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Chapter 759:

Annihilating the Xian Clan — such words would be incredibly arrogant no matter which sect or imperial lineage uttered them! The Alchemy Kingdom would not idly sit by and do nothing as the Xian Clan gets destroyed.

Such a declaration was like thunder ringing beside one’s ear. Someone couldn’t help but murmur: “So arrogant! Does he think there is no one here at the Alchemy Kingdom?”

Xian Miao’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. Ever since his Xian Clan separated from the imperial family to form its own clan, no one had ever declared such a thing towards their clan!

“Good, Li, our Xian Clan also wants to see just what you can do.” He also left behind a tough and cold response: “We will definitely protect Brother Cao! If you are unconvinced, then come! We’ll take on your schemes!”

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 759 summary

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