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"Buying silver needles? To poke people? You don't have to buy, I have lots of them at home!" Xue Meining commented, after having a good laugh.

"What? You have lots of them at home?" Ling Yun was surprised and couldn't believe his luck. Just as he had been planning to purchase some, someone offered to give him some.

Xue Meining didn't smile this time. She nodded her head seriously. "Yup, I have plenty at home. Not only silver, we have plenty of gold needles too. You can take your pick!"

"Gold needles? How much do they cost?"

"You don't need to pay me, I'll ask my grandfather to pa.s.s you some!" Xue Meining replied proudly, shaking her head as her beautiful braided hair swung in the air.

"Who are you even? Are you purposely trying to toy with me?" Ling Yun questioned cautiously. As the saying goes 'There is no free lunch in this world'.

If Xue Meining was simply toying with him, Ling Yun would not hesitate to become hostile.

Ling Yun's time was precious too, and it could not be wasted!

He would at least use his fat palm to slap Xue Meining's tender b.u.t.t a couple of hundred times to teach her a lesson!

"What kind of person are you? You were smiling so happily just now but your mood changed so quickly!"

Seeing that Ling Yun isn't appreciative, Xue Meining pouted, feeling a little upset.

"When you were running with sandbags yesterday, do you still remember who accompanied you first? I even ran the whole thing with you. It was so tiring!"

Ling Yun vaguely recalled what happened. After running his ninth round yesterday, a lady with long legs had joined behind him, constantly motivating him.

While he was running, Ling Yun had been a little dizzy, thus, he only vaguely recalled the presence of a tall lady running behind him. He hadn't expected the lady to be her!

"Ermm…" Ling Yun tried to delay his reply. Acting as if he suddenly recalled, he exclaimed in shock, "So it's you… Why are you looking for me?"

Xue Meining replied, "I'm not the one looking for you, it is my grandfather. You wanted to buy some silver needles right? As long as you can make my grandfather happy, you can have whatever needles you want!"

Ling Yun replied gingerly, "Really? Who is your grandfather? Why does he have so many needles? He pokes others too?"

Xue Meining frowned at Ling Yun and replied, "Of course not. My grandfather is a doctor, using those silver needles for medical purposes. He's not so childish like you!"

She raised her hands while speaking, flagging down a cab to stop next to them.

"Why are you in a daze? Get in the car!" Xue Meining grabbed the shocked Ling Yun by his arm, directing him to the back seat.

"Why are you still so fat? I think you wasted your run, you didn't slim down one bit!"

As Ling Yun sat in the cab, he occupied a large s.p.a.ce, giving Xue Meining very little s.p.a.ce to sit on. She had no choice but to partially seat on Ling Yun's thigh.

With such a young and beautiful lady sitting on Ling Yun's thigh and with her body fragrance and sweat coming in close contact with Ling Yun, Ling Yun's heartbeat started to sky rocket.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked.

"Qingshui Lake, Qingxiu villa area!"


Qingshui lake was one of Qingshui City's best scenic spots and was also a famous tourists spot in China.

Qingxiu villa area was just not far from Qingshui City's government building, to its Southeast. This was one of the prime locations, with nature and good feng shui surrounding it. River, trees, mountains, lake and all other beautiful, natural sceneries were all around.

Those that could afford to live here were definitely very wealthy!

When Ling Yun arrived, he could immediately feel that the air here contained way more spiritual energy as compared to the air surrounding his school. Although he was unable to absorb it, he could feel it without even deliberately trying.

Winding down the windows, Ling Yun took a deep breath, feeling the abundance of spiritual energy. Such an excellent place!

"Hey, have you not been here before? What's so nice to see?"

Looking at Ling Yun's look of indulgence, Xue Meining thought to herself, In Qingshui city, who doesn't come here to enjoy this scenery whenever they are free? Why this face?

Ling Yun gave her a disgusted look, deciding not to talk to her. What do you know? He thought.

Xue Meining understood Ling Yun. Sticking out her thumb and index finger, she pinched the skin on Ling Yun's thigh.


"Are you crazy?" Ling Yun exclaimed furiously, glaring at Xue Meining.

"Why did you gave me that look then?" Xue Meining replied, staring back at Ling Yun.

Ling Yun wasn't planning to lose to her. Without her noticing, he sneakily stretched out his arm and pinched the white, silky leg of Xue Meining.

"Ah…" Xue Meining shrieked in pain, her high-pitched voice attracting the attention of the nearby tourists.

"What kind of man are you? I'm a woman, you petty boy!"

