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Chapter 1315: Hallowed Ancestor

“Your Hallowed Ancestor is still alive?!” Ruyan and Jians.h.i.+ were astonished as well.

“Uh…” The elder awkwardly laughed. He knew he couldn’t hide it anymore, so he said: “His Venerable is still alive, but he isn’t interacting with the rest of the world.”

There was no doubt that their Hallowed Ancestor had been sealed this whole time in order to allow him to live until now.

Li Qiye faintly smiled and said: “He won’t live for much longer despite being sealed. Two sea G.o.ds have helped him in this process, but in the end, one cannot escape death.”

The elder sighed at this comment. Unpleasant as it may be, it was the truth.

Jians.h.i.+ was amazed: “I have heard my elders talk about the Hallowed Ancestor before. He was the dao protector of sea G.o.ds for two generations!”

The Hallowed Ancestor was the most powerful and oldest existence in the Seven Martial Pavilion. Even in the entire Heaven Spirit World, he was still one of the most supreme characters.

When it came to the pavilion, many knew about the seven great styles, the strongest techniques of the pavilion. They believed no one knew all seven, but this was far from the truth.

Their three sea G.o.ds all understood the seven styles. The reason why their main successor, the Seven Sea G.o.ddess, was so famous was because she also knew the seven styles. Rumor has it that she was the only one who could claim this honor in the pavilion at this moment.

The truth was that there was another person outside of the G.o.ddess, and he was much more powerful and terrorizing compared to her. It was the Hallowed Ancestor!

“I heard your ancestor has challenged an Immortal Emperor with his seven styles.” Ruyan became curious.

Li Qiye found the topic amusing, so he answered before the elder could: “That he did. After understanding the seven styles, he believed he was invincible and challenged Immortal Emperor Yan s.h.i.+. At that time, the young emperor didn’t have the Heaven’s Will just yet, but it still ended in the ancestor’s defeat. Despite losing, he could still hold his head high. Being only several hundred years older than the emperor, he had yet to reach his peak…”

In the minds of the Charming Spirits, her achievements were incredible. She was someone comparable to their first emperor, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun.

“Alas, the defeat had a profound and negative effect on him. It made him miss the opportunity to become a sea G.o.d, otherwise he would have become one. Nevertheless, he can still be proud of his achievements from personally protecting two future sea G.o.ds. He himself reached the top and was considered an existence capable of a.s.sailing Immortal Emperors.”

Li Qiye’s detailed verses left the elder surprised. This was something that happened in the distant past so few knew the truth. Of course, he was feeling very proud hearing about the tales of his Hallowed Ancestor.

“Well, he was still a little off from being able to a.s.sail Immortal Emperors.” Li Qiye noticed the proud demeanor of the elder and teased him.

The elder’s fiery pride was suddenly extinguished by this quip. It made him quite embarra.s.sed.

In spite of Li Qiye’s comment, Ruyan and Jians.h.i.+ marveled all the same. The Hallowed Ancestor’s achievements were incomparable; few could be his match. Of course, from another perspective, this showed just how invincible Immortal Emperor Yan s.h.i.+ used to be. Even the ancestor who had mastered the seven styles couldn’t stop the young emperor.

This was precisely why after her generation, the charming spirits always tried to find an excellent human bloodline. They all wanted to groom another existence as capable as Immortal Emperor Yan s.h.i.+.

The elder took a deep breath and earnestly bowed towards Li Qiye to say: “If Young n.o.ble is aware of this, there’s no need to hide it any longer. Yes, it is our Hallowed Ancestor who needs the life renewal.”

Li Qiye looked at him in response: “So, your ancestor wishes to come into being? If he stays in his coffin underground, it shouldn’t be a problem to live for another two generations. The sudden desire for life renewal can only mean he wants to come out.”

Jians.h.i.+ understood why the pavilion wanted to do this right away. She spoke: “Your Hallowed Ancestor must want to protect the Seven Sea G.o.ddess so that your pavilion can have your fourth sea G.o.d.”

Ruyan chuckled: “In the present, the most promising candidates to become the sea G.o.d are the Seas.h.i.+eld Prince and Seven Sea G.o.ddess. The G.o.ddess is versed in the seven styles, so this is a great advantage. However, I also heard that the prince’s Void Physique will reach grand completion within ten years, so she must be feeling the pressure.”

The elder wryly smiled and didn’t comment. As schoolmasters, the girls were able to understand many things with a single glance.

“Both positions of Immortal Emperor and sea G.o.d are meant for the young to compete, so it should be up to them. Your Hallowed Ancestor wouldn’t do something like eliminating the compet.i.tors for his own disciple.”

Ruyan added: “The Roaring Conch isn’t easy to mess with either. I heard they still have a living overseer. If the G.o.ddess wants the position, maybe they’ll be the ones to ambush her instead. I’m still surprised about your ancestor being alive, though.”

Li Qiye looked at the elder and said: “The conch is strong, but not to the level where your pavilion should be this wary. The one you are worried about has to be Meng Zhentian.”

Ruyan and Jians.h.i.+ shuddered after hearing this. If Meng Zhentian was to become the Immortal Emperor early and pick one between the G.o.ddess and the prince then help them become a sea G.o.d, it would result in an unstoppable combination.

This would be a duo capable of sweeping through Heaven Spirit and the nine worlds. No other overlord would be able to stop them.

The two girls finally understood why the pavilion was willing to spend sea G.o.d’s weapons and merit laws to renew their ancestor’s life. They must make sure that the Seven Sea G.o.ddess becomes the winner in this compet.i.tion.

In order to do so, their strongest ancestor must come out and personally protect the G.o.ddess!

The elder took a deep breath and solemnly said: “If Young n.o.ble Li is willing to help us, you can pick two items from our pavilion after the matter is done.”

“It looks like you are adding more to the table.” Li Qiye laughed in response.

The elder had no choice. These three figured out the essence of this issue too quickly. Without a doubt, they required Li Qiye’s a.s.sistance this time. It was better for them to decisively name the price in front of him.

The other ancestors of the pavilion had told him that unless the bottom line is crossed, they will be willing to agree to all of Li Qiye’s conditions.

The elder stared at him earnestly: “Young n.o.ble Li, what do you think now? Our pavilion sincerely wants to work with you. If you still think that these conditions are not suitable, you can state your own demands.”

The elder put on a pitiful posture, letting Li Qiye do whatever he wanted. This was to say that Li Qiye could name whatever price he wanted. It was the pavilion displaying their sincerity in this deal for Li Qiye to see.

“Same as before, I’m not interested.” Li Qiye was unmoved and refused with a grin.

This att.i.tude from Li Qiye was quite a headache for the elder. Anyone else would have already agreed to such favorable conditions, but Li Qiye was completely indifferent.

The elder composed himself once more and continued: “Young n.o.ble Li, you can pick any treasure from our pavilion as long as the life renewal is successful. Moreover, the Hallowed Ancestor will be your dao protector and s.h.i.+eld as you become the Immortal Emperor!”

The two girls were moved this time. The immortal throne was an incomparable temptation that no one could resist.

Claiming to protect a human for the throne was a bold and seemingly bl.u.s.tering statement. However, it was different for the Hallowed Ancestor. He had protected two sea G.o.ds before, so his strength was beyond doubt. Furthermore, he was experienced in this endeavor. With his protection, as long as the genius was strong enough, the possibility of them becoming the Immortal Emperor was quite high.

Li Qiye only chuckled at this new condition.

Jians.h.i.+, on the other hand, made a suggestion: “Elder, you might as well have your Seven Sea G.o.ddess follow Young n.o.ble. It would be a formidable alliance.”

Ruyan chimed in with a smile: “That’s not a bad idea, marrying the G.o.ddess to Young n.o.ble. The descendant of an Immortal Emperor and a sea G.o.ddess will have matchless talents. Plus, you will become family, so it would be a matter of course for Young n.o.ble to renew your ancestor’s life.”

“Err—” The elder didn’t respond right away. He took his time musing this idea. It really wasn’t a bad proposal at all.

A match between an Immortal Emperor and a sea G.o.ddess was perfect. More importantly, Li Qiye had an imperial bloodline. If he were to become an Immortal Emperor, this bloodline would become even more precious. Their offspring would bring about a golden age to the pavilion, and the bloodline of their descendants would undergo an unprecedented evolution.

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