately, it was only to appease the Dowager, soon things would return to their proper place.

Last night, when the Emperor finally returned to Qingling Palace, she happily prepared everything to his liking and comfort, to secure his favour. But all of a sudden the Emperor left, she could not help but feel wronged. And then she was informed by one of her maids that the Emperor had been seen leaving Fengyi Palace that morning. This really shocked her.

She hadn’t expected that the reason the Emperor would leave Qingling Palace was Su Xiurong. How was this possible? How could her charms be compared to Xiurong?

She was shocked and angry; the woman she despised had won and taken the Emperor’s favour from her. How could she accept that? (Zuben: Gracefully…?)

So, she had decided to come to Fengyi Palace to see for herself. On entering, she noted the tea set on the table was rare green glazed flower porcelain. The snow-white fox fur on the chaise longue had been presented to the Emperor by the messenger of the Yi people in tribute to the Emperor. Through the open doors to the inner rooms, she saw strings of precious south sea pearls and emerald agate on the dressing table. Even the phoenix jewels in Xiurong’s hairpins were rare.

It looked as though Su Xiurong had obtained the deep favour of the Emperor. Even she had not been so pampered.

Qing Fei stared at the ordinary face before her, it lacked any beauty. Her skin was swarthy like charcoal. There was nothing attractive about her compared to Qing Fei, so why did the Emperor like such a woman? (Zuben: Her winning personality?)

In just a few months, how could the Emperor change so much?

Ong Fei could not believe it, but the facts were before her eyes. Yet, she could not be reconciled to it; how could Su Xiurong compare to her?

She must regain the Emperor’s favour.

‘Well, if the Empress can give birth to the Emperor’s heir, it will be the blessing of us sisters, it's just…’ Qing Fei bit her lips and sighed and sighed.

What did this woman want to say? If she was pregnant, who could it be their blessing? What did that really mean?

Chuwei did not understand what she was getting at, but she knew Qing Fei was plotting something, yet she could not resist asking with curiosity, ‘What are you trying to say?’

Qing Fei glared at her but it was quickly covered up, with a slight hesitation she said softly, ‘It just that, Empress, you haven’t fallen pregnant all these years. Not only the Ministers, but the Empress Dowager and the Emperor must also be anxious. Qing Er wants to ask the Empress to persuade the Dowager to change her idea?’

‘What is this idea?’ Chuwei was still not getting it.

Qing Fei thought she must be stupid, and she derided her coldly in her heart, but her face remained gentle, ‘The Dowager decreed that until the Empress gave birth to the first child, the other palaces must not get pregnant. But we have not heard from you, hence, if we want to get pregnant for the Emperor it is not clear. Qing Er boldly asks the Empress to convince the Dowager to change her mind…’ (Zuben: How was telling her this going to regain the Emperor’s favour?)

What?! Chuwei was stunned stupid; the ringing in her ears deafened her to the rest of what Qing Fei said.

Until Xiurong gave birth - the others could not? What was this? How come no one told her?

No wonder that Xiahou Yin did not have half a child till now. It was because Xiurong had never conceived!

No, it wasn’t that Su Xiurong could not conceive; it was that she was not in favour. Now that she was gone, the current occupant of her body was Chuwei. This was not her life…

Chuwei froze when she thought of what she and Xiahou have been doing these past few months; her rationality broke. (Zuben: When your flower was accepting everytin like the Atacama desert, you forgot that it would bloom.)

That d.a.m.ned git!

Xiahou Yin...she wanted to rip him to shreds!

Chuwei raced to the Royal study, she was so angry she refused to pretend to be Su Xiurong.

At the door, she saw Yongfu standing in attendance.

Yongfu saw her angry face, ‘Empress, you…’ he began to say.

But she leaned closed and whispered menacingly, ‘Get out of my way!’

Disregarding Yongfu’s look of shock, she licked the door and strode in.

Xiahou had heard Yongfu’s voice before the door was rudely kicked in and Chuwei was rus.h.i.+ng up to him.

‘Xiahou Yin!’ Chuwei was so angry she slammed a hand on the table near the doc.u.ment he was reading, ‘You dared fool me.’

