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"You brat!"

The middle-aged man took a deep breath to stop himself from overreacting in anger. He glared at Ye Nuo coldly and spoke icily, "What a nice set of fangs you have. Unfortunately, to me, as a member of the Yeh family, it's useless for you to say anything else. Men, grab that little b*stard and drag him back to the Yeh family home!"

"How dare you!"

Murong Yan's expression changed and she quickly pushed Ye Nuo behind her while frowning at the middle-aged man. 

"Master Yeh, Ye Nuo is a guest of the Murong family. If you're planning to take him away, you should've at least asked the Murong family's permission first, right?"

Yeh Ling scoffed. He glanced at Murong Yan's pretty face and said, "The Murong family? What are they? Are they even fit to be placed into my consideration? Furthermore, you, Murong Yan, will never have the right to make decisions for the Murong family! This d.a.m.ned b*stard had dared to harm my son. I'm taking him away today!"


But just as he spoke, a calm voice accompanied by a strong force came whirling in from in front of him, throwing him out of the way.

"Quit blocking my way."

The girl was dressed in green and was walking slowly towards them. Her gaze was calm and steady as her clear and cold voice had rung aloud in the street which was illuminated by the afterglow of the setting sun.

"Bodyguard Gu, you're so cool!"

Ye Nuo's eyes sparkled as he goggled in admiration at Gu Ruoyun. 

At this very moment, he really wished that he could rush up to Gu Ruoyun so that he could hug her and give her a big, fat kiss. 

"Stupid girl, you've got a death wis.h.!.+" Yeh Ling scrambled to his feet as he wiped away the blood on the corner of his lips. His eyes turned stern as he asked, "Do you have any idea who is backing the Yeh family? Yet you have the audacity! I'll give you one chance. Mind your own business or otherwise, you probably would never realize your own demise!"

Gu Ruoyun looked calmly back at Yeh Ling.

That one look had caused his heart to tremble, he could not control the growing feeling of anxiety from within him.

That's impossible!

When had such a genius appeared in Black Rock City?! Forget about that little brat who had beat up my son, even this girl... Emits such an invisible power!

A Martial Emperor?

Those two words suddenly appeared in his mind's eye. Yeh Ling feels as if he had gone mad. How could there be such a young Martial Emperor? She must be holding some sort of treasure. That's the only reason how she could have gotten such a strong foothold.

"Get out of the way!"

The girl spat and her thin lips opening ever so slightly. 

Yeh Ling took another deep breath and his eyes sank as he spoke curtly, "Do you really want to shove your b.u.t.t in, little girl?"

"I've told you, get out of the way."


A stream of energy landed on Yeh Ling's chest and he was immediately sent flying a good few meters away. His body slammed fiercely into a nearby stall and split it into two halves.


He spat out a mouthful of blood which stained his robes a bright, crimson red. Ye Nuo's eyes were filled with shock. Gu Ruoyun may have caught Yeh Ling by surprise the first time but she had been able to throw him into the air twice.

What is this woman's origin?

Yeh Ling's eyes darkened once again. He crawled to his feet and waved his hand, "Let's go!"

He took one final look at Gu Ruoyun before turning around and leaving.

That one look was so filled with dark malice that it made everyone's hair stand on end. 

"This Yeh Ling may not be particularly skilled and his powers are indeed weak. He's only a mid-level Martial King. However, there are still two more elders in the Yeh family who are at the rank of a Martial Emperor and above." Murong Yan glanced at Gu Ruoyun and said, "Furthermore, the Yeh family is backed by the Wolf's Fang Robbers!"

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