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On the next day, Enwork (Aristo's branch store) and the guild are now completed.

Supposedly, I was told that the guild members will be coming here today.

Well, since they haven't arrived yet, I'll let them be for now.

I ask a question to Rista who is currently standing in front of the Enwork.

When I was in the mansion yesterday, I couldn't find anyone else besides him who seems to be the employee.

"It will only be like this for a while. Our company has a saying that 'every branch should hire their own employee'. Basically, they don't encourage the lending of the employee to the other branch."

That would be hard.

"Tell me if you need anything. I'll do my best to help you."

"Thank you very much."

I have no choice since most my income will be coming from the auction.

According to my plan, I will have to charge tax on the auction sales so that I can turn this place into a duty-free area.

By any means, I will make it happen.

"It would be a lot better to have more employee working here as soon as possible."

"That's absolutely true."

Around noon, after I parted with Rista, I went to the mansion to meet up with the now waiting guild members.

"My name is Irene. As of today, I and the other nine will be acting as the guild members of the new guild."

I think I've seen her somewhere…

But where is it…?

"Let me bring you to the guild."

When I try to get up from the chair, Irene stop me in a hurry.

"Please don't! Letting the king himself to guide people like us is a terrible thing!"

"Please understand, I have nothing to do right now."

I would love to see how they will react.

Keeping it to myself, I persuade Irene to go there together.

After walking in the town for a while, we arrived at the centre of the main street.

"We have now arrived."

In front of Enwork, across the road, there's a building which is slightly smaller than the mansion.

That building is the guild.

"No way, it's actually true."

"It really is big…"

"How do you explore this place with only ten people?"

"I thought it will be smaller…"

Such voices rise one after another.

"You should enter and see whether the furniture has been properly placed or not. If there's anything missing, you can find it in this town furniture shop. Just take right from here and you will find it."

I opened the door and be the first one to enter.

I'm glad they like it.

If not, guess I will never know how to make a big building.

"King Null."


As I was about to return to the mansion, I heard someone calling me from behind.

When I turned around, Irene was standing there.

"Thank you for building this such splendid place. I truly appreciate it."

"If this building can get the job done, I might consider building two of it."

The guild is what makes the town prosperous.

People won't come here if it looks too plain.

"Now then, looking at the time, the guild will start operating soon."

"Please do your best."

With this, everything is done, isn't it?

"Ah-, Lord Null!"


When I was walking in the town, I was stopped by the grocery store clerk.

"What's wrong?"

"It's hard for me to say this but…"

While I was looking around, he blurts it out.

"Actually, our goods have become less over the days and we don't know how long we could hold like this…"


This is only the third day.

"What about the other store?"

"It seems the store in the West and the East is also having the same problem."

He's saying sorry while telling me all of this.

Did someone buy the goods in large quantities?

"Who bought more than necessary?"

"It's not about the purchase amount. Our inventory was small from the beginning."

Is he saying there are little goods from the start?

“As a war victory celebration, my village has opened a feast …”

"And you use up all the ingredients available there?"

He only muttered 'yes' with apologetic looks on his face before sinking to the ground.

In other words, we only have stocks for one village.


"By your side."

The clerk seems to be surprised when Eins suddenly appeared behind me.

He was so surprised there's not even a voice coming out from his mouth.

"Are there any vegetables in the mansion?"

"We have pumpkin and eggplant ready to be harvested. But I think it's not enough to cover the whole food situation in this town right now."

Is it impossible…?

"It really is impossible after all…"

This guy is the citizen of my country which means that he is my responsibility.

It can’t be helped then…

"I will somehow prepare the vegetables. Will you buy them? Is it okay with that?"

"Well, of course I will!"

It doesn't hurt to spend some of the DP since I received more than 3000 DP every day.

I immediately return to the mansion and have Eins' subordinates to harvest all of the vegetables.

After that, I consume some of the DP to get a few of seasonal vegetables. Then, I have them send to the grocery store by No. 1 until No. 3.

I spend about 2000 DP to get all of those vegetables.

Even though I still have a profit of 1000 DP, it still hurt me since it will remain like this until everything went back to normal.

Besides, I manage to only spend 2000 DP since there are still vegetables left at the mansion.

The DP consumption will only be increasing from now on.

If I called for the peddler, then the people in the town will only buy and sell directly to them.

That means the grocery store will be in red.

… Since I can't think of anything else, I'm left with consuming my DP for now.

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