‘Wei Wei, what is the matter?’ he asked with a frown still studying the doc.u.ment. He did not understand what would be making her mad. When did he fool her?

If she was angry because he did too much last night, well that was her fault. Who taught her to make him unhappy!

‘What is the matter?’ Chuwei screamed, ‘I want to ask you, what did you do to me?! Why didn’t you tell me that you, this a.r.s.ehole, haven’t given birth to any children, not because you can’t but because you won’t? All the concubines are taking a contraceptive soup brewed by the doctor!’

And she hadn’t known about the soup. She was taken by Xiahou every day, but she never drank even the residue of the soup.

‘And only Su Xiurong could give birth to the first child. Why didn’t you tell me about it?’ (Zuben: It never came up?)

Xiahou finally understood. In the face of her anger, he went calm. He raised his eyebrows and said, ‘Was it necessary to tell you?’

Chuwei was blind with anger, she could not believe what she had just heard, ‘What do you mean?’

Xiahou said plainly, ‘You are my Empress.’

‘I am not!’ she replied slamming the table, ‘You know I am not. I am not Su Xiurong, I am Jiang Chuwei.’

‘But isn’t this body is Su Xiurong?’ he countered with a smirk, but his eyes were not smiling. Her att.i.tude annoyed him.

Did she not want his children? Did she hate him so much that she wanted to escape from him?

Never! He would never allow it! She would not defy him again and he would not let her go.

‘Jiang Chuwei, whether you want or you don’t want it, as long as you are inside Su Xiurong, you are my Empress.’ She would never get rid of the ident.i.ty.

‘You!’ Chuwei shook with rage. She knew that what he said was the truth. This body was indeed Su Xiurong, she was only the soul. She wanted to give up and give in...but she also did not!

What did he treat her like this? Why?

‘Xiahou Yin! You can’t use Su Xiurong to control me!’ she was so enraged she picked up an ink pot and threw it at him, Xiahou dodged but his clothes were still doused in ink.

‘Jiang Chuwei, haven’t you caused enough trouble?’ Xiahou shouted back also completely ignited. Was this because he had been too indulgent? Letting her climb in his head completely?

‘Not yet!’ she shouted louder than him. He thought she would be afraid of him because he was fierce?!

‘Let me tell you, I will not give birth to a child for you. I will ask the Dowager Empress to rescind the decree. You can find another woman to help you have a baby!’

She turned ready to head to the Dowager’s palace, but her wrist was suddenly caught.

‘Do you dare?’ Xiahou grabbed her and caught both her wrists in his hands. He hadn’t expected that he disliked him so much. It made him completely irrational.

‘Why don’t you try me and see if I dare!’ Chuwei proudly lifted her chin in defiance, and struggled to get out of his grip.

‘Chuwei, don’t challenge me. Don’t force me to lock you up.’ He threatened. He used force to hold her. He was so angry he could kill her, but he was also afraid she would hurt herself struggling against him.

d.a.m.n it! Realising he still wanted to protect her despite all this made him annoyed; this heartless woman was simply not worth it!

‘Why would you lock me up? Let me go, Xiahou! Let go!’ Chuwei was so arrogant she wanted to resist him in this moment. She did not care for anything. She didn’t want to be at his mercy. She didn’t want to be Su Xiurong. She was Jiang Chuwei. She was not Su Xiurong!

‘Let me go! Let me go!’ she shouted, she was about to open her mouth and bite him when her vision darkened and her tense body softened.

Xiahou was shocked at the sudden collapse, ‘Wei Wei!’ he called. He hugged her to him; her body was cold and her head was clammy, ‘What’s wrong, Wei Wei?’

Chuwei tried to shake the dizziness off, and tried to push him away from her, but her head was getting more and more dizzy, she could not muster her strength.

‘Let…’ she tried to say but she pa.s.sed out.

If characters just admitted to themselves that they were in love, we would not have this much fun being frustrated with them. But do you think Chuwei's excuse is valid? She thought he was shooting blanks despite being wrong in her a.s.sumptions many times already?

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