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No one knows when the dungeon shop first appeared within the demon world.
There are some that say 1,000 years ago and others that say that it appeared way before then.
They were baseless a.s.sumptions.
The history of the shop didn’t matter because at this point, the dungeon shop was a necessity within the demon world.

It was different from the Virtual s.p.a.ce where the entire room was white.
The sky was on fire and the color of the walls were so black that it seemed like they were made from hardened lava.

The Pentagram Council.

The five giants that controlled the dungeon shop.
They were the Board of Directors, to be exact.

Like the name states, a pentagram was drawn on the floor by lava and a chair was placed in each of the corners. The Board of Directors were the only ones that sat in those chairs.

“The King of Pride is gathering soldiers. A big war may break out soon in the northeast.”

With a low voice, a large, red Orobas pointed to the map that was materialized in the center of the pentagram and spoke.
Out of the many Demon Princes within the demon world, he was one of them and out of the demons that the dungeon shop possessed, they were known to have superhuman strength.
They were wearing a neat tuxedo and had a pig’s head and a bulky body. They looked odd, but at the same time, it matched.

Orobas had six horns and managed the dungeon shop that was located in the north. To their right, a man with a spider head spoke softly.

“The King of Envy is also gathering soldiers. I think they found out that they’ve been targeted by the King of Pride. Within this month, they’ve already purchased 20,000 Skeleton Warriors.”

He was known to be the intelligent one in the group and had a body that was similar to a spider’s. Even though they looked like a human, there are rumors that his true form is a big spider that’s larger than a mountain.
His name was Bifrons. He also managed the north of the demon world along with Orobas.

The King of Envy was purchasing a large amount of Skeleton Warriors.
Despite this sensitive information, the one that sat on the left side of Orobas started chuckling. 
It was Abraxas and he was known to have the strongest mana and also managed the western part of the demon world.
He had the head of a rooster and on top, had seven horns. Both of his legs were large snakes and each had a different poison.
They spoke sarcastically.

“That’s the King of Envy for ya. Quant.i.ty over quality, right?”
“It’s too early to make a hasty conclusion. This is a war between kings. 20,000 soldiers can’t be considered a lot.”

Bifron alerted Abraxas’s hasty conclusion. Orobas looked at the demon world map again and asked.

“What about the other kings?”
“The Queen of Wrath is curled up, which is unlike her. The King of l.u.s.t is busy as usual because of the Witches’ Sabbath.”

The one that answered was Samael, who was sitting on the right side of Bifron and was known to have the fastest wings. She was the queen of the Harpies and she had gold hair that matched her beautiful face, but had black wings that didn’t match with her beauty.

Orobas tilted his head.

“And Gluttony?”
“It doesn’t look like they’re going to sit by and watch. They’re quietly increasing the numbers of high-ranked spirits. Couple of days ago, I found out through an agent that the King of Gluttony may have purchased a Bone Dragon.”

The demons that possessed the Seven Deadly Sins.
The six demons that controlled the demon world were busily moving around under the surface.

Abrasax shrugged his shoulders.

“The one king that doesn’t posses one of the deadly sins...we don’t have to worry about the King of Violence, right? It seems like they’re still asleep.”

Out of six kings that controlled the demon world, the King of Violence was the only one that didn’t have the power of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Orobas touched his chin.

“Then, is the King of Sloth the last one we should watch out for?”
“She’s always been lazy.”

Samael smiled softly as if it was a joke.
Orobas was satisfied with Samael’s answer. He leaned his large body against the chair and spoke quietly.

“The power of the six kings are similar. That’s why it’s well-balanced right now. Even though the King of Pride is trying to break that balance, they won’t be able to do anything unexpected. No matter how strong he is, he can’t take on the other five kings by himself. It’s a good thing. Unless someone...someone that’s strong enough to defeat one of the kings comes along, this wonderful balance will surely continue.”

The dungeon shop didn’t desire just one king. The conflict between the kings is what caused the dungeon shops to be created.

Bifron and Abraxas agreed as well. The other directors felt the same and they smiled.
But one. There was one that had a different smile.

