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Chapter 702:

“Okay, little baby, stop pretending to be old in front of me.” Li Qiye interrupted the shadow and said with a smile: “Keep putting on airs and see if I won’t throw you back into the urn or not…”

“You… What kind of man are you?” The small figure from within the cloth was shaking from anger because of Li Qiye. She raised her voice: “Making threats at every turn, have you no shame?”

“Sorry, but I am a person who never cares for face. Moreover, you are only a little shadow inside a yellow cloth right now, so why do I need to put up any facade? If I really wanted some ‘face’, then wouldn’t I use this yellow cloth to wash my face?” Replied Li Qiye with a smirk.

She seemed to be very afraid of being dirtied. It was as if Li Qiye would really use the cloth to wash his face, so she cried out: “You… You dare…!”

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 702 summary

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