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He didn’t have time to catch his breath.

Yong-Ho and Catalina both ran while sweat was rolling down their faces. They ran through the empty demon king’s room and opened the door, but this room was empty too.

However, Yong-Ho already looked inside of the dungeon thanks to the Spirit of the Dungeon and instead of panicking, he opened the next door.




It was the room that connected to the warehouse and the prison that they just started building.

Eligor and all the other spirits were in the room that was connected to the last room with a trap.


Instead of answering Eligor, Yong-Ho quickly checked the spirits and the condition of the room.


In front of the latched door, the Goblins were stacking heavy objects and the Treant was standing in front of the front door while extending its vines. The Skeleton was standing with a blank face...well, they didn’t have any expression since it was a skull, but...they were standing in the corner.

“Where were you? You’re covered in sweat…”


Eligor didn’t finish his sentence and instead, noticed that Catalina was sweating as well.

When Eligor a.s.sumed that something happened between them, Yong-Ho waved his hand and spoke.


“Whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong. Anyways, listen up. Beyond that door, there are eight Kobolds and an unknown demon with an extremely large hammer. There were a lot more that invaded the dungeon, but it seems like the traps took out a couple of them. Do you guys know anything?”


He checked this through the Spirit of the Dungeon. The latched door was shaking violently. It seemed like the door was going to break soon.

Eligor instinctively looked at the door and answered quickly.

“I’m sure it’s a wandering demon family that’s nearby. If it’s an owner that already has a dungeon, they wouldn’t send a group that small to attack the dungeon, even if they believe that the House of Mammon has completely fallen.”


There was a good chance that it was one of the weaker spirits that Eligor mentioned earlier. If that’s the case, they’re probably thinking that Eligor and Catalina were the only ones in the dungeon.

However, they already pa.s.sed through three rooms where the traps were working properly. Yong-Ho closed his eyes. He breathed in and spoke.


“It doesn’t matter which side. It’s possible that they might think this dungeon doesn’t have an owner.”


It sounded like he was saying it to himself.

The door shook violently again. The Goblins were holding bamboo spears and watched the door.

Eligor spoke again.

“But, sir. The thing you have in your hand…”

“It’s Aamon! The Red Lotus Demon Lance, Aamon!”

Catalina shouted after being quiet for so long. Eligor got excited after hearing that it was Aamon.

“What?! Are you talking about the Red Lotus Demon Lance that lights the heaven on fire and evaporates the ocean just by swinging it?!”


It seemed like it was a popular weapon. When Yong-Ho confirmed it with his expression, Eligor was filled with joy. Eligor looked like he would open the door if he left him in his current state, so Yong-Ho quickly spoke again.

“It is Aamon, but I can’t use him properly right now. It’s the same thing as not having it at all.”

Even if he could use it, he wouldn’t have any mana left. The door shook again. The latch looked almost broken.


“The enemy doesn’t know about the dungeon’s current fighting power. So they’re probably careless. We’ll use that to our advantage.”


He spoke quickly and urgently. The nervous Eligor asked.


“Do you have some sort of plan?”


Instead of answering, Yong-Ho nodded his head. He answered while looking at the door that was about to break.

“We’ll create a commotion and slice their heads off.”


Yong-Ho looked at Catalina.  




He gulped. He tried to stay calm, but it was hard.

He heard it several of times.

The ones that attacked the dungeons. The other demon families he’ll face from now on.

But this was his first time.


Behind the door, there were spirits that were trying to kill Yong-Ho. It wasn’t a game where you’re promised another chance despite the outcome.

One side will die. They needed to be killed in order to live.



The latch broke along with the loud sound that it made. The door opened as if it was blown to pieces.


The Kobolds rushed in through the opening. They were monsters that were slightly larger than the Goblins.

They were holding low-grade sword and lance.  


Yong-Ho saw them. He yelled as he saw them rush in as soon as the door opened.




The Goblins, Jon and Ron, reacted.

The two Goblins stood on either side of the door and when they pulled the rope that they holding, the Kobolds that rushed in fell down due to rope that was raised up. However, this was just the beginning. The Kobolds didn’t fall just because they rushed in and didn’t see the rope.


In front of the door. Treant, who was standing in the center of the room, let out a deep roar and waved its vines. It grabbed the Kobolds’ body and legs and threw them to the other side of the door.

The remaining Goblins didn’t just watch. They pierced the Kobolds that were on the ground with their bamboo spears and shrieked.

Seconds after the door was opened. They had the advantage. While the Kobolds fell and were flying out of the room, Yong-Ho looked straight ahead. Something was standing behind the Kobolds.

It was a giant that was wearing a green cape.

They had a tanned and unsophisticated face with an angry expression.

Treant grabbed another Kobold and threw them. Through the room that was activated in the “background,” he saw Catalina’s movement.


And the giant stomped on the ground.

Instead of backing out, it charged. It pushed through the Kobolds and headed straight towards Yong-Ho.

Because of the unexpected situation, Eligor shouted. In order to catch the giant, Catalina threw herself amongst the Kobold.