“Miss Sitri?”

Samael called out quietly and looked at the last, best director.

The red-headed Sitri.
The beautiful Sitri answered while touching her chin. Her eyes were on the map.

“No, it’s nothing. It’s just fun.”

Her vague answer made Samael tilt his head. He looked at the map as well and tried to figure out her intention.

Sitri was looking at southern part which was empty.
It was the King of Greed’s land, who controlled one fourth of the demon world and was the greatest demon in the demon world.


“A wild dungeon monster appeared!”
“Two Crazy Ants and one Slime!”

Yong-Ho, who was the King of Greed, frowned when he heard the Spirit of the Dungeon’s energetic voice.

As they stated, the monster that they mentioned was before him.
Two red ants that were the size of a large dog and a round slime that reminded him of tree sap were in front of him.

Encountering a monster was understandable. He welcomed it since fighting can increase his development rate. However, there was one thing that made Yong-Ho think.

‘Why are there monsters in my dungeon?!’

The monsters in front of him weren’t spirits.
They were monsters that didn’t have an owner. The Spirit of the Dungeon and Yong-Ho shared a part of their knowledge, and according to the spirit, they were nothing more than ants and c.o.c.kroaches that you see at home.

They weren’t really important to the dungeon.

Those types of monsters don’t exist in ordinary dungeons and even if they do appear, they’re usually taken care of right away.

‘The ants are the worst ones.’

It’s not that he especially disliked ants. Actually, they were better than c.o.c.kroaches. However, the issue was the lifestyle of their kind.
Like the ants in the human world, they were busy in the demon world as well. A large ant colony might exist underneath the dungeon.

“Master! Concentrate!”

After hearing Catalina’s stern voice, Yong-Ho erased his distracting thoughts. While looking towards the front, he spoke as he put strength into the hand that was holding Aamon.

“I’ll take the Slime. Catalina and Skull, take care of the ants.”

“Skull, skull.”

Catalina and the Skeleton Soldier, Skull, answered. They ran towards the ants.

Two days ago. In order to increase the dungeon’s defense, Yong-Ho decided to focus on working on the dungeon’s facility rather than evolving the spirits.
Despite  that, he used the Power of Evolution and evolved just one spirit and that was the Skeleton Soldier, Skull.

They were low level spirits and workers, but they didn’t have any specialized evolution like the Goblins. However, when he first evolved them, their rank increased to Skeleton Soldier.

Yong-Ho equipped the soldier with the hammer that the enemy used and named them Skull.
Death Knight was considered the highest rank amongst the Skeletons and he planned on evolving them to that rank, so he wanted to give them a special name, but simplicity was the best.

Catalina was able to take down a Crazy Ant with one attack. However, instead of attacking the other monsters, she watched Skull fight. It’s because Skull had to increase their development rate through the battle.

‘The same applies to me.’

Yong-Ho looked at the Slime that was gliding on the ground and focused.
Aamon was known for burning the sky and evaporating the sea with just one swing.
For Yong-Ho, performing that kind of task was a bit too much. However, he was still able to use a bit of Aamon’s power.

‘Just one attack!’

Yong-Ho kicked off the ground. It must’ve noticed that Yong-Ho targeted them because it released acid fluid. It was fast and strong. If it touched him, it would melt away his skin and bone.
However, Yong-Ho easily dodged their attack. He leaned his body to the side, kicked off the ground and shortened the distance between him and the Slime.


He used Aamon and pierced through the Slime’s body. When it pierced through the center, he released his mana.

Flames bursted inside their body. The green flame enveloped the Slime’s entire body.

Because of their strong acid and mucus, the Slime was able to neutralize most physical attacks, but they couldn’t do anything about Aamon’s flames.
Yong-Ho smiled and after pulling Aamon out, he stretched his back. Feeling satisfied, him and Catalina exchanged glances several times and then watched Skull fight a Crazy Ant.

Two days after the first attack.

Yong-Ho was looking for the armory that belonged to the owner three generations ago.


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