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Rong Xin stumbled back and shook her head vigorously, "You're a demon, an evil demon!"

That's right!

This woman is an evil demon! Her heart could actually harbor such cruelty!

Rong Xin had originally thought that her own heart was malicious enough but when compared with this woman, it was like a small witch meeting a bigger witch.

Gu Ruoyun slowly lowered her eyelids and a cold smile hung on the corners of her lips, "I originally had plans to leave the Medicine Order alone all this while. Only Wei Yiyi is allowed to destroy you. Unfortunately, you've done something you should never have done! Wei Yiyi, Yan, I want you two to lock her up. Once the Demon War has ended, we'll make a trip to the Immortal Realm's headquarters!"

After all, the participants in the battle were the best of the best in their organization but there were still many others who were not present.

Gu Ruoyun had gone to the Medicine Order before this and was unable to find Rong Xin and the others. Now that they had been allied with the Immortal Realm, it was easy to imagine where the rest of the Medicine Order was at this moment!


Rong Xin screamed as she stumbled back slowly, her trembling body displayed how truly afraid she felt for all to see.

Wei Yiyi walked towards Rong Xin and curled her lips into a smile. Her gorgeous face displayed an obvious charm.

"Rong Xin, did you ever think you would live to see a day like this? However, I've waited for this day for far too long. I've been waiting ever since you had murdered our Master and put the blame on me!"

"Senior Sister, Senior Sister Yiyi, I've done wrong. I beg you, spare me on account of our past friendship."

Rong Xin, completely stupefied with fear, fell kneeling to the ground as she sobbed profusely and begged incessantly.

Unfortunately, Wei Yiyi had hardened her heart long ago. Furthermore, Rong Xin had murdered their Master. Because of this, she would never forgive her.

"The Heavens watch over the actions of humans. You will face retribution for committing so many sins. Rong Xin, when you had killed the Master, did you not think that this day would ever come?" The smile on Wei Yiyi's face slowly disappeared. At this moment, the old Order Master's kindly face appeared once again in her mind's eye. 

Master, after so many years, I can finally avenge you. You can rest in peace in Heaven now.

As for Little Junior Sister... Don't worry, Master. I'll save her and I'll never let anyone harm her again.

Gu Ruoyun said nothing else. She took one last look at the Immortal Master who was still struggling within the flames before leaving without even a backward glance.

The woman had just stepped into the tent when she heard a gentle and loving voice.

"Yun'er, you're back?"

Gu Shengxiao smiled gently and gazed indulgently at Gu Ruoyun.

Honestly, while he had given Gu Ruoyun permission to clear her grudge against the Immortal Realm, he had not stopped worrying about her. However, she had asked him to take care of Xia Linyu so he had not stepped forward. Still, after she had left, he had dispatched his men to inform the Spirit Sect's Master and the Lord of the Amethyst Underworld Palace.

With two high-level Martial Honors around, he could let go of his worries that Gu Ruoyun could get hurt by the Immortal Master.

Of course, because Gu Shengxiao had not followed her, he was completely unaware of the events which had transpired on the battlefield.

"Big Sister..."

Just then, a frail voice sounded from the bed.

Gu Ruoyun hurriedly walked towards the bed upon hearing the youth's weak voice. Her clear and cold eyes were filled with anxiety.

"Yu'er, are you alright?"

Xia Linyu smiled. His delicate features looked extremely pale, "My body is fine but my arm..."

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