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Chapter 757:

After Li Qiye assumed control, the four demons rushed towards Cao Guoyao like puppets.

“Get out!” Cao Guoyao was aghast at the oncoming offense and shouted towards the lucky State of Cao’s experts who were still alive in the mansion.

However, it was too late. Cao Guoyao’s words had just come out, but the demons already arrived with their unbelievable speed and were accompanied by a poisonous storm that enveloped the mansion in an instant.

Many disciples quickly took out antidotes, to varying success. Some were able to withstand this poison, but most were not. After being infected, the unfortunate disciples screamed pitifully and fell prey, one after another, to the poison.

The shocked Cao Guoyao immediately summoned a cauldron to release a huge amount of the antidote. Although his antidote could dissolve the poison, flashing glints appeared. Blood spurted everywhere as those who did not die to the poison were all killed by the demons’ blades!

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 757 summary

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