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A/N: This concludes the third arc.

A month passed since the war ended.

Emperor Westoria, after putting down the civil war, dispatched aristocrats from his own faction to the land of the aristocrats and nobles who joined with Prince Reis and General Rago.
The state of Germanis is split and ruled East and West. Imperial nobles were arranged to monitor the former Kingdom nobles who betrayed the Kingdom.
The state of Kirishia is divided North and South. The Northern Kirishian Governor's Office is in Claris, while the Southern Kirishian Governor's Office is in Alto. Since the North-South Kirishia surrendered before fighting, unlike the Germanis, the autonomy of each city-state is protected. The domination only remained in the stationed military troops.

「Although you say independence, it's still in the control of the Empire」
Haruto noted while reading the Imperial law adapted to Claris. The bill changes if the country changes. In Claris, there was some confusion due to the newly enforced Imperial law.

「The first is the status system and coins. Well, there's no choice」
Roa sighed. It's no wonder that they must accept the laws of the Empire since they're dominated.

Second class citizens disappeared from Claris. The second class citizens are those who don't pay taxes. This is a system that holds true for merchants who want to get cheap labor because it agrees with the interests of the lazy who don't want to pay taxes and poor people who can't pay taxes. But the Empire does not condone such an unknown system. No thinking circuit allows tax evasion.

Next, the Dorian currency is abolished, the Romano currency has become the official currency. However, Doria did not lose its value. For a while, it will be a combination of Doria and Romano currency.

「Even so, it's a progressive taxation system. It's troublesome」
Haruto mutters. The Empire's tax system is a progressive taxation system. If the taxable income rises, tax to be paid will increase accordingly. Haruto will be taxed as much as 30%.
「Well, the sales tax has disappeared……」
Roa gave a bitter smile. However, the sales tax is initially 3%. It has not been reduced at all.

「The Labor Protection Act is more troublesome. What this about the minimum wage of workers should be 100,000 Doria」
Roa has a face that says she does not understand. The wages Haruto is paying for each worker is 40,000 Doria. In other words, personnel expenses will be doubled.
「Well, I guess it's not wrong as a policy. Even if the personnel expenses are doubled, we have enough financial resources that our operations won't stagnate. And as the middle-class increases, soap sales also increase, so it's not wrong」
Haruto is not pessimistic about the Labor Protection Act. It's because he believes that the more middle class there is, the more productive the economy will be, and the easier it will be to do business. Especially since the purchasing layer of soap is the middle class, so it should come back as profits if they're patient.

「Why are you so agreeable? 」
Roa watches Haruto with a mysterious face. Haruto replied with a smile.
「My country also has a progressive tax system, and there were laws to protect workers too. Don't you think the system before is more abnormal? 」
The economy of the country called Claris is made up by some rich people rolling up wealth from the lower class. Even if it's alright now, there will come a time where it will go down someday. It can be said that it's good that they can change the system before that.

「Besides such a thing, I'm more concerned that the soap is considered a luxury item. The luxury tax is a pain」
The luxury tax is a tax on luxury goods designated by the country. It's like a consumption tax in Japan. It's the consumer rather than Haruto who pays for it, but since it's a substantial price hike, the burden is also taken on by Haruto.

「I think ordinary soap will fall into the frame of daily necessities. I have never heard of luxury items below 1,000 Doria. Let's meet the governor-general. We can cooperate with each other at times like these……because we are in an oligopolistic state」
Roa uttered a very extravagant problem. Haruto was able to succeed so far since there's no competitor with Haruto's commercial company.
「But it doesn't change what we have to do. Shall we continue to do our best in the future」
「Yes! 」
Roa responded in high spirits. The put her hands on her pocket, taking out a white thing.

「By the way Haruto-san! Look at this. It's soap」
「E~tto, so what? 」
「Here! There’s no brand. That means it's not our soap. Nor is it from Samaras Chamber of Commerce」
The soap sold at Asuma Chamber of Commerce is branded with a horse. To suppress resale and also for publicity. It's also to prevent bad products from being sold as from Asuma's Chamber of Commerce. Samaras Chamber of Commerce is also branding for similar reasons.
However, the soap that Roa took out has neither Asuma's nor Samaras' brand.

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