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Zuo Shangchen’s lips held a touch of a smile, his indolent manner wrapped around the back of his head, his beautiful eyes shot a glance at the blushing Xiang'er, and lazily opened his mouth, " This prince enjoys taking up two seats for himself."

What he really meant was, he wanted to take up two seats in a table for four, and there was no space for her now.

Unfortuately, Xiang’er did not understand what Zuo Shangchen had meant. She observed the smile on the man before her, thinking that he had a good impression on her, and her heart began beating happily. Her eyes shot a glance at Gu Ruoyun who was seated next to Pang Ran and said, "Excuse me, miss. May I have a seat? I am the daughter of the Prime Minister. If you would give me your seat, I will give you as much gold as you want!"

She thought that the plainly dressed woman who came with Pang Ran must certainly be the kind of woman who has sold herself in order to curry favor with influential officials. Such a disgusting woman simply isn’t fit to sit with me! She thought. If it were not for the sake of maintaining a good impression on the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country, she would have ordered someone to kick her out long ago!

As for the reason behind Zuo Shangchen’s visit, she believed that it was because of Pang Ran, seeing as he was the Sixth Prince of Black Tortoise Country, having some form of acquaintance with Zuo Shangchen would make sense.

Gu Ruoyun tapped her finger, her pure and delicate face filled with a smile, "It’s not that I won’t let you have my seat, but the price of it is quite high."

"Name your price. I will pay it."

A scornful glint flashed across Xiang'er’s expression. I was right, she thought, this woman has no shame, she would sell her body for a small benefit.

Ironically, Xiang'er had completely forgotten that she herself had approached them after hearing about Zuo Shangchen’s identity. If Zuo Shangchen were not the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country, she would have arrogantly decided that the latter was not fit to even speak to her.

"As long as you can pay the price, I will sell this seat to you." Gu Ruoyun put down her teacup, her clear, beautiful, smiling eyes observed Xiang’er’s disdainful expression, she nodded her head and said, "The price of this seat, is a country! If you can present me with a country as a gift, then I will sell it to you. This is still considered as friendship price, otherwise, I would not sell it to you for even one hundred countries."


Xiang’er’s expression changed greatly. The nerve of this woman, she thought angrily, opening her mouth to ask for a whole country, this is considered friendship price? Friendship my little sister!

"Miss, you’ve treated me in such a way, despite my good intentions." Taking a deep breath, Xiang’er clenched her hand into a fist. Her snow-white complexion exhibiting clear fury, "Are you not sitting with His Royal Highness, Pang Ran, the Sixth Prince of our Black Tortoise Country for the purpose of obtaining glory, splendor, wealth, and rank? Why pretend to be noble and virtuous in front of everyone? I will give you one thousand pieces of gold, now give this seat to me! You’ll never earn so much money in your life if you do not rely on the Sixth Prince."

This woman is such a fake! Xiang’er thought. If she were not a woman who coveted riches, she would never have taken a fancy to a good-for-nothing like Pang Ran! At the end of the day, Pang Ran is the Emperor’s favorite, so if she could become the Sixth Prince’s wife, wouldn’t she be enjoying endless splendor and riches?

It seems that I would have to speak to my father about this. A cunning and unlawful woman is scheming on getting close to the Sixth Prince. Let father remind His Imperial Majesty, lest the naturally naïve Sixty Prince be discarded in circles around a woman with such intentions.

However, upon Jin Xiang’er’s words, the faces of the two men turned ugly.

Pang Ran angrily slammed his hand on the table, his eyes spitting with rage. Gu Ruoyun was a great benefactor to him, and he would never allow anyone to insult her innocence.

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