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Chapter 704:

After hearing the ant, Li Qiye scanned him from top to bottom and slowly said: “So you have been to the Alchemy Kingdom before? I am quite interested to hear about how you became enemies with its imperial family.”

The Alchemy Kingdom was a behemoth, but its imperial family was even more mysterious and unreachable. Fewer than few could meet its members, let alone creating a feud. Ordinary characters were not qualified to do so.

“This is absolutely a misunderstanding.” Tie Yi jumped and quickly explained: “Young Noble, you can just imagine it. I am just a little nobody. Even if I was ten times more courageous, no, one hundred times more courageous, I still wouldn’t dare to become enemies with the Alchemy Kingdom!”

“Is that so? Then are you saying that the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family is a group that would act antagonistically towards a little demon for no good reason at all?” Li Qiye chuckled.

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 704 summary

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