Although Ling Yun had exerted minimal force, Xue Meining wasn't able to bear the pain and had teardrops forming at the corners of her eyes.

Recalling the pinch, Ling Yun felt a wave of satisfaction.

Let's see if you dare to p.i.s.s me off again!

Although the cab driver was in an awkward situation, he cursed at the fatty Ling Yun silently.

Such a young and innocent lady, yet a fatty like you dares to bully her!

Although Xue Meining hated Ling Yun, she knew that Ling Yun wouldn't give in to a lady, thus deciding not to retaliate.

3 minutes later, Xue Meining signaled the driver to stop, proceeding to exit the cab. Ling Yun followed suit.

"Hey, you have yet to pay up! Thirty-six dollars and five cents in total!" the driver hurriedly exclaimed, seeing Ling Yun exit the cab without paying.

Ling Yun turned his head towards Xue Meining and said, "Hey, you haven't paid him. Thirty-six dollars and five cents…"

Xue Meining was visibly upset, stomping her feet on the ground. How petty can he get? This is my first time sitting in a car alone with another guy. How dare he!

"I got no money! Let's see how you'll be able to get down!" she said in an irritated voice, turning her head and walking away. At this moment, she regretted her decision a little. Why had she even told her grandfather about Ling Yun running 11 rounds while carrying the sandbag?

In the short span of 20 minutes, her impression of Ling Yun had changed from being a strong gentleman to a petty and selfish guy. From the back, Ling Yun stared at the beautiful long legs of this pretty lady and thought to himself, Why take a cab when you're broke…?

Since the cab driver was waiting for Ling Yun, Ling Yun didn't have a choice but to fish out thirty-seven dollars reluctantly. "5 cents change please…" Ling Yun added.

After Ling Yun alighted, the driver started his engine, winding down his window and flipping his middle finger at Ling Yun's back. This is the most stingy guy I have ever seen!

Ling Yun caught up with Xue Meining and smiled, "This is such a beautiful place. You guys live here?"

One-story villas with beautiful white walls set among the lush trees and verdant green lawns. Just before the villas, expensive and rare flowers were present, emitting a fresh fragrant. This was such a great place for self-cultivation.

"Yes!" Xue Meining replied quickly, still angry at Ling Yun. What's wrong with you? It is your honor to be invited over by me. Not only did you pinch my thigh, you wanted me to pay for the cab!

"Which villa is your house?"

"We're here!"

After walking about 200m, the two arrived in front of a very beautiful villa. This was a detached house, with an extremely big yard. The owner of this villa probably liked to be alone, far from the other villas. The whole environment was both elegant and peaceful.

Such a strong smell of herbs… There is an abundance of spiritual energy too… it didn't take long for Ling Yun to recognize the smell of such expensive medicinal herbs.

So it's true that her grandfather is a Chinese medicine doctor… But how does he know me? Why invite me all the way here?

"Little Ning, why not head in?"

"Don't call me a Little Ning, my name is Xue Meining. Also, please show some respect to my grandfather, don't anger him with your pettiness…" Xue Meining said in a serious tone, not toying around.

"I'm petty? You're the petty one! I footed the bill even though you flagged the cab. Who's the stingy one now?"

"You... " Xue Meining has never encounter anyone like Ling Yun, making her so angry that she was lost for words.

"Is my baby back? Quick, invite the guest in!" a voice echoed, one that sounded old but firm.

"Grandpa, I'm back... " Xue Meining pushed the door open and entered. This time, her voice was both sweet and elated, unlike the Xue Meining from before.

Without hesitation, Ling Yun followed suit. When he entered, he subtly scanned the layout of the courtyard, setting his sights on the elderly person seated under the pomegranate tree. Although the old man was seated, he looked tall and strong. With silvery hair and a beaming face, he looked both healthy and energetic.

The elderly man wore a red traditional Chinese jacket, holding two fitness b.a.l.l.s in his right hand and rotating it at a strange pace. His pair of clear and deep eyes looked straight at Ling Yun who was coming in. Ling Yun was also observing the elderly man, quickly setting his sights on the right hand of the old man. Looking carefully, Ling Yun was sure that he had a pair of stable and powerful hands.

"Young man, so you're the guy that my precious granddaughter can't stop praising? Ling Yun?"

"You are...Elder Xue?"

"Hey, don't you know your manners? Greet grandpa!"

Elder Xue didn't seem to mind. He smiled at Ling Yun and said, "Ling Yun, I'm old already. She is my only granddaughter so I always spoil her. I hope you don't take it to heart. *cough cough*"

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