Yong-Ho saw the giant. They were holding a large war hammer and started waving it around. The Treant’s vine got caught in their attack and it ended up being cut off. The giant didn’t stop.


The distance between Yong-Ho and the giant was getting shorter.

The giant was charging through. He lowered his head and pa.s.sed the Treant. The giant dodged the vine again and jumped up and aimed the hammer towards Yong-Ho’s head.




The hammer hit the ground when it was brought straight down. It had an enormous amount of energy. Yong-Ho dodging the attack and not freezing up from nervousness and fear was a miracle.



Catalina yelled. Treant turned its body around. Eligor started running towards his direction.

The giant grabbed the hammer and glared at Yong-Ho.

It was like a snake that was trying to eat a frog. The giant had the same eyes as a predator that was trying to catch its prey.

The giant took another step. It closed the distance between Yong-Ho and waved the hammer around.


It felt like he was suffocating. It felt like he was going to die before the hammer even hits him.

However, Yong-Ho took a step forward. Instead of backing out, he yelled and placed all of his strength into the hand that was holding Aamon.


He didn’t think with this head. He trusted his instincts. Instead of dodging the hammer, he threw his body towards it.


It was reckless. Eligor yelled. Catalina kicked off the ground.

In that moment, Yong-Ho and the giant exchanged eye contact.

The giant smiled. Yong-Ho gritted his teeth.



It was in that moment. Because of that, he couldn’t yell. However, he thought about it and got an answer. The Skeletons were next to Yong-Ho and they extended their arms out and grabbed the cape.


It was only for a moment. It delayed the giant’s movement by a second. But, that was enough.


Yong-Ho’s left shoulder hit the giant’s abdomen. At the same time, Aamon pierced through his stomach.


Mana released his mana as he yelled. All of his mana was focused on one spot.

He didn’t know how to use the weapon he just obtained. Yong-Ho hoped. He filled it with his mana. And Aamon responded to his idiotic request.

Green flames started bursting out. The lance started draining the giant’s mana.

The giant quickly tried to get them back, but it was no use. Aamon’s fiery road burnt everything. It burnt the giant’s mana and swallowed their insides and soul.




The giant started screaming when its insides were being burned while it was alive. It moved its body violently and waved both of their arms to try to attack Yong-Ho. However, it wasn’t enough. The Skeletons grabbed onto the giant’s arms. Yong-Ho yelled once again and twisted Aamon, who was pierced into the giant’s stomach. Aamon attacked again with fire.



The giant wasn’t able to endure it and took a step back. The green flame ate all of its insides and was now burning away their skin.


Yong-Ho twisted Aamon again. It was to pull out Aamon from the giant.

Not a single drop of blood seeped out of its body and it’s probably because the green flame burned the giant’s body and soul.

As soon as Yong-Ho pulled Aamon out, he waved it in the air. After taking the giant, he started breathing heavily. He yelled out towards the front.



She answered through her action. After the fight started, she didn’t take a break once and as she approached the giant, she sliced the giant’s head off with a dagger. She then pierced the dagger into the area where their heart was located.

It all happened within a minute or two after the door opened.

Everyone that was in the room saw Yong-Ho and Catalina.

As the flame died down, Yong-Ho extended his left hand forward. He did it based on his instincts.

He concentrated on the mana that was above the dead giant’s chest. The Goblins and Kobolds watched with a blank expression and Catalina and Eligor watched in awe.

It was a lump of dark red mana.

The spirit of a demon family.


That’s what hovered above their chest. It floated slowly at first, but it flew at a fast rate and was sucked into the palm of Yong-Ho’s hand.

Absorption of the Spirit. Desiring mana. It’s the very reason why the law of the jungle had to be applied in this world!


Yong-Ho felt the mana fill his body. Yong-Ho felt his mana increase tremendously.

Yong-Ho wasn’t the only one that grew.


“The dungeon’s daily production volume has been increased from 30 to 50.”

“The maximum mana storage volume has also been increased from 300 to 400!”

If the owner becomes stronger, so does the dungeon.

If the dungeon grows, so will the owner.

He was exhausted. The injury that he got while trying to obtain Aamon was still there. However, it was an exhilarating, yet pleasant feeling. This type of pleasant feeling was something he was feeling for the first time.

It was a short moment. But, it was enough to enjoy the result.

After absorbing all of the spirit’s mana, Yong-Ho started breathing heavily. He slowly raised his head and looked towards the front.

He saw a group of Kobolds with a shocked expression. He saw Catalina kneeling on one knee and looking up at him with a bright smile. He also noticed the Skeletons standing there with a dumb look.

‘I’ll do everything within my power to evolve you into a Death Knight.’

Yong-Ho made a promise to the Skeletons in his head and then started talking. He thought it was cheesy, but since he was exhausted, he couldn’t think of a better way to say it.

“Shall we continue?”


The Kobolds were smarter than what Yong-Ho had thought. They all threw their weapons on the ground as if they had planned it beforehand.

< dungeon="" defense="" #1="">  End.

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