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Just then, a calm voice sounded from further up ahead, causing the young girl's body to freeze on the spot.

She lifted her little face which was about the size of a hand in astonishment, staring in disbelief at the woman who was walking into the courtyard.

"Ma... Master?"


That's impossible!

Didn't Rong Xin take Master away? What is she doing here?

"Nan Xiao!"

When those who were loyal to the old Order Master saw that woman appear in the courtyard, their hearts immediately leaped with joy. They could finally lay down their worries.

"Senior Aunt Wei, I've found the Master."

Wu Yue blinked. 

As Wei Yiyi was dragging Rong Xin back to the Medicine Order, she had managed to get the information from Rong Xin to find Nan Xiao! It was a good thing that when Rong Xin had moved the Medicine Order's headquarters, she had also secretly brought Nan Xiao along as well. Hence, she was able to find her and bring her back in such a short time.

"What on earth is going on?!"

Elder Tianli's elderly face sank. His eyes swept across Lin Jun's face which was filled with disbelief and landed upon Rong Xin's ashen face.

"Order Master, can you tell us what's the meaning of this?"

Rong Xin bit her lips, "That's right, I had killed the old Order Master and... I also kidnapped Nan Xiao!"

It has now come to this, she had no other choice but to confess.

After she had spoken, the courtyard fell into silence. The elders who were loyal to Rong Xin could not believe their ears.

They had a.s.sumed that the old Order Master's death had something to do with Lin Jun and the Order Master was simply unwilling to implicate her husband.

They would never have thought that it was actually the Order Master herself who had conspired with Lin Jun and murdered the old Order Master in cold blood.

Also, for the sake of plotting against Wei Yiyi, she would not even spare the old Order Master's only daughter!

"Order Master, you are far too much of a disappointment to us."

Elder Tianli sighed disappointedly. Perhaps even he had not expected for it all to come to this.

After all, in the past, he had really believed in Rong Xin.

"Ling'er," Nan Xiao turned towards Ling'er and spoke expressionlessly, "When you were a child, your parents had rejected you. It was I who had taken you in. Now, for them, you would go against Senior Sister Yiyi?"



The young girl suddenly crawled to her feet and clambered towards Nan Xiao. She then fiercely knocked her head on the ground.

"Please forgive your disciple, I had no other choice. If you're willing, I will give my life to you. Rong Xin had captured my parents and was forcing me to frame Senior Aunt Wei. I had no other choice!"

Her head continued to collide forcefully with the ground and soon became bruised. However, she did not seem to notice this.

"Ling'er, don't forget, if it wasn't for the Master, you would have died long ago!" Wu Yue spoke furiously. "Yet you've betrayed Master for the sake of the parents who had abandoned you. Can you even face up to your conscience?"

Hearing this, the young girl stopped knocking her head against the ground and rose to her feet, "I don't think I've done anything wrong! Even if my parents had a thousand faults, they are still my parents! They are the closest to me in this world! Forget about betraying Master for their sake, I would do anything! I admit that I have sinned against Master but I don't believe that I've done anything wrong!"

"Ling'er, they abandoned you!"

Wu Yue simply could not understand the thoughts running through the girl's mind. Even if the Master was not the one who had given birth to her, she had taken her in as an orphan and brought her up with the best education in cultivation.

She, however, would betray the Master for the sake of the ones who had abandoned her!

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