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"Let the bidding begin."

The auctioneer smiled confidently and spoke in a straightforward manner.

"This time, we will not begin the auction at a starting price. You can bid as you please and there are no limits!"


After the auctioneer spoke, the crowd erupted into a sensation. An excited voice suddenly sounded from one of the boxes.

"I bid one hundred million gold pieces!"

One hundred million gold pieces to a medium-sized organization was a pretty hefty sum!

Yet now, the initial bidding price for this spiritual weapon had actually reached that price.

After all, a pill was just as valuable as a spiritual weapon. However, the problem was, even if one had managed to get the pill formula, one might not be able to successfully refine the pill. A spiritual weapon was different. If one were able to obtain a spiritual weapon, they would be increasing their power by more than a bit. 

"One hundred million gold pieces? Tsk, tsk. You'd want to obtain this spiritual weapon with only one hundred million gold pieces? Dream on! Spiritual weapons are considered as priceless treasures. Even if the price is right, no one would sell it off. I bid two hundred million gold pieces!"

"Wait a minute, give me a bit of time, I'm going to sell off my family property."

A bidder who had been unable to quote a price gritted his teeth and chimed in. 

Clearly, the auctioneer knew that something like this would happen. He merely smiled, "Prior to this auction, we have already discussed this matter with our mystery guest. If you are unable to present your capital in such a short time, you may use your family property as part of the negotiation. We have an expert appraiser in the hall with us today who will appraise the properties sent up for auction."

As he spoke, the auctioneer began to feel a sense of admiration towards the mysterious benefactor. 

When she had arrived to make her contribution, she insisted that her identity should not be revealed no matter the circumstances. She also asked that the powerful organizations should not be given the chance to prepare their gold. This way, she will be able to obtain the properties of powerful organizations. 

Even if she had not strategized the auction in this manner, many powerful organizations would still have sold their properties for the sake of this spiritual weapon. Instead of letting others off so easily, it was best to make things easier for herself.

"Five hundred million."

Ye Lan stepped out in the heat of the moment then regained his composure and calmly made his bid. 


The crowd once again flew into a sensation. 

They certainly never expected to witness an auction with a five hundred million bid. 

However, the auction was still not over. Many powerful organizations were still fighting over the spiritual weapon. 

"Send out a message immediately, and ask my father this: 'How many properties can we sell?'. I must have this spiritual weapon."

A glint of excitement flashed across Bai Xin's eyes. He took a deep breath and spoke with a serious look on his face. 

One spiritual weapon is enough to drive many people into madness.

"Yes, Young Master."

The person behind him joined his fists and bowed respectfully before disappearing from the private box.

Soon, he returned and whispered a few words into Bai Xin's ear. Hearing his words, Bai Xin's eyes sparkled as he announced with confidence, "Eight hundred million gold pieces!"


This was another surprising turn of events, causing everyone in the room to tremble with fear.

Eight hundred million! Heavens, I would never be able to grasp that amount of money in this life, even if I don't eat or drink and at all. Not in this lifetime. The crowd thought in unison. 

The Governor of White Glory City certainly has a lot of money.

"Ten hundred million gold pieces!"

Ye Lan was clearly annoyed and he glared coldly at Bai Xin's box, "The son of White Glory City is certainly very rich."


As if he had been suddenly dunked into a tank of cold water, Bai Xin's face immediately turned pale and his eyes filled with concern. 

Now that the Master of the Ye family has his eye on this spiritual weapon, should I bow and give way? Wondered Bai Xin. But honestly, I will not be satisfied if I had left this auction empty-handed. 

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