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Chapter 154: Guardian Totem

As expected, the Ferocious Race had accepted the challenge.

This was entirely within Su Chen's expectations.

This wasn't any particular display of intelligence; after all, everyone knew that this was the Ferocious Race's unique way of doing anything.

On the other hand, when one of the Ferocious Race youths had charged at them, the other one had pulled him back, piquing Su Chen's interest.

Su Chen's hearing was very good.

He gleaned a bit of information based on the words that floated to him on the wind.

That Ferocious Race youth was trying to convince the other one to stand down.

Su Chen learned from Gu Qingluo that he was Danba.

A smart, cautious, yet bold Ferocious Race youth.

Su Chen began to realize that perhaps this was what he had feared all along: a Ferocious Race individual who was willing to use his brain.

The discussions between Danba and the others made this fact abundantly clear.

Danba agreed to the Takusha, but he demanded that those watching the battles needed to keep themselves an appropriate distance from the battle to ensure the fairness of the fight.

If any of the humans or Ferocious Race youths tried to intervene in the battle, that could be considered the opponent surrendering. The Takusha would be dissolved, and the other party could retreat immediately.

Su Chen agreed.

He had never planned on playing any tricks regarding this matter, but the opponent's diligence confirmed his suspicions that he would have to take his opponent seriously.

Perhaps not everything Danba was doing was just because of his teacher's pointers.

After both parties agreed, Su Chen, Gu Qingluo, He Yuandong, Danba, and Mendiano all backed up.

They retreated to an appropriate distance.

From their location, it would take some time for them to reach the battle even if they ran as fast as they could.

Only two people remained on the battlefield.

w.a.n.g Doushan and Ferraro.

This time, w.a.n.g Doushan was going to partic.i.p.ate in the duel.

Su Chen had spent a lot of time attempting to convince everyone.

w.a.n.g Doushan and Ferraro squared off in front of the flag.

Ferraro grinned as he sized w.a.n.g Doushan up, revealing his eerie white teeth. "Does the weak human race finally have the guts to fight us head on? It seems that you're the strongest one out of all of them, but you're too fat! True strength isn't something that a pile of useless flesh can produce."

w.a.n.g Doushan sneered. "I didn't know that individuals from the Ferocious Race liked to run their mouths so much."

"I'm just giving you a parting gift, is all." Ferraro leapt forwards, his battle intent soaring.

He yelled, "Die!"

As he howled, he unleashed a punch that carried with it an aura of death. The ensuing waves of energy surged relentlessly forwards at w.a.n.g Doushan.

w.a.n.g Doushan smiled.

Even in the face of such a punch, which threatened to exterminate everything in its path, w.a.n.g Doushan responded with an attack of his own.


w.a.n.g Doushan also howled, and he also struck out with a punch.

Dust flew everywhere from the collision, demonstrating the two parties' fierce desire to battle.


The iron-like fists slammed into each other, and violent shockwaves radiated from the point of impact.

A ma.s.sive wave of earth-shattering energy exploded forth. An instant later, the two combatants were sent flying.

w.a.n.g Doushan was like a flying mountain. When he slammed into the ground, the earth beneath his large feet seemed to tremble.

In comparison, Ferraro was much more nimble. He flipped through the air, effectively countering the momentum of his opponent's attack. When he landed, he didn't even kick up a speck of dust, demonstrating his frightening control over his own energy.

In this exchange of blows, the two of them were actually equal in power.

Ferraro stared at w.a.n.g Doushan intensely, his gaze burning with excitement. "You are quite a bit stronger than I expected; it seems like that's not all fat."

"Didn't you already leave me a parting gift?" w.a.n.g Doushan said disdainfully.

As the two of them gazed at each other, their battle intent suddenly surged.


They simultaneously howled as they charged at their opponent, wildly punching at each other as they both began to display their barbaric styles.

The violent waves of energy from their attacks sent dust flying everywhere.

As the spectators watched the two battle from afar, even Danba couldn't help but feel some surprise. Even though it wasn't like the human race had never produced a strong individual before, it was still quite incredible for a human to completely rely on his own strength to fight a Temple Warrior to a standstill.

But because of this, Danba actually felt significantly more relieved.

Hidden schemes were usually only used when an individual's strength was vastly inferior to his opponent's. If a person was strong enough, there wouldn't be a need for any scheming.

This human was strong enough to put up a fight against a Temple Warrior. Perhaps that was why the humans dared to initiate a Takusha in the first place.

If that was the case, Danba wasn't worried at all.

The Ferocious Race feared b.l.o.o.d.y battles the least. Even if they were to lose, they would die without remorse as long as it was a fair fight.

Mendiano, who was standing off to the side, suddenly said, "This fatty is pretty powerful, but if you think that he can win over Warrior Ferraro with just this level of strength, you couldn't be more wrong. To Ferraro, this is just a warmup."

He shot Su Chen a provocative glance as he spoke.

Mendiano hadn't forgotten that Su Chen was the one who had played them before entering the ruins, and Mo Lihan had charged them to kill Su Chen first.

If it weren't for the fact that the Takusha was still ongoing, he would have already charged over to finish off those weak humans already.

Su Chen laughed derisively in the face of Mendiano's provocation. "Oh, is that so? To our guy, this doesn't even count as a warmup yet."

Mendiano's expression sank. "Shameless boasting!"

Su Chen replied with a razor-sharp retort, "Hey, you know how to use idioms?"

Gu Qingluo couldn't stifle her laughter, and she let out a giggle.

Mendiano wanted to say something more, but Danba stopped him. "Don't squabble with the humans; that's their specialty. All we need to do right now is kill them!"

Mendiano nodded, then retreated.

At this moment, the tides of the duel had turned.

Perhaps because he was growing weary of a battle of pure physical strength, Ferraro howled as soon as he and w.a.n.g Doushan separated again. The inscriptions on his body began to glow.

Unlike the Ferocious Race youth Su Chen had killed earlier, Ferraro's whole body lit up at once.

Blood-colored smoke began to emanate from the inscriptions of Ferraro's body. The smoke slowly began to take form, arranging itself into an elaborate image above Ferraro's head.

A Red-Eyed Direwolf!

The Ferocious Race's inscriptions weren't carelessly thrown together. They were usually pieced together one-by-one to form a complete ent.i.ty that could turn into a true totem, also known as their Guardian Totem.

When the Origin Energy Temple didn't exist, Guardian Totems were representative of the Ferocious Race's strength. They attempted to develop their strength in that aspect.

However, most of the Ferocious Race individuals needed to reach at least the equivalent of the Blood Boiling Realm before being able to complete a Guardian Totem, yet Ferraro had been able to do it while still at the Qi Drawing Realm (and quite beautifully at that).

The ma.s.sive Red-Eyed Direwolf tilted its head back and howled. It seemed similar to the bloodline images that the Bloodline n.o.bility Clans could project, but there were some differences.

The ferocious image and its imposing aura indicated that a frightening amount of energy was about to be released..

Smoke began to pour out of every opening on Mendiano's body, giving the surroundings a hazy, almost illusory quality.

"Die, human! Crimsonwolf Fury!"

The Red-Eyed Direwolf in the sky howled before pouncing.

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