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Book 4 Chapter 3.2 - Unexpected Blade

In reality, Kaplan was quite clear on the fact that abilities could be trained again, but there was no way they could be trained back to their original level. Lute's spiritual touch was an extremely rare ability that was quite outstanding in alley fights. When he saw Persephone return to the northern base alone, Lute immediately had the idea of using his ability to see what was wrong with Persephone and find out why she would return alone. 

Originally, Kaplan only felt that this was a bit inappropriate, but he didn't stop Lute. He needed to learn about Persephone's current state as well, and he didn't fear the consequences of being sensed. After all, there were still more than ten dragonriders in the northern base, and they were all directly under Kaplan. Even if conflict truly broke out between Persephone and himself, Kaplan was still rather confident in winning. It might be too hard to capture her alive, but injuring and forcing her to retreat was still doable. 

However, Kaplan never expected Persephone to have such terrifying mental force, to the extent where she even had oppressive counterattack means! Could it be that she was also hiding high levels of Mysterious Fields ability? However, the files clearly said that Persephone only had multiple eighth level abilities in the Combat Domain, as well as a few low level abilities in the Magic, Perception, and Mental Domain suitable for combat. 

As he watched the dying Lute, the ashen faced Kaplan had already regretted his action who knew how many times! Not completely trusting the information dragonriders reported was common sense, but not even the normally cautious Kaptain expected Persephone to have such high level Mysterious Fields abilities! This was not a question of talent, but rather that it was almost impossible for her to have that many evolutionary points! 

As of now, almost everyone that had some authority and status within the Blood Parliament's range of influence knew that Persephone was no longer a general, as well as the news of Su's order of arrest. Even without much political brains, one could guess that Bevulas, who was known for his lightning fast ways of doing things, would definitely not let Persephone go. When faced with the choice of a general without the support of a family or the Blood Parliament's chairman, a person who even had a bit of intelligence would know what to do. 

Those that could become a general weren't stupid, and Kaplan believed himself to be a smart and prudent person, so he obviously knew who to choose. In addition, Kaplan was the one that oversaw the northern base, and the order he received from Bevulas was for him to think of a way to keep Persephone in the northern base, at the very least for two days. Two days later, an armed force specifically for dealing with Persephone would arrive at the northern base. Before then, the second thing Kaplan had to do was infuriate Persephone so that Bevulas had another reason to deal with her. 

Even if it was Bevulas, it was impossible for him to, after stripping Persephone of her military rank, randomly take action against her when she didn't partic.i.p.ate in Henry's death. This was only anger all Black Dragonriders. 

Upon seeing Kaplan's wishes that were somewhat hesitant and cowering, a dark cloud pa.s.sed Lute's face. He suddenly said, "Uncle, you cannot forget the great chairman's request! Persephone and the Holy Crusaders had fought each other for so long, so once she flees to the mountains, what chance is there in catching her? Since we already provoked her, we definitely cannot ruin the great chairman's matter because of hesitation!"

"But..." Kaplan was still hesitation. His naturally cautious self was definitely not willing to fight heads on against a general well known for her power and forceful methods, even if he occupied several advantages. Since Persephone was able to hide high levels of Mysterious Fields ability, there might be some other abilities as well. Even though he knew that this wasn't likely at all purely from a simple mathematical count of evolutionary points, anything could happen in this d.a.m.n world. 

"Uncle, don't forget the great chairman's promise! We can obtain the entire north with a single stroke! However, if we lose this opportunity, would the great chairman allow your distinguished self to stay in the northern base?" Lute shouted. 

If the chances of success was higher than fifty percent, then it couldn't be considered a gamble; Kaplan consoled himself. In his opinion, he had at least a seventy percent chance of success. This statistic didn't satisfy his prudent self, but just like what Lute said, if he allowed Persephone to escape, then there was a hundred percent of losing everything. This was an extremely simple multiple-choice question. 

Kaplan suddenly stood up. He called over his own guards and somewhat brazenly gave the order to mobilize forces. He ordered all of the dragonriders under him to immediately hurry to headquarters to await dispatch. 

An ear-piercing alarm sounded through the entire north. Off-road vehicles headed towards Persephone's residence one after another, and then large numbers of fully armed soldiers leapt off the vehicles. The streets were blocked off, and snipers occupied all of the nearby high points. Wire netting stretched along the streets. Only during the most intense battles against the Holy Crusaders would this type of rare scene be seen.

These warlike preparations were made just for the unarmed young female general within this extremely delicate villa. Moreover, in six days, she wouldn't even be a Black Dragonrider generals anymore. 

However, the reason why a general could be a general, apart from a tremendous amount of contribution, great combat strength was also indispensable. Unlike Kaplan who used his brain to gradually construct his status, Persephone, while not lacking intellect, used even more barbaric methods of war to strengthen her own position. 

Not only Kaplan, but all of the dragonriders around the villa also knew that cutting off the streets, snipers, tanks, and various other methods were only for the sake of helping ordinary soldiers remain calm. Against Persephone, they were all completely ineffective. When the true battle began, the main battle would take place primarily between Kaplan and Persephone. Higher ranked dragonriders might perhaps be of limited use, while lower ranked dragonriders were just meat s.h.i.+elds and cannon fodder. Even if they managed to capture Persephone, of the 16 dragonriders currently present, not even half would still be alive afterwards. That was why even though Kaplan never gave the order to attack, everyone sensibly and quietly got into their positions, as well as set up all of their defensive measures. 

There were 16 dragonriders, among them including one general, two colonels, and four other higher ranked generals. They were all trembling with fear, as if they were facing a great abyss, all for the sake of a young woman they all claimed to look down upon.

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