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Li Qiye was half-lying down in the pavilion while looking at the lake before telling a disciple from the Wenren Clan: “Go brew a pot of tea, pick something good.”

The disciples’ expression s.h.i.+fted after hearing and seeing his att.i.tude. They were important characters in the clan but now, a fake son-in-law was actually treating them as servants.

“Don’t be unhappy.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at them and said flatly: “To be able to wait on me is your fortune. Go.”

Their expression turned for the worst. They have seen arrogant people before but never to this level.

“Go brew some for him. I still have a good one here.” Wenren Jians.h.i.+’s att.i.tude was much better as he ordered these disciples.

Though the annoyed disciples ignored Li Qiye, they didn’t dare to not listen to the Elder Young n.o.ble’s instruction so they went to make some tea.

After they left, Jians.h.i.+ looked over at Li Qiye and asked: “May I ask where you are from and your name?”

“Last name’s Li, just a wandering vagabond.” Li Qiye casually answered.

This att.i.tude of his was very unreasonable. Keep in mind that the Wenren Clan was very influential in this region. Jians.h.i.+, in particular, had a prestigious status as well. No cultivators in these parts would dare to act so pompously in front of him.

He didn’t become angry and replied: “Brother Li, you can’t become the Wenren Clan’s son-in-law with these answers.”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “You got it wrong. I don’t know and don’t care to know whether I can be the Wenren’s son-in-law. However, it is impossible to find someone in the nine heavens who can become my older brother-in-law.”

Jians.h.i.+ had no words and had to take a careful look at Li Qiye. He didn’t know where the guy’s confidence came from. In just a short time, he felt a bit uncertain. Was this ordinary man truly a hidden master or was he just boasting?

During this difficult moment, the disciples of the clan brought the tea forward.

As the host, he adhered to the proper etiquette and personally poured a cup for both him and Li Qiye. Li Qiye didn’t act reserved either and slowly raised his cup.

Jians.h.i.+ also took a sip as well before asking: “Brother Li, the son-in-law of the Wenren Clan might not necessarily enjoy wealth and riches so easily. Maybe even before they see any of that, their lives would be thrown away first.”

He made it clear enough as a reminder towards Li Qiye.

“Who says I want riches?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Materialistic possessions are fleeting.”

This answer perplexed Jians.h.i.+ even more. 

“How much do you know about your brother-in-law?” Li Qiye enjoyed the sceneries and his tea. After a long time, he casually asked Jians.h.i.+ without turning around.

“I thought it was you, Brother Li.” Jians.h.i.+ smiled and said: “Of course, it’s not too late to deny it. Otherwise, once people made up their mind, you won’t be able to escape even if you want to.”

“I’m a reasonable person.” He took another sip: “So I hope your Wenren Clan is reasonable as well.”

“If this matter could be solved in this manner, it wouldn’t be like this right now.” Jians.h.i.+ shook his head: “Reasons won’t do here. If you think you can talk it through, Brother Li, you are sorely mistaken.”

“No. my logics have always reached people, that’s what I’m best at.” Li Qiye emphasized.

Jians.h.i.+ had no idea what Li Qiye wanted to do. He eventually said: “Brother Li, what’s your intention?”

“So you think I’m not your brother-in-law? Don’t tell me you know who he is.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said.

Jians.h.i.+’s expression changed. He looked at Li Qiye: “If it’s someone I know, all of this wouldn’t happen now.”

Li Qiye chuckled and sipped his tea. After a while, he broke the silence: “How does your clan want to tidy up this mess?”

Jians.h.i.+ pondered meticulously before responding while staring at Li Qiye: “A great price must be paid for a few matters. Brother Li, this isn’t a joke. There’s nothing here for you to scheme about since you are risking your life.”

“You can’t put it like that.” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied: “A beautiful wife and a smart daughter, what more can a man want? There’s no need to scheme for anything else.” 

Jians.h.i.+ still found this man mystifying like in the beginning. In the end, all he could say was: “I have done my part trying to convince you to this point. Brother Li, take care. Leave the heavens to decide whether this will be a disaster or a blessing for you.”

“No, that’s up for me to decide. When I am angry, it is a disaster; when I am happy, it is a blessing.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Jians.h.i.+ didn’t say anything else. He sighed and got up.

As he was about to leave, Li Qiye chuckled: “Your clan needs a scapegoat, right?”

Jians.h.i.+ became slightly stiff before answering: “It’s not something we can decide, not even my father. If you are really my brother-in-law, you better start praying.”

“What about you?” Li Qiye leisurely asked: “What is your opinion on this? Are you on your sister’s side or your clan’s?”

“It’s not up for me alone to decide.” Jians.h.i.+ shook his head: “One misstep and it’s all downhill. This is the current situation of our clan. I can only say that the child is innocent so I can guarantee her safety. As for other matters, I am completely powerless, same for my father.”

“What about your sister then?” Li Qiye asked.

Jians.h.i.+ took his time thinking before answering: “She’s a smart woman. When she made this choice in the past, she knew what would come of this. If he was only a bit less willful and a little more rational, this wouldn’t be the outcome, an impossible to clean up mess! I can’t do anything to help her either, the ancestors in the clan won’t just sit idly by.” Having said that, he sighed and left.

Li Qiye continued drinking his tea with an amused and carefree smile.

On the second day, the woman came with her daughter. Jians.h.i.+ was with them as well.

“I won’t disturb your family. Say what you have to say, there might not be a chance in the future.” He stared with implication at Li Qiye before leaving. He ordered the guards by the door to leave as well.

In a short time, there was only the three of them left but they weren’t family so the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Li Qiye looked at the plump and seductive woman before asking: “What’s your name?”

The woman took a deep breath and bowed down. She didn’t lose the elegant demeanor of a n.o.ble: “My name is Wenren Lurui. What is your name, Young n.o.ble?”

“Last name, Li.” Li Qiye didn’t reveal too much. His eyes then fell on the little girl.

“This is my daughter, her name is Huaiyu. Same last name as me.” She hurriedly said.

“Her mother’s surname, I see.” Li Qiye smiled.

Meanwhile, Wenren Huaiyu stared at Li Qiye for a bit then back at her mother before smiling cutely: “Mother, you two do look like a pair of husband and wife.”

“Less nonsense.” Lurui instantly scolded her with her face turning red.

Li Qiye didn’t mind and looked at the girl: “Why did you do that back in the inn?”

“Are you not my father then?” She blinked and said with some slyness.

“Huaiyu. I told you to not run your mouth, have you not cause enough trouble yet?” Lurui’s maternal sternness erupted and told her daughter to stop.

“But, but… he’s kind of like papa!” Huaiyu pouted in response: “You always told me that papa is an indomitable and fearless man who never panic in any situation! Plus, because he’s so powerful, he can face any danger without a problem!” Her eyes turned a little red at this point.

Lurui didn’t know what to say after seeing her daughter like that.

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