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Book 3 Chapter 22.4 - The Ignorant Don't Feel Fear

An attendant that couldn't keep up rushed up the second floor, but when he saw the situation in the room, he cleverly decided to immediately withdraw. 

Ricardo made a slight gesture, and then the banquet hall's lighting dimmed. A myriad of candle lights seemed to brighten at the same time, and then the sound of music began. The melodious violin and gloomy cello formed a beautiful evening mood. 

Two glasses of aperitif wine were brought under the cheerful music, and at the same time, a large rose flower was brought over. This originated from the olden era, an original rose that had never undergone the slightest genetic change! In this era of turmoil where there was radiation everywhere, it went without saying how expensive a stalk of pure and original plant was. 

The wine and rose were placed in front of the woman's face, and then it immediately lost color. Next to her, even an original rose paled in comparison. 

Only, if one looked at her a bit longer, one would notice that the expression on her face didn't change in the slightest just like a statue. A skilled sculptor could make his work appear to possess life, while this living beauty instead only gave off a cold and mechanical feeling, like a piece of lifeless steel. 

"My dear Miss Helen, it is an honor to meet your distinguished self again. I wonder if this environment brings you any satisfaction?" Ricardo's attitude and tone were completely in accordance with that of the olden era's nobility. However, what was regretful was that its extravagant and romantic dinner that could move the hearts of most women in Dragon City didn't seem very effective on Helen. 

Helen replied unenthusiastically, "I'll know if it is satisfactory after I've eaten."

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Demon Hunter Volume 3 Chapter 22 Part4 summary

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