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Chapter 1073: Zixie's Homecoming (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In contrast to Old Man Jiang's brashness, Old Man Gu was far more composed. He was merely putting more aspects into consideration.

"Bai Yin! Lan Shao!" Old Man Jiang gritted his teeth as he spat, "I won't forget this! The moment I return to Main City, I shall sever the ties between the Jiang family and Lan family. I will calculate the price very carefully after this!"

So what if Bai Yin had not meant it?

He has already pinned the responsibility of Gu Ruoyun's death onto the Red Lotus Territory.

Perhaps he would be no match for the Red Lotus Territory at the moment.

However, he has a grandson!

Jiang Mozhu has great talent. However, because he does not have much interest in cultivation, his growth had been below average! Be that as it may, once he returns to the Jiang family home, Old Man Jiang would definitely put Jiang Mozhu through a vigorous cultivation programme.

This will be to avenge the Gu girl!

"Old Man Gu, let's go."

Old Man Jiang took one last agonized look at the boiling magma before he forced himself to turn away and headed towards Jiang Mozhu.


Old Man Gu sighed. A bitter taste has drifted within the corners of his mouth.

He knows that he now owes a great debt of friends.h.i.+p today. However, what depressed him even more was that he could never repay her for this debt...

It hurts!

Gu Ruoyun felt a great pain all over her body. She felt as if her eyelids now weighed a thousand pounds making it difficult for her to open them.

"Little girl, why have you become riddled with scars during my long absence?"

A heartbroken voice murmured from beside Gu Ruoyun's ear.

The voice was very familiar and caused her eyelids to move a little. She then slowly opened them.

A beautifully handsome yet demonic face appeared before her eyes. The man was dressed in long, dark-reddish purple robes. He was n.o.ble yet graceful and the corners of his lips were curled into a wicked smile. His purple eyes were like colored gla.s.s which bore into her with a heartbroken and deeply loving stare.


She seemed dubious and murmured dazedly.

That familiar face. It felt as if many years have pa.s.sed before she could see this face again.


The man sighed gently as he held her waist tightly. There was an obvious anguish in his voice.

"You, can't you take care of yourself at all? Why is it that each time I appear, you'd be covered with wounds?"

Gu Ruoyun finally regained her senses.

The person before me really is Zixie! He's not the Xiao Zixie of the childhood stage either!

My Zixie is back!


Gu Ruoyun smiled as she stared at the man's handsome yet demonic features.

Her smile carried a great emotion while her clear and cold eyes displayed a gentle light as well.

"Welcome back."

"Little girl, long time no see. Is that all you have to say to me?" Zixie curled his lips as he smiled wickedly. "I don't mind if you gave me a loving embrace or a kiss. What do you think?"

Gu Ruoyun's face blackened instantly.

Despite the many years, this fellow still enjoys teasing me...

"Little girl, it's fortunate that you had previously obtained the Nine Emperors. Otherwise, the lava would have cost you your life."

"It was because of the Nine Emperors that I could come down to this place."

Gu Ruoyun smiled.

Now, she was pretty much used to the temperature of the lava nor did she feel her initial pain.

Had she really sacrificed her life for others a while ago?


Even though Gu Ruoyun had pretty good sentiments towards Old Man Jiang, it was not to a degree which would make her willingly abandon her own life.

The reason why she had done that was because she had felt something beneath the magma calling out to her.

Hence, even if the others had not been here, she would have entered the lava anyway.

"By the way, Zixie, do you know the Nine Emperors' origin? Also, what kind of place is this cave? Why does it have pictures of the Azure Dragon and the other Divine Beasts on its wall?" Gu Ruoyun turned to look at Zixie's handsome face as she asked.

Zixie smiled. "I should not be the one to reveal these answers to you. Once you reach the end of your growth, you shall have your answers."

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

After a short pause, she nodded and replied, "I understand."

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Chapter 1074: Zixie's Homecoming (3)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


A loud roar suddenly rang out from the roiling lava. Just as Gu Ruoyun left Zixie's embrace, an enormous fiery dragon broke through the torrential flaming sea and charged towards her.

Zixie saw the fiery dragon approaching Gu Ruoyun and retracted the gentle indulgence in his eyes. He then turned towards the great flaming dragon who had just launched a surprise attack from behind them. His voice filled with a sharp murderous intent as he yelled.

"Begone, evil creature!"


Instantly, a powerful force slammed fiercely onto the fiery dragon, almost scattering its body. At that moment, fear appeared in the fiery dragon's cruel and bloodthirsty eyes. It was as if the purple-robed man standing in front of it was some sort of demon.

At this moment, Zixie's gaze no longer held that wicked yet gentle expression he had when he looked at Gu Ruoyun. Instead, his stare was like that of a high and mighty demon, incomparably n.o.ble and stern yet evil at the same time. Purple flames then burst from his body and cast an eye-catching sight against the lava, making one unable to turn away.

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