Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~ Chapter 88

Dragged Into the Class Metastasis ~for Some Reason I Was Dragged Into the Metastasis With the Girl Class so I Will Make a Harem!~ -

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Hironobu let Henriette who climaxed lie down on her bed.

Sweat flowed on the naked body from the intense act and that appearance turned even more lewd.

「Haahaa…Hironobu-san, please do me more」

Henriette says as she spread out the arms of her flushed body.

「Yeah, got it」

Answering her, he covers her again.

He gripped Henriette’s leg and opened it wide.

Her cheeks blushed as her genital became exposed.

Even though it’s not her real body , it seems that she’s embarrassed to be examined.

「P-Please don’t stare so much…」

「Then, should I begin before you get angry?」

Hironobu took out his p.e.n.i.s again and pushed it to her genital.

As it has already climaxed a lot of times, the love nectar’s quite a lot.

Overflowing from the vagina, it flows through her ass and stains the sheet.

「I’m going in Henriette. It looks like you’re used to it already so I’m going deep」

「Eh, don’t do it so suddenlyyy!!」

Unable to stop it, Hironobu advances his waist.

When he pressed against her ass, the p.e.n.i.s is already deep inside her vagina.

「Guhi, Y-You really went deep…Ahn!」

Pierced by a big p.e.n.i.s, Henriete’s body trembled from the stimulation her whole vagina receives.

But, it seems that she didn’t cum with just that

She seems to have been accustomed with Firana’s body already.

「Okay okay, well done on enduring it」

Hironobu says while patting her head.

「Haa, fuu…But, my body’s going to be too sensitive…Hyau! Even if you move just a bit…Oh!」

Just moving her posture a bit makes her leak out a lovely voice.

Hironobu’s sadism boils due to her sensitivity.

「Then, want to feel even better?」

He moves his waist little by little while rubbing the voluptuous breasts.

Firana’s sensitivity isn’t just her vagina, but this too.

「I’m being ravished, even my breasts…!」

「It feels good having it massaged right?」

「My chest and body heats up」

Her body shakes in pleasure as she answers Hironobu’s question.

Even though she’s getting used to it, she must be unable to endure being attacked at the same time.

When he strengthens his power rubbing her breasts, her vagina’s tightening goes stronger too.

「Han, haahaa…ahyuuu!」

As Henriette’s arousal rises, Hironobu’s’ movement gradually turns intense.

The slow movement of the waist at first turned into a banging sound

「Ha, haa! Hironobu-san!」

She stretched her arms and embraced Hironobu’s back.

They strongly come contact with other and gets even more aroused.

「I never knew this kind of feeling…Even my heart feels warm from Hironobu-san’s embrace」

「That’s love」


Henriette reacts from the unexpected word.

But she immediately pulled herself together and smiled.

「The owner of this body is…Firana-san isn’t she?」

「Yeah, that’s right」

「I understand. Having bodies touch each other like this makes the heart very warm, I like this」

Saying that, she puts power on her arm embracing Hironobu.

To answer Henriette sticking even closer, Hironobu inserted even deeper.

「Naaaa! That place is tightening on it’s own, it says it wants to feel Hironobu-san more!」

She further wines her legs to Hironobu’s waist.

「The feelings I never felt before overflows from being embraced by Hironobu-san. Is this love?」

She ask Hironobu with eyes wet in passion.

「That might be. You might be feeling what Firana feels」

「Haahaa…It’s my first time feeling this happy」

Henriette mutters while embracing Hironobu tightly.

She who lived as a hostage her entire life might not have someone to spoil her.

(I understand now why Firana’s worried about her. Though her body’s taken over, she’s gentle)

Hironobu looks at Henriette embracing him and his desire to protect her arouse.

Firana must’ve felt the same thing.

Then, he thought of fulfilling Henriette’s wish of love.

「Henriette, do you want more?」

She nods.

「Yes, please do. Please make me feel better!」

To answer her wish , Hironobu stoped holding back.

He’s being considerate of Henriette who lost her virginity so far.

But, he’s going to use all his power like how he do it with Firana usually.

「Here we go, don’t go fainting on me…」

Holding her body firmly, he swung his waist violently.

The dry banging sound’s interval became shorter.

「Hyafu, aaah! Amazing, this is amaziiiiing!!」

Henriette’s feeling the pleasure given to her while rolling her eyes in bewilderment.

The body Hironobu has developed gives her the highest pleasure from being ravished.

The pleasure she can’t taste from her first s.e.x attacks her and Henriette is washed way from too much intensity.

「Aaah, cumming , I’m cumming! I’m cumiiiiiing!!」

Henriette embraced Hironobu to not let go and climaxed once again.

Then, he didn’t stop his movement meanwhile.

「Ihiiii!?N Nono! I just came! If you move…aguuu!!」

Unable to endure the stimulation while she’s still in the middle of climax, she climaxed consecutively.

The vagina tightened instinctively and stimulates the p.e.n.i.s.

Furthermore, it stroked the p.e.n.i.s wanting to squeeze out sperm from Hironobu.

「hi, aaaah! H-Hironobu-samaa…!」

Henriette’s consciousness became distant again and Firana came out.

「I’ll also make Firana feel good like Henriette」

「Ahn, Hironobu-sama…I can feel you deep inside me, you’re to intense!」

Firana should be used to it but, she’s gasping from Hironobu’s all out.

Both wet with sweat, they’re in an illusion that their bodies have combined.

「…Hironobi-san, please kiss me like a while a go」

「Of course, did you come to love kissing?」

「Yes, the real feeling of being connected…nmu, hau!」

Following her wish, he closed up to her and twined tongues with her.

This time she got used to it so she’s taking out her tongue assertively.

「Hamu, juru! Kyauuuu!!」

It seems that she came in the middle of the kiss and the movement of the vagina changed to Firana.

But, Hironobu didn’t care and continued to attack, Firana who came to surface continued to climax.

「Hironobu0sama, my cumming doesn’t stop! Haahaa…cumming!」

「I’ll be sending the two of you to heaven!」

Hironobu’s attack finally went to the full intensity and the girl keep on cumming.

「Hironobus-sama, please come! Inside me!」

Firana who felt the movement of his p.e.n.i.s tightens her vagina and tells him.

It triggered him and the collected desire exploded.

「Ah, hyaaguuu! Hot, It’s hoooot! I’m meltiiing!」

Accepting the muddy stream of ejaculation, the two who share one body has reached climax.

Even though their convulsing, their hands and feet didn’t separate from Hironobu until the last moment.

「Haahaahaa, Hironobu-san, thank you」

Henriette looks bright as if an evil spirt came off.

And, she kissed Hironobu and lost consciousness.

When he held her body, Henriette’s soul came out just like the ghosts who possessed until now

It came out of Firana’s’ body and rose to heaven without any regrets.

Hironobu looked up at it while carrying Firana

Hironobu looked after her then after that, they investigated the castle again.

But, the demon ghost didn’t appear and it was confirmed that peace returned to the area.

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