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Chapter 1123: Deep Feelings (1)

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As Bai Yin stared hopelessly, the man in red raised a wave of powerful flames from within his body. The flames instantly engulfed Bai Yin, causing her to let out a heart-wrenching scream.



Bai Yin's throat has become hoa.r.s.e and her hoa.r.s.e screams caused everyone's hearts to s.h.i.+ver.

The Lan family members could not help but shudder as well. As they stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian's cold and merciless eyes, they felt a deep and terrifying sensation crawling out from their hearts, causing them to tremble incessantly.

This man was just as cold and heartless as the rumors say.

He would even burn this woman, who had pursued him for many years, so cruelly while she was alive. What more anyone else?

The Lan family members' hearts were eroded with remorse at the thought of this. If they were given a chance to do it all over again, they would never have fallen under Bai Yin's spell!

"Grand Lord, I beg you, I beg you to please grant me death!"

Bai Yin's trembling voice slowly echoed through the silent courtyard.

Her face has become twisted with agony in the flames. At this moment, to Bai Yin, death was a welcome release!

"Your ending is to remain in the flames and await the complete destruction of your soul!" The man's voice was just as cold as ever but also heavily eliminated Bai Yin's final hope.

Her expression had changed from its initial terror to the color of dead ash as she stared in despair at the handsome face before her. She had loved this man and he had caused her so much agony for so many years.

Now, in contrast with the scorching pain on her body, this man's heartlessness and cold distance caused her even greater agony.

If she could not be free from this kind of agony, death was better than life!


Suddenly, she laughed and her smile was extremely desolate. Her laughter continued to the end, growing louder and louder. It also became increasingly mournful like a ghostly wail. It made one's hair stand on end.

"Grand Lord, if I were to be reborn, I hope that I'll never meet you again!"

If she had not met this man, she would not have wasted her life away and would never have had to endure such a tragic end!

Up until now, Bai Yin still does not believe that she had done anything wrong. She believes that her only and greatest mistake was to fall in love with a man that she should not have fallen for! For the sake of this man, she would have gladly sacrificed her life!

However, she only holds a superficial existence in this merciless man's heart!

How could she not feel hurt?

"Even now, you're still unaware of your sins?" asked Grand Lord Hong Lian as he looked at the woman in white who was burning up in the flames. He stared dominantly at her and continued, "You are jealous by nature and have a vicious heart! Time and time again you've crossed my precious daughter! In my heart, you can never be compared to her and her mother even if there were a hundred of you! Don't even think of trying to surpa.s.s them!"

The man's words were like ten thousand arrows which pierced through her heart, causing Bai Yin to close her eyes in pain. After a long pause, she opened her eyes again and stared at Grand Lord Hong Lian hurtfully. "Grand Lord, if the Grand Lady never existed in this world and if I had met you first, would you have fallen for me?" she asked.

At that time, was it not because of the Grand Lord's sincere outpouring of feelings towards the Grand Lady's portrait that had moved her and caused her to waste her life away? Hence, many a time, Bai Yin had deeply considered this question. If she had been the one who had met the Grand Lord first, would this man have turned out to be just as devoted to her